A secondary logo mark for Saltwood Fish Bar. I tried to keep the ‘S’ letter shape as un-altered as possible to keep legibility at smaller sizes. I may amend the top and bottom fin inlay lines (if that’s what you call them) and take a different, slightly bolder approach with them.

The rest of the images are a work in progress background, the idea will be that the two fish are spitting water, which will then fill the area inside the pink margins. Trying to incorporate the square motifs into it in some way, I want the outcome to feel intricate, but not too heavy that it detracts from the ‘S’.

 The ‘S’ along with the background will be used for a range of stuff, notably a large banner at the back of the Saltwood pop up tent.


I was asked to paint something onto the 3x1 metre stall front for Saltwood Fish Bar to reel in the customers. Previously there was nothing on the stall advertising their name other than menu boards, so the solution was to make use of the space and paint the typographic logo.

Stencils were printed and cut, then sketched onto the wooden panelling in pencil, next the lettering was painstakingly outlined in black paint with a very small brush.