Phil’s Livestream // 7.17.16

He was late because Dan went Pokemon hunting and didn’t bring keys so he had to let him in 

He’s wearing hid NYC black and white tshirt

It’s like a million degrees

Latte discussion 

His hair is “falling apart”

FringeGap3000 who’s AmazingPhil

Ice cream vs emojis

He was very snacky today

He has Diam ice cream today 

He also had Fish n Chips salt and vinegar crisps

He’s going to have cake later

He had to buy a new tube for his air conditioner

He played it like an instrument watch out top charts

They went on a Pokemon quest today (just for fun not for a video)

He caught a Fearow and an Eevee

They’re thinking of making another Pokemon video soon!

Dan’s been going crazy with his Pokemon

“Ooooh. Shades fall from the top of the screen.” when he ‘shaded’ someone

Top fans got Pokemon

Dan whistled in the background?

Halloween tatinof memz

Undertale will return!

Talking about his new AmazingPhil video

He hasn’t chosen his Pokemon team yet

He was self conscious about the Ash hat but Dan kept rocking his Gatorland hat

He thinks Dan’s cosplay is pretty great but he’s gonna stick with his red and blue jacket

He reccommends the Final Fantasy and Interstellar soundtracks

He was genuinely surprised by the fedora (appaz Dan got it in Vegas)

Their fridge isn’t magnetic so the magnets are in the office

He doesn’t trust microwaves because of a uni roommate that put random things in the micorwave

He loved the GoT finale

He will not be wearing leggings like Dan’s

He’s going to talk to YouNow about the whole subscription thing to see if the subscription could be for him and Dan

Nerdy Nummies videos will be Tuesday

He likes melon

He’s excited for the kangaroos

“Don’t hug me I’m scared is that a request?”

Green is not a creative color

He showed us his shin injuries from their coffee table

Spider story

He lit his cactus candle and it died

He’s been watching Dan play a lot of Doom

He doesn’t want to listen to Hamilton until he can see it

He named some pets

Catch a Pokemon on Phil

“I know you guys.”

“Geese do not like ginger people”

“Thanks for making me smile”

He hasn’t seen Finding Dory yet

He hasn’t been to the Sherlock museum 

Harry Styles acting chat

He doesn’t drink milk out of the carton

His orange/red iphone case is new 

He had to get a new phone

His day was a strong 7/10

He misses Buffy and Friends

Phoebe is probably his favorite Friends character

Pastel edits irl may have to happen one day

The Modern Family theme song drove him crazy

Talked about the new Australia shows

He’s going to go get some food

A Dan video is on the horizon

New DAPG video soon

“I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend and I will see you very soon”

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For Science:

Reblog this post if you are a stage manager that prefers salt and vinegar chips.

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An actor told me today that I ruined his theory that all stage managers like salt and vinegar chips. So now I must explore this. For science.


I know how unattainable most of those images are, but I’m still like every woman; there are days when I’m very much like “I don’t care what I look like, and why should I care what I look like?” And then there are days when I feel terribly insecure and wish I wasn’t eating the massive bag of salt-and-vinegar chips I’m eating.

5 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by @donegal to list five things that make me happy, then tag the first ten people in my notes.

  1. Hugs! (cuddles included)
  2. a great cup of coffee/ tea
  3. kittens, puppies, small animals
  4. a really good story
  5. sweatpants

The first 10 people in my notes are @dotterelly, @sunwisecircles, @hisbutlerelvish, @theravenmother, @elzariel, @shadowdragonia, @zeewright125, @capt-spangles, @nikbol, @thathotguy-alex. I’m totes tagging you guys but you totes don’t have to participate. <3