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That would be awesome. Dragonball is still a favorite (frequently watched) show of mine. Kamehameha's and other energy attacks would be easy to mock up stats for. Think spells being cast as a "cone, line, square, sphere" from their point of origin, you do something like kamehameha is a 1st level spell, requires verbal, somatic components, distance of 60'/240', damage die increases from d6 to d12 to d20 at levels 6, 12, 18. Every spell slot above 1 increase damage die by 1.

That can definitely work. It would be interesting to create a world where you can mix the level of technology found in DB, magic, and martial arts. If i find an artist who would draw in the same style I might do something like that.

Razor cut & Fade
◦ Using the clipper all the way open fade up from the nape to a low fade line (light orange)
• Keep the taper square (white)
• Follow the natural shape of the head from temple to occipital (white)
• Feather clipper away from head to soften the line of demarcation (green)
• Follow the natural head shape, correcting when necessary to achieve a desirable shape (blue)

#saltygentlemen ◦ Diagonal back razor cutting to build volume and shape for the top
• Detail the front hairline with the razor (purple) (at Salty Gentlemen Executive Grooming)

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A barber may give you the best haircut you’ve ever had, but even the best cut can look lackluster if you don’t take care of it with good product. It’s one of the foundations behind the 90 proof hair pomade by @blindbarber of NY/LA. Unlike the goop you find at the men’s section of the grocery store this matte finish, max control pomade is designed to help you carefully orchestrate the chaos of that messy “I’m David Beckham and my hair just looks like this in the morning” look you always try but never can get to work. Infused with Hops for protein to feed your hair and a water based (which means easy wash out) pomade at heart, the strong yet workable hold it will give you is in a class of its own. Request it on your next cut or stop by for a hello and pick up a jar. You won’t be disappointed. #saltygentlemen #pomade #groomandzoom

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This was a shear only fade how I’ve seen @andrewdoeshair do it. Still had to clean it up at the end with a little clipper over comb but I’m getting better everyday. Always learning is what is important. Staying humble and recognizing there are many who have preceded you and many who will succeed you so you can only be the best for yourself and those whom you serve. Like art, hair is for the creator, other cutters and the client. Put your whole heart into your work. Create it with your souls passion channeled into your hands. Not because it’s trendy or fashionable. It is great power we wield and we can do great things with it. Be a source of magnanimity, give of yourself to your clients and enrich them with your skill; be they celebrities or the poorest among us who cannot afford to eat let alone “look good”. Glitz and glamour has caused many of us to forget the heart behind what we do. We make other people look good and feel good about who they are by educating them and helping them take control of their image in a world full of chaos. Artists and craftspeople, we are makers at heart.

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This chair was given to me by my mentor, a master barber with over 50 years of cutting hair. An original Koken, he purchased it for his first shop for $65. Since then it has weathered the years, traveled to different shops, survived trends fads, thirteen presidents, wars, depressions, recessions, Justin Bieber and much more. It stands as a testament to time honored principles, techniques of a bygone era where the barbering was a career on a level of respect true to lawyers, doctors, professors and theologians. We carry on tradition into the new age of Barbering here at Salty Gentlemen and this chair is one of the many details painted into the experience we create with every visit. #saltygentlemen #utahbarber #oldschool

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“Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag and begin to slit throats”

- H.L. Mencken


Today is that day for me. I am not putting off my dreams anymore. I am not letting my goals slide further away anymore. I will not let my body deteriorate like it has anymore. I will not let my mental health issues dictate my mental wealth anymore. I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my heart. I was born from the destruction and chaos of the infinite universe, it it time to harness that energy that I have been wasting. I will man the barricade; hoist the mast; break the lines; fire the first shot. I am my forefathers fighting for revolution and freedom, paying in blood and pain and being rewarded with glory and honor. You will come to respect the mere mention of my name.

#saltygentlemen (at Salty Gentlemen Executive Grooming)

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