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After a supremely unfulfilling end to a 5e Curse of Strahd campaign (no fault on the part of the DM; she gave us plenty to succeed with!), in which our over-stacked tank didn’t tank, our reserve tank was out for a previous session and missed out on some items, our spellcasters were burnt out, and the poor rogue had no opportunity to be a rogue… 

Glass cannon sorcerer and bard support both died, and Strahd escaped because main tank thought it was a good idea to make Strahd’s escape door a beacon of sunlight with his Helm of Brilliance. AFTER the vampire left the damn room. He had the sword that could kill Strahd, the Helm that could kill Strahd, and literally came off as too lazy to engage the vampire in combat, instead playing at being healer. :T

Little salty over that.

SO guess who’s trying to homebrew a race! 8D Taller Half and I have a fantasy setting that we’ve run campaigns in before that we’d like to return to next time he DMs. I have my Toraion/Torai Gryphonfolk; will be a fun exercise in racebuilding!

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god ur answer from the 🔥 ask... same... babies are. no. also here's another 🔥 from me

hehe :’)

I’m a vegetarian who cannot stand Proud Carnivores. You know, those who always tell you that they are better humans for eating meat?
The carnivore equivalent of the Proud Vegan?
I usually don’t tell people that I didn’t touch meat for ~10 years, because most of the time they take it personally. As if I’m juding THEM for enjoying their meal.
While in reality I’m the one who just doesn’t want to eat this and that for reasons. Go eat your steak, I don’t care. Enjoy it.

But Proud Carnivores care. They care A LOT and try to make sure I know that.
I’m very tired of that. *sighs*
So I don’t tell others as if I had a bad evil secret. And one day when we’re at a restaurant I suddenly skip the whole meat menue. O shock.
And then the questions start again.

And I don’t drink alcohol, which makes others even more confused. :) :) :)

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"I am quite serious about the beauty of your Metagross. They're lovely." The little girl resisted the urge to pet the giant Steel Pokemon.

“My Metagross is exceptionally wonderful! Thank you, i’m sure they appreciate it!” Even his Metagross that was beside him was whirring in gratification! The more people complimented them, the more they were pleased with themselves. “They’re very hard to train too. I suggest starting out with a Beldum because Wild Metagross are… a little dangerous.”