salty n sweet


                         The fountains mingle with the river
                                And the rivers with the ocean,
                           The winds of heaven mix for ever
                                        With a sweet emotion;
                               Nothing in the world is single;
                                     All things by a law divine
                                 In one spirit meet and mingle.
                                         Why not I with thine?—

    || Stanley Le Roux || Stanley Durant || Henri Lafay || Jacques LeFou ||
                           ( taking “brotherly love” four steps too far )

The morning after part.2 | Tyler Down

Part 1👉🏽


*Jeff does not die in this imagine- there is no car accident but Jessica’s rape did happen*

Tyler had been on your mind all day. Non stop.

You kept rewinding what had happened in your head. Tyler’s face when Monty slammed him against the lockers and humiliated him in front of everyone. The way he panicked. How useless you we’re in that situation. Wishing you could have done more.

“Y/n!” Jessica snaps, clicking her fingers in front of you to get your attention “Didn’t you hear what I said?”

You didn’t respond as you approached Jess’s locker, exactly across the dark room you knew Tyler would be in. Jessica grabs your jaw and snaps your head in her direction.

“Yes-WHAT?” you growled

Her eyes widened “My party. Last night.”

Your eyes began to drift back to the room, Tyler stormed out of it, not watching where he was going and almost bumping into Hannah who seemed to just walk past- sluggish- like she didn’t even see him.
“What about it?”

“Erm-Do you know if Justin and I…you know” she nudged your arm, earning a puzzled expression from you “cos he says we did but I’m not sure- I mean- something did happen with someone but-

“Jess I don’t fucking know. I was just as drunk as you we’re”

Tyler had returned to the room, leaving the door slightly open.

Jessica sniggered “yeah and you ended up in bed with Tyler Down?”

“We didn’t do anything”

“But if you we’re just as fucked up as I was, you wouldn’t remember” she teased, opening her locker and reaching in for something

“Whatever, look- I’m gonna call you later? There’s something I need to do”

Before she was even able to process what you had said, you were half way across the hall and in front of the dark room.

You stopped, your palm lightly pressed against the door. You had to figure out what to say to him before walking in.

“Babe?” a low voice called from behind you. If your eyes could roll any further they would surely pop out of your head.

“I don’t wanna hear your shit Monty”

“I’m not here for you” he sassed back “can you step aside please?”

Your eyebrows narrowed in confusion. What could he possibly want with Tyler?

“No ones allowed in here” Tyler huffed, looking up at the both of you.

“Relax. I’m not gonna touch you” Monty replied, his gaze up at the hanging photos as he casually walked further into the room. You walked closely behind him, still wondering what his aim was.

“I’m here to apologise”

“What?” Both you and Tyler asked, suddenly both very alert.

“Well you could see why I was angry right?” Monty began “My girlfriend..” he glances back at you then back to Tyler “Disappears from a party and spends the night in another guys bed”

“you should trust me” you remark under your breathe

“Bullshit y/n! If it was the other way around there’s no way you would trust me” Monty clapped back

You look down at your hands, knowing he was low-key right.

“I set myself up” Tyler shrugged, a slight smirk on his face “I mean, walking into school with Montgomery’s girlfriend on my arm… I kinda deserved it”

“Yeah, well, anyways I’m apologising for how I reacted” Monty replied “No hard feelings?”

Tyler nodded “No hard feelings”

What the fuck just happened? Monty actually apologised to Tyler. HE ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT AN APOLOGY MEANS???

Your cheeks began to hurt from all the smiling, you grabbed Monty and pulled him into a kiss.

“Thanks for doing that Monty” you told him, his lips barley apart from yours.

“Your parents still going away tonight?” Monty asked. You nodded. His voice lowered “So maybe later I can show you deeply sorry I am?”

“Or, now that we’re all cool again, Tyler can hang out with us?!” You suggest

“urm-y/n, I don’t think..” Montgomery mumbled

“Oh come on! We could have a movie marathon and order a takeaway..”

“I think Tyler has better things to do. Right Ty?” Monty added, his arm latched around your waist

“..urm-actually I’m not doing anything tonight” Tyler grinned

Your voice hitched “Great!” You leant over the table to kiss Tyler on the cheek “..and bring a girl”

*fast forward* 10pm
Tyler’s pov.

I stood in front of y/n’s door and waited for her to answer. When she did, we hugged and she lead me into the living room where Monty was already sat.

“Tyler” he greeted, nodding towards me with a beer in his hand.


“Make yourself at home boys” y/n said, literally pulling my jacket off of me “I’m just gonna go get the popcorn”

I sat furthest away from Monty and tried my best to avoid eye contact. The tension was thick. He kept watching me.

“So where’s this girl you we’re supposed to bring?” he asked, his voice filling the empty space between us.

“Oh I brought three” I pulled my backpack off my back and roamed around in it. “Anne Hathaway starring in the devil wears prada, Emma Stone in Easy A and Megan Fox in Jennifer’s body” I listed

Monty laughed “Y/n doesn’t own a DVD player. No one does”

“Actually she still has one in her room, she prefers to let a movie run in the background when she can’t fall asleep” I recited “But you already knew that right?”

“Well we don’t usually watch movies once we get to her room” he winked “If you know what I mean”

I couldn’t help but clench my jaw.

“Salty or Sweet!” y/n calls from the kitchen

“Sweet!” We both answer back, earning the evil eyes from Monty. He motioned a little closer to me and leaned in.

“Look, I know you have little crush on y/n and I know she’s probably the only female to ever give you any attention, but, go home Tyler. You’re wasting your time” he warned

I noticed y/n turning the corner into the living room so I signalled for her to wait. And she did.

“That apology earlier was complete bullshit. Wasn’t it?”

“No shit. I only did it so that I could get into y/n’s good books” he admitted

“You mean her pants?”

He shrugged “same thing” and took a sip from the bottle. I looked up at Y/n.

“You know..” I sighed “she’s amazing once you get to know her. And I probably do fancy the shit out of her, I mean, she’s the only girl besides my own mother whose actually interested in having a conversation with me.

Y/n blushed and threw me a smile.

"She’s cool and smart and pretty” I threw a smile back at her
“..She should have cheated when she had the chance.”


Ooooo how d'you think Monty’s gonna react after that comment👀👀. I don’t think I’ll will write another part to this cos it sounds good where I’ve left it (in my opinion anyway) but if there is a part 3 can you guys give me some ideas pls&thanks 💕💕

Samon and Rue Ship Part 1

Ahaha just in case I make a part two but I probably won’t. Lol anyways here is us…again…XD waaaahhhh this is so embarrassing omfg!! This is a little omake doodle of the comic I’m going to prepare for you guys!!

restlessgamingnights autumnfrore you guys are really something else. Like no words can describe how not ashamed I am for you guys to be my friends. And theotomewriter, I know we haven’t talked in a while, but I wanted to show you what we have created together lol. The Salmon x Koi Carp thing became a thing now lol so thank you for being there with me when we started this thing lol

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