I got the idea from @lucifer-in-leather and I’m so happy to write it!! Sorry if it’s not the greatest, I’ve been in kinda a funk lately. Hope you enjoy, and I would love to write a second part if people like it!

(Y/N) yawned, laying her small son down into the crib. He just didn’t want to sleep and it was driving her mad. She smiled gently and once again layed him down, only to have him kick his blankets off and jump up again.

“Oh.. Jude. Please, mommy is so tired.” She groaned and leaned against the bar, rubbing her face. He began to coo and mumble, spouting random words he could barely remember.

She smiled and leaned forward to kiss his head. “Do you want to lay with mommy tonight?” Jude started jumping up and down, shaking the whole bed. “Of course you do, come here.” She lifted him up and grabbed his blanket along with a small elephant stuffie.

His gibberish and mumbling started to sound more like words, but less like English. It was curious to her, but she just assumed it was baby talk. Until she turned around and saw a man in the doorway.

(Y/N) jumped and held Jude tightly to her chest, shaking in fear. “Who are you, what- what do you want!” She was terrified, and it was obvious. She didn’t know this man, or how he got in, or what he was going to do.

“What do I want? Love, you’re the one who summoned me.” He had a thick accent and was dressed nicely in a soft looking suit. When he moved forward, she moved back, bumping into the crib.

What the hell was he talking about?! “Summoned you? Get out of my house, please! Take whatever you want, but please don’t hurt me.” She was shaking harder now.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” The man started walking around, touching the little trinkets on Jude’s dresser. “Why have you called me here?”

“I didn’t, I swear!”

“You said, and I quote, ‘Et ad congregandum…eos coram me. ’. Now why would you say that if you weren’t calling me, dear.“

(Y/N) froze, looking down at her son. Baby talk . “Tell me who you are.”

He sighed loudly, dropping a toy onto the floor. “The King of Hell, darling. Now tell me what you want, my time is much more valuable than you think.”

“I.. I didn’t summon you.” She held Jude tighter, and jumped when the man let out a cruel laugh.

“You mean to tell me that your child summoned me here? Is that what you’re implying?” He laughed again, somehow finding the situation hysterical. “Smart kid.”

“I don’t know, but I do know that no one meant to summon you. Please leave.”

His eyes narrowed, glowing a dull red. “You’ve wasted enough of my time, and I’m not happy about it. People would pay big for even a second to speak to me.”

“Well I have nothing to give, so, get. Out. Of. My. House.” She felt a sudden burst of confidence, and took a step forward, clenching her fists.

He chuckled again. “I’ll be back and we’ll discuss prices, for now, Hell needs me. See you soon, love.” He gently touched her cheek before vanishing, leaving no trace.

(Y/N) breathed a sigh of relief, taking Jude to her room. She locked the door and all the windows, laying her son next to her.

When he finally fell asleep, she dug around under her bed, pulling out a heavy duffle bag. Inside were things she never thought she’d have to see again. A shot gun, a few rounds of salt filled shells, and a bottle of holy water.