My girl Carys Hefin is so strong that Seren apparently needs 13 hours to recharge after activating her voice in the Hefin district.
I mean… what’s the alternative? It’s not like Jagex would directly shadow-ban Hefin VoS for a while and forget about it or anything… And it’s not like hefin is the most notorious VoS to be absent for 7+ hours on bxpws…

MY AMP GOES TO 11's top eleven posts of 2014

11. Illustrations by Elisa Ancori  (11625 notes)

10. Jessica Harrison: ‘Self Portrait’ skull  (11640 notes)

9. Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger: The Conference.

crystals grown on electronics (11886 notes)

8.Judith G. Klausner: Coming Out of the Medicine Cabinet, 2013-2014  (12,465 notes) 

7. Erik Söderberg: Fractal Experience GIFs  (13,888 notes)

6. Saltscape installation art by Motoi Yamamoto  (17,510 notes) 

5. Dongwook Lee at Arario Gallery  (18,100 notes) 

4.Nikolaus Gansterer: The Gray Matter Hypothesis (19,391) notes 

3. Petros Koublis: from the series In Landscapes, 2012-2013 (19,405 notes)

2. X-Ray GIFs by Cameron Drake (36,649 notes) 

1. Marble and crystal growth sculptures by Livio Scarpella (42,770 notes) 

Thanks to all my subscribers for making this a great year! Wishing you all the best in 2015 


“Saltscapes” -  Brett Novak.

“Motoi Yamamoto takes one of the earth’s oldest, most sought-after mineral elements and creates elaborate and painstakingly detailed installations. ”