salty springs motel


Not far from the diner, Lloyd & Dottie discovered a vacant motel called the ‘Salty Springs’.

Dottie: *snicker* “What is it with this place? Salty Springs? Lakeside drive? Doesn’t anyone else realize were in the middle of a friggin’ desert.”

Lloyd: “Yea, this place is rather strange ain’t it?”

Moments after they check in, a curious woman emerges from one of the rooms and starts eying them suspiciously.

Naomi Nita: “I hope you two came prepared. The zombie apocalypse is upon us. Any day now they’ll arrive. Hear my warning, prepare for the worst in order to survive!!!”

Having heard all kinds of crazy talk in Twinbrook about what lurks beyond the swamp, It took a lot for Lloyd & Dottie to get completely creeped out. But that sure did it.