i really hate it when it comes down to this but the sad reality is that i have officially run out of cash to survive for the rest of the month which means i have to resort to commissions again. In this particular case, i will draw whatever you ask me for as much money you feel like giving me because i’m a desperate college student who needs to eat regularly to avoid passing out and dying and whatnot. the money would go to my paypal account ( and you can request anything here or on that same email. like seriously just ask me to draw all the things i WILL DO ANYTHING A N Y T H I N G to survive until the end of the month. like even if oyu can give me $1 believe me it will be received with a loud cheer both from me and my stomach. tHANK YOU IF YOU CAN’T HELP ME OUT PLS REBLOG MAYBE YOU HAVE A BILLIONAIRE FRIEND WITH A TASTE FOR CUTE DOODLES WHO DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR CASH



I’ve been meaning to open up commissions again for a while and right now  seems like the right time so yup, commissions. There are several reasons behind this decision, mainly that it has become obvious to me that i cannot survive each semester i spend in college without having some extra expenses (read materials) that my parents can’t afford and i have spent all the money i had saved from last year buying the stuff i needed to pass my classes. So if i make some money during the summer i could have it in case it’s needed next semester (The second reason is so i can have some in case i dont have to spend that much in materials so i could potentially go to nyc this winter or next summer).

SO THAT LEADS TO COMMISSIONS!!! the pricing remains similar to the one from last summer and i’m literally here all day so you’d get your drawing pretty quickly if it’s not too complicated. I will do basically anything tbh, within the pg-13 range. The payment is sent to my paypal account (SALLOME.SA@GMAIL.COM) and the request is sent to this account or that email.

If you can help me a) survive next semester without having to chose between food and work or b) go to nyc and meet the most important person in my life i will be eternally grateful and i will name my firstborn after you so yay~*~