Salts4Life PhotoBook Birthday Project

Rome’s Birthday Project!

We at Salts4Life plan on doing an amazing project for C-Clowns leader, Rome! We plan on creating a photobook for him but in order for this to happen, we need the help of Crowns and Salts everywhere!

The Photobook will consist of photos taken by fans. The photos will be of places, foods, or any sort of activity that you would like to do for/with Rome in honor of his birthday! An important aspect would be the way you take the photo.

Similar to the way Rome took his photos on instagram like this:

All the photos must be taken this way. And we will organize them together into a photobook. ^~^ (p.s do not make it a collage, just two single HD photos is perfect^^)


For Everyone

Everyone will be allowed to send in two photos. (Please make them as HD as possible) As well as a short message with a 50 word limit for eachphoto, describing why you would want Rome to go there or experience what’s in the photo for his birthday! The photos can be of a location, a food an activity, you can be as creative as you want!! just as long as your hand gesture is in the photo similar to Romes. 

For Those that are Donating

1$ - 5$ USD: Donors can submit 2 photos with a 75 word limit per photo.

5$ - 10$ USD: Donors can submit 2 photos with a 100 word limit per photo

10$+ USD: Donors can submit 3 photos with a 100 word limit per photo



You can Donate here
Please Submit your Photos and Messages here.

Or you can email them to

If you are emailing, please email in this format.

Full Name:

Twitter and/or Tumblr Username:  


Image: (attach photos to email)


If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask us here.

You can also contact us via our Twitter here.

The Deadline for Submissions and Donations will be on August 19 at 12:00am KST

It would be great to be able to show Rome all the international Salts and Crowns, as well as all the wonderful places and things that we would love to do for him for his Birthday!! The more diverse we can make this project the better!! We really hope that many of you can participate. S2


Shinhwa - Thank You ; this song was a song Barom said he wanted to sing to us, his fans .. 

- -

I just saw the fuss about Barom.. my heart hurts.

I know this is very hipster for me to say, but I knew of him before he became a kpop idol. I knew of him when he was a trainee, maybe 2 years before his debut.

I’m going to continue to call him Barom, because it’s also his real name.. like his Korean name, and that’s what i’ve called him all this time.

I really miss seeing him happy, because he was always a happy virus, and I think just being that wore him down because he wasn’t always happy.

He always told his fans to b.yu (a play on his name and bboy name) , be yourself; so I’m glad he’s going this route because he’s trying his hardest to stay true to himself.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s seen what his description was on IG before he took it down, (if not tumblr it) but the gist was they made him something he was not. Which goes back on Barom’s words he used to always always say to us.

b.yu, Be on top, Be myself, Be there for you