Nothing I’d rather wake up to!!! ☀️🙌🏻 Early morning #tarpon bite took me by surprise! Hooked on Brooke style - landed him on my first cast on a pinfish!! 🐟💙 @hukgear #hukfishing (he was under 40 inches so I finally got my out of water shot!) #girlswhofish #saltwaterfishing #flkeys - better quality pics to come! (at Key West, Florida)

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Check out this awesome Sawfish caught by @tuckerthefishwhisperer with our @realsaltlife Saturday !!! Sawfishes, also known as carpenter sharks, are a family (Pristidae) of rays characterized by a long, narrow, flattened rostrum, or nose extension, lined with sharp transverse teeth, arranged so as to resemble a saw. Several species of sawfishes can grow to about 7 m (23 ft) #fish #fishing #liveaction #saltlife #sawfish #saltwaterfishing #freshwaterfishing (at Download Fish Circle !)

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Drout - Redfish

Once in a while someone catches redfish that is covered up in spots. As is common on most redfish there is a spot just at the base of the tail like the one pictured on the bottom left of this photo set though occasionally I’ve landed a few redfish without any spots on its tail or anywhere else on its body. A multi-spotted red like the one pictured at the top is called a Drout - Drum and Trout combined. (Redfish are part of the drum family and are known is some areas a red drum. Spotted Seatrout, pictured at bottom right, are also in the drum family and are full of spots hence the name Drout) The record for the most spots on a redfish was set 1996 in the Everglades National Park where I do most of my redfishing with a redfish that displayed more than 500 spots. This 26-inch, seven-pound fish had spots on each of its scales and spots on its dorsal fin, something which is unheard of in this species. Marine Biologists believe reds develop black spots, usually one on each side near the tail, as camouflage appearing to be the eye of the redfish. The evolutionary development is thought to fool a predator into believing the redfish tail is really its head. In this way if the predator attacks the tail of a redfish the redfish is more likely to get away. The most spots I’ve counted on redfish that I once caught was 14.

Tailing redfish photo by Jody Moore  - All rights reserved



I caught a 4-foot sawfish this past weekend on a white/chartreuse Gambler Super Stud. Its the first sawfish I’ve landed on an artificial lure. I’m seeing more and more sawfish each year I fish the Everglades coastal waters. It’s good to see so many and to know they are on the comeback. Sawfish belong to the stingray family even though they look kind of like and swim like a shark. Check out third photo and you will see the similarities in the mouths of a stingray and a sawfish.

Photos by Jody Moore - all rights reserved

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Go check out @Mojo_sportswear they have the #dopest gear !!! The Mahi Mahi’s dramatic color changes are due to its three-dimensional scales. These scales are tied to the fish’s nervous system which cause the scales to catch and reflect light like a prism when the Mahi is excited or frightened. #fishing #thefishcircle #fish #dorado #blue #saltwaterfishing #saltlife #mahi #offshore #liveaction #salt

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Take a kid Camping and Fishing

Camping season in the Everglades is sadly quickly coming to a close for this winter as temperatures warm and the days lengthen both of which contribute to the resurgence of the mosquito, no-see-um and deer fly populations that nearly disappear during cold snaps but once summer temperatures arrive the bug numbers quickly spike along with their pestilence factor reaching levels of biblical proportions. Whereas camping is as I know and understand a summer time recreation in other parts of the country here in South Florida it is a winter activity starting from about the end of November up through the end of March.Camping and fishing with my youngest son on the right is one of my favorite things to do and for him as well. We started camping when he was 5-years old and have not missed a season in 10-years.

Photo by Jody Moore - all rights reserved