salty dog v

tbh can we end the ‘canon Shepard’ crap because it’s really annoying. It’s good to share headcanons and make up hcs about YOUR Shepard, but saying YOUR headcanon is canon and applies to EVERY Shepard is bullshit.

Shepard is whoever you want them to be.

It’s YOUR canon, not EVERYONE’S.

The only canon thing is that Shepard can’t dance (that might also be wrong since some people hc their Shepards can dance a bit and there’s nothing wrong with that).

Stop invalidating other peoples’ headcanons and forcing YOUR headcanons on them.

We all played the game differently and we all view Shepard in a different light.

Every Shepard is legit, no Shepard is better than the other, every Shepard has their own personality and saying people “portray Shepard in a wrong way” is bullshit because there’s no “wrong way” and there’s no “right way”.

And just because they use the default face also doesn’t mean they all have to be the same.

Every John and Jane is unique in their own way, just because someone uses the same face as you doesn’t mean they have the same personality.

If you crap on someone’s headcanons you’re the problem, you’re spreading negativity in the fandom and make people feel bad about themselves. Stop it! Just stop it!

Just because they don’t share the same ideas and headcanons doesn’t mean they’re bad people! Just because they have different ideas doesn’t mean they’re bad people!

So stop crapping on them if they have a different idea of who Shepard is, it’s childish, immature and you’re just wasting your time because you cannot change peoples’ way of thinking by insulting them.

And no, you’re not cool or edgy or whatever if you crap on people. Being a dick isn’t cool for fuck’s sake.


The art of Kazuya Minekura _ Saiyuki Salty Dog V artbook.

She is one of those mangakas who are very productive. As you can see, she does many artbooks , especially for her most popular manga: Saiyuki (The newest I think is Salty Dog VII). People says that she does always Saiyuki this, Saiyuki that, while I don’t mind it at all. The original chinese novel , Journey to the West  from which the story is adapted from, is very good and complicated . The universe from this book is so vast , that it seems like a kind of “never ending story” to tell. So if Kazuya -sensei makes 5 mangas inspired from this universe (which is real, we have Saiyuki, two prequels and two sequels), I would say it is normal.

And once in a while, it’s interesting having 4 handsome, charismatic men travel altogether, in comparison with a group of an innocent monk, a monkey, a pig and a aquatic creature.  

Other works of same author that I enjoy so much, are Stigma and Bus gamer! Her skills are improved a lot recently, so cool!

Why I have draw gloves all of a sudden, well, because I have a crush for their shape… Hee, but not that much now. So I’ve draw the feeling that this item gave to me, and it was a pretty competitive one. Gojyo with this attire seems a proud older brother. At the time of the pubblication it’s been added a backgroung with CG.

I’ve made this work for a ichijinsha’s yuri magazine, It’s a pin up that without thinking has various meanings. They are Gyukomen and Hwang. What if they were lesbian…  With that I had the opportunity to draw something like that. If I would search for a tortoise shell bondage net, I was always cought up in a lot of fraudolents adults sites.

At first, I’ve draw this for a color content table, But it seems like a spoiler at the beginning of the volume, so if you will look inside the cover of the book the ivy version of Hakkai will form a pair with the usual version. After the pubblication, I’ve made a single illustration with the prior two… and it came out pretty erotic (-.-“)