salty babe

Salty Wonwoo
  • Mingyu: hey babe, want to go to the movies?
  • Mingyu:
  • Wonwoo: *silently continues to read*
  • Mingyu: wonwoo, I said do you want to-
  • Wonwoo: how strange, I keep hearing this annoying voice in the air telling me to go to the movies with it when obviously it has another fucking Jeon it can hang out with.

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Hello, can you maybe do the Rfa's reaction to a tall mc giving them a piggyback ride due to the member minorly injuring them self? Thank you.


  • So salty
  • “babe this is supposed to be my job!!”
  • Mc ain’t buyin it
  • He’s also pretty sure he can take care of himself
  • But mc won’t let him do anything by himself
  • Eventually he learns to like it
  • Once he’s healed up a few days later he’s sad
  • He wants more piggyback rides
  • Of course, mc obliges
  • Who could say no to that face?


  • “YAY”
  • Probably plays pretend
  • Makes mc pretend to be a dragon
  • “Yoosung my back hurts”
  • Then he feels really bad
  • Lots of cuddles to make up for it <3


  • “Mc, this is ridiculous. I can–”
  • Mc picks him up bridal style
  • Mc knows he likes it though
  • He’s obviously trying not to laugh
  • They find it adorable
  • “Jumin, i gotta help you heal up!”
  • Makes mc switch between holding him & elizabeth iii because “she gets jealous when she watches you hold me”


  • Giggles a lot
  • “Mc!!!”
  • Mc carries her around the coffee shop sometimes
  • Jaehee blushes a lot looking at the confused customers
  • “What can i say? She’s hurt, I gotta carry her” -mc
  • One time jaehee fell asleep on mc’s shoulder
  • Mc is a happy person that day


  • Fluff <3
  • So fuckin excited man
  • Probably yells “CHARGE” and makes mc run at yoosung
  • Cue terrified screams from the smol
  • Absolutely makes seven’s day
  • He loves being near mc at all times
  • Though he feels a bit useless since he can’t walk
  • Lots of comfort
  • “You’re not useless silly”
  • “Am i heavy?”
  • “Not really”

The definition of talent is being able to open your microwave before it beeps but after the countdown stops.

Sharon Needles: Every time she laughs, an angel dies. Even telemarketers avoid her. Her birth was payback for the sins of man. But you know the worst thing about her?

Rupaul: What?

Sharon Needles: She robbed Katya.

“Misunderstanding” - Jungkook X Reader (Angst)
  • Word Count: 1544

It was half past midnight and you were still seated on the couch by yourself, eyes fixed on the door and hand gripping your phone, waiting for a call. Jungkook told you he’d be home by eight, but as the hours passed by you began to lose hope he’d ever show up that night. That kind of episodes got more frequent ever since your last fight with him. It was something stupid that sparked your fight; so stupid you couldn’t even remember. But ever since that moment the apartment you’ve been sharing with Jeon for what felt like years was colder, the air was thicker and it made you feel lonely on nights like that. You knew his work was a barrier for your relationship and you’ve gotten used to him having to spend nights in the studio and be gone for days, but this time it felt different. The only way he could cope with your fights was by getting drunk. That’s exactly what happened after that one last fight and ever since. His eyes would always be bloodshot, the smile you grew accustomed to love so much was gone and his slurred “I love you’s” made your chest tighten. 

You fell asleep on the couch, your neck placed in an uncomfortable position and your body cold ice from the lack of blankets. 

It was a little after one when you heard your phone ringing somewhere far away until you realized you were holding it in your hands and it was the tiredness that made it sound like that. Your sleep vanished quickly as your phone flashed with the silly nickname you’ve set up Jungkook’s number with and that one picture you took of him on one of your holidays. 

“Jeon? Are you working?” the words carried out of your mouth quickly, but the loud music blasting through the speakers of your phone told you the exact opposite of your question. You bit back a sob as you pictured him stumbling through the front door sometime around morning. 

“Baby,” tears strolled down your cheeks in an instant as a female voice clouded your mind completely. “I think I accidentally called someone,” her voice carried out. 

He was with someone. He actually went to the point of shamelessly cheating on you. You’d lost him completely and it shattered you. 

Were you not what he wanted anymore? Were you not offering him enough? Did he even have to courage to admit it? Would he even remember it by the time he sobered up? 

So many questions swirled around your mind as your hand curled around the phone and you swung it back, throwing it in the glass coffee table in front of you. It shattered to pieces along with the table as you tried to shield yourself, getting a few scratches in the process. 


You let out a muffled scream in the pillow that held his cologne and crashed your fists against the couch. You eventually stopped trembling a while after the phone call, but tears were still sliding down your face and it felt as your eyes held flames inside them, your insides burning down to ashes with each thought. As you sat curled up in a ball on the small couch, you heard the front door open and close and all the air in your lungs vanished as you choked on the salty tears. 

“Babe?” he slurred just as you’d pictured and you bit back another sob, trying to stay quiet. Maybe he’d leave. "(Y/N)?“ his voice was louder this time as he entered the living room, the wilderness in his eyes throwing you off the edge. 

"What’s wrong, baby?” Despite everything, his voice held a trance of panic as he looked at your figure. 

“Why did you do it?” you barely gathered the strength to whisper. “I want you to leave, Jeon, why did you even come back home?” you wanted to laugh and scream at how pathetic the word “home” sounded. 

“Babe what’s happening? Why are you crying?” he gulped down. “Talk to me." 

"Talk to you? Yes, because that’s exactly what you did, right?” you asked bitterly, taking your eyes off his. The redness in them was still visible even though you were pretty sure he’d sobered as soon as he entered the door of the living room and came face to face with the bitter reality that surrounded the place. You noticed him moving around, glancing at the shattered coffee table with the corner of his eyes. 

“It’s not like you can’t afford another one,” you chuckled through your tears, pointing towards the coffee table.

"You think I fucking care about a broken coffee table when you’re in this state?” he asked and you couldn’t help but notice the bitterness in his voice. “I fucked up, I got drunk again” he rubbed his eyes with the back of his palms. “Baby, I-" 

"Don’t you dare make any promises,” you almost screamed, getting up from the couch to look him in the eye. “I’m done with you, Jeon. Do you hear me?" 

"Don’t say that,” his voice was shaking, “tell me what’s wrong. Talk to me. Please tell me you don’t mean it, (Y/N).” he gripped your wrist with his hand but you managed to set free. “I know I’ve been messing things up lately, I know, baby. I am so sorry. I should’ve talked to you, I should’ve-”

 Your teeth sunk down in your lower lip and tears pooled your eyes once again as a forced laugh left your throat. “I honestly hope she can give you what I couldn’t,” your voice broke down towards the last words. “You actually went that far and can’t even admit to it, you’re such a-" 

"What?” he asked, gripping both of your wrists. “What are you talking about?" 

"Let go of me!” you screamed as you struggled to hit his chest with your fists. “I fucking hate you!”

“(Y/N), what the fuck are you talking about? I have never cheated on you nor would I ever think about doing that! Why would you even imply such thing?” he let go of your wrists and forcefully cupped both sides of your face in between his palms, kissing you. “I love you and only you. Do you fucking hear me?" 

You pushed him back, making him stumble a bit before he regained his balance. Your fists hit at his chest as you walked forward, making him walk backwards, not even flinching at your gestures. 

"I fucking hate you, Jeon Jungkook,” you yelled, “I curse the day I-" 

His palm covered your mouth and your eyes were at level, tears spilling over his skin. "You don’t mean it,” he shook his head, panicking. “I don’t know what you think I did, but it didn’t happen!" 

You slid his hand off your mouth, "I called you times and times again and you never picked up and then she calls and says it was an accident? Couldn’t you just tell me?” your shoulders slumped in defeat as all the anger vanished, leaving you drowning in a pool of disappointment and misery. “Was I not enough?" 

"Fuck, baby…” he trailed off, catching your hand and pulling you in his arms. His hands locked in your hair as he rubbed it soothingly. “You’re my whole fucking world." 

"Let go of me, please,” you pleaded, “let go!” your fists pounded his chest once again in a moment of desperation. “I hate you so fucking much! I hate you…" 

"Hush, baby, hush, I know. I know but I need you to listen to me, okay?” he gingerely bumped his forehead against yours, trying to lock your gaze with his. “Look at me, (Y/N)." 

You refused to comply, so he snuck his index finger under your chin and brought your eyes at the same level with his. "I love you,” his hand gripped yours as he felt your movement, “listen to me first." 

"I don’t even have the phone with me, (Y/N). I forgot it at the studio. I don’t know who called you but I will find out and it won’t be nice when I do. I had a couple drinks and I am ready to get what I deserve for that, but I am not ready to lose you. I’ve been a complete idiot these past days but I don’t know how to cope with all this. I’m scared, so scared that I will lose you. And I know we have our fights and you might hate me now but I know that you can still learn how to forgive and love me. I am not ready to lose you, I never will. Baby, it hurts me to see you like this,” he choked, tears strolling down his face. “Do you understand?" 

Pain struck through your chest as you shook his hand off and grabbed a fistful of his black hoodie, "I thought I’d completely lost you,” you admitted. “I hate this feeling." 

"I know, baby, I know,” he hugged you to his chest and you didn’t protest, your hands still gripping the soft fabric. His hands found their way back to your cheeks and he pulled you into a kiss, all anger vanishing away with each taste of each other’s lips. “I am not going anywhere, not even if you want me to." 

A/N: This one is kinda similar to the last one, but I had them written in my phone and decided to post them.