Some random fish drawing / painting!

left to right: Blue betta; Red betta; Neon tetra; Copperband butterflyfish; Swordtail; and Sergeant major damselfish

Some Good Pet Youtubers

A long list of pet tubers I enjoy watching and I figure some of you might like as well. I’m not super familiar with all of them, so I can’t say they’re all unproblematic. Enjoy ~

Reptiles -

AfroHerpkeeper (herping + reptile husbandry)

GoHerping (herping + reptile ethics and care)

Kamp Kenan (lots of big tortoises and big lizards)

The Turtle Room (turtle conservation)

The Ernster Sanctuary

Jensen’s Reptiles

Fish -

Inflatable Sea Lion (bettas)

Blazing Bettas (bettas)

Miss Saltwater (reef tanks)

The Pond Digger (koi)

Solid Gold Aquatics (goldfish)

Wayne’s Fish World (fish tips)

King of DIY (aquarium builds and tips)

Dustin’s Fish Tanks (planted tanks)

Mammals -

Hopping Hammy (hamsters)

Ginger Kitties Four (cats)

Kitten Lady (cats)

Miscellaneous Animal Channels -

Happy Tails

Animal Ark TV

Creative Pet Keeping


Steff J

Feel free to add more! 😊
Fishkeeping, a common difference

Fishkeeping is such a great hobby. And I don’t mean that just ‘cause it’s cool or calming or anything like that; it brings different people together. I mean, there are so many different ways to do it! Cold water, tropical, saltwater, all entirely different! Then there are sub-categories: betta breeders, koi ponds, goldfish tanks, reef, invertebrates, planted tanks… You could have ten different experienced fishkeepers in a room and none of them share any knowledge beyond the nitrogen cycle. The man who keeps koi ponds is amazed that someone just has a reef in their house! The owner of a goldfish tank questions how someone can keep a planted tank with no fish. Every time we meet another fishkeeper, we have the opportunity to learn something new, something we didn’t even know we didn’t know. Fishkeeping unifies people. Even on Tumblr people are incredibly passionate and helpful. We all care so much about the little creatures, the magnificent animals who are so different from us. It’s amazing.


Tangs, also known as surgeonfish because of the sharp scalpel they wield near the end of their tail, which are actually modified scale.
These are used for defense, tang keepers should be take care when handling.

All tangs are mainly herbivores, in the wild they graze for algae all day, in the aquarium they can be fed nori (dried seaweed) or blanched vegetables. Most food are accepted too. They will keep the reef tank clean of algae~

Top left to bottom right: Regal tang; Powder blue tang; Clown tang; Scopas tang; powder brown tang; and tomini tang.