salted caramel apple

Apple Spice Layer Cake with Salted Caramel Buttercream

From With the Grains

The cake is made entirely with whole wheat flour. Along with the usual spice suspects (cinnamon, nutmeg, et al.), cardamom and sage join the party. The caramel sauce is accented with whiskey, which is folded into the buttercream icing, then spread over the cake. Last but certainly not least, more apples are sauteed in butter, allowed to cool, then arranged on top of the frosted cake. 


If I were to engineer a breakfast heaven, this would be served at the entrance. There’s serious magic in rosemary steeped maple caramel, sea salt, and apples. Paired with oatmeal and the deep creaminess of fresh pecan milk, this is breakfast mojo dialed up like whoa.

Recipe for oatmeal nirvana here.

Folks who condemn pineapple pizza because sweet+savoury

Do you also condemn 

- Salted caramel

- The apple and dried fruit in bobotie dishes

- Cheese with grapes

- Any honey/mustard combination

- Dates, abricots, raisins, etc in cous cous dishes

- Raw ham and melon  

- Meat stoves with berry compote

- Koe lo kai/koe lo yuk

- Dishes served with chutney

… or are you just irrationally pineapplepizzaphobic??? Just asking