salty shapes

Okay so I’m going to put my two cents in on the whole Jungkook hickey situation:

First of let me start by saying anything in this post is not me being salty in any way shape or form.  (And if I sound angry, condescending, or mean just know I am not trying to sound like that AT ALL.)  If the boy has a hickey that’s fine, he’s 19, he’s in Korea, it’s his life.

To be very honest I don’t think it’s a hickey.  I think it might be fans freaking out or netizens trying to make a scandal for BTS.  Why would BigHit let him out the house if he had a hickey???  I mean they would make him cover it up because this could cause a really big scandal and people would be freaking out big time like they are now.  Just cuz it’s on his neck does not mean it is automatically a hickey.  I’ve never had a hickey, but I’ve had bruises on my neck from other things, I’m clumsy af.

But if it is a hickey so what?  There’s nothing we can do about it, it’s his life and he deserves to be happy.  Like I said before he’s 19 and in Korea, I have a snowball’s chance in hell of meeting him let alone dating him. And I mean I get being upset at first, I’ve had crushes on celebrities before and when they started dating it was a little upsetting but then it was like ‘wait, they deserve to be happy, they don’t know me.’ 

Let the boy live please.  And if it does come out that he does have a gf don’t hate on her.  She’s just a girl that fell for a boy.  How would you feel if you started dating him and all his fans came out of nowhere and started hating on you and calling you names?  It wouldn’t feel good. So let’s all calm down and just be happy for the boy.


My friend Hayden Lane from Salty Shapes filmed me one afternoon for a quick sunset surf, riding the board he made.