salt water swimming pool


Gryffindor: roadtrips, 50s music blasting from the radio, deserted highways, a 1965 ford mustang convertible, milk shakes and burgers in a small diner, pink sunglasses, tracking your route on a map with sharpies, oversized sweaters, route 66, chasing the sun, pillows and blankets on the backseat, sleeping in rundown motels, neon signs, pastel colours, strawberry bubble gum, jukeboxes, country roads, a cloudless sky, let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress adventure, cold drinks, sticking your head out of the window while you’re riding shotgun, wind in your hair, cracked pavement and yellow lines, terrible cheap gas station food, laughing your soul out, sleeping with your head against the window, counting the miles you left behind, photos of road signs, let’s just go anywhere we want

Ravenclaw: faraway adventures, looking for wonderland, sleeping under dying stars, white mountaintops sharp against a bright sky, small wooden cottages, silvery waterfalls, darkness split only by moonlight, a rusty old compass in your hand, wildflowers growing on the side of the road, the middle of nowhere, cozy tents and warm sleepingbags, heavy backpacks, picnics next to a river high up in the mountains, blue valleys and wilderness, waiting for nightfall, writing on the back of your hands, roasting marshmallows over campfires, old leather boots, cornfields and rivers, candles, leaving footprints, discovering hidden paths in the mountains and woods, counting stars, an atlas underneath your pillow, faded postcards, deep forests, silence louder than your hearbeat, a neverending universe

Hufflepuff: beach holidays, the sand between your toes, collecting shells in a tin can, ice cream parlors, food markets, palm trees, warm bonfire nights, drinking from coconuts, sunburn on your nose, yellow surf boards, marveling at street artists, sand castles fit for kings and queens, holding hands, crystal waves crashing against rocks, a pink sky, salt water, the clear cyan colour of swimming pools, the smell of sunscreen, drawing hearts and writing quotes in the sand, walks on the shoreline while the sun is setting, feeding the seagulls, fruity cocktails, swimming in the ocean, loud heartbeats, a feverish smile, cold water rushing around you, white stones, let’s be mermaids, narrow alleys and corner shops, laughter filling the streets, heaven in your eyes

Slytherin: big cities, bright lights, time doesn’t seem to pass at all, short dresses and black skinny jeans, cash in your pockets, the smell of coffee and pollution, yellow taxis, the skyline against the setting sun, falling in love with strangers, the raw glamour of big cities, expensive restaurants and bars, the golden gate bridge at night, skyscrapers made of shining glass, 4am, waking up in hotel rooms high above the city, brief golden moments, photographs of people passing by, luxurious flats with huge glass fronts looking out at the city, watching dawn break on the rooftop of a skyscraper, loving out of lust, magazine covers, plane tickets, concrete jungles, traffic lights reflecting on wet streets, dancing until morning, exploring new places with every step, billboards with promises of better lives, hidden art galleries, live fast die young

My mom didn’t trust the girl at the swimming pool. She claimed there was salt in her smile, as if she was a bit of wild seawater in our precious chlorine square. I think mom was just afraid I’d drown in her.
Mom grew up carefully, never treading water if she couldn’t see the bottom. I grew up carelessly, diving in before I even learned how to swim.
I was wise enough to know this: If this salt water girl didn’t drown me, then the next one would. The swimming pool was never enough for me. Seawater was always meant to take my breath away.
“Hominem a Morte” - Rowan

In war, there are loses and there are gains. There are winners and there are losers. I shall be the one to win @hermajestymanon

At this point you should know Warning : HIGH HIGH FEELS HA

Rowan refused to scream. No matter how much it burned, no matter how hard it burned at his skin, the Prince of Doranelle, the King of Terrasen, refused to scream. Maeve stood back slightly, her silver dress flowing behind her. She smiled. 

“You won’t break me” Rowan groaned. His arms hung from the rafter and the iron shackles dug into his wrists. His toes just barely grazed the ground, and his chest was covered in welts, burns, and gashes. “You trained me to withstand every and all types of torture” 

“This is true,” Maeve smiled slightly. She tilted her head to the side, her hair braided into a crown. She tapped the two Fae’s shoulders and they left the room, without another word. “But your dearest Aelin has given me a few tips. While I was torturing her mind” Maeve pressed her fingers against Rowan’s temple and the King growled, yanking his face away, “She screamed all the things I could do that wouldn’t break her” 

Rowan fought against the iron and it burned into his wrists further. He arched his back as blood slowly rolled down his arms. He glared at the Queen, baring his canines. “Put those away. Or don’t, I don’t care. Let’s see if you can survive what assassins survive when they’re captured”

Maeve snapped her fingers and two figures walked in. They set down a bucket, filled with a silvery like substance. Rowan cringed away and he whimpered. Iron. Oh gods, she had melted iron. “It’s mixed with salt water, and it’s cold. Since you’ll be experiencing mortal pain, I can’t have you dying too early”

“You wouldn’t hurt one of your own” Rowan said. But as he got a better look at the figures, they were human. Rowan kicked and bucked, trying to pull himself up. He was let out of his chains, but he was too weak to fight them off. And when he looked at them, those poor humans, no older than Aelin, he knew he wouldn’t have fought them off anyway. 

They stripped him quickly, their fingers never lingering. They rolled the King onto his back and Rowan stared at the ceiling as his hands and feet were tied to an iron rod. His chest pressed against his knees. Rowan looked into two pairs of brown eyes, and he saw a hint of sorrow. 

They grunted as they picked Rowan up, leading him over to the bin. Rowan started screaming as soon as the nape of his neck was touched by the iron and salt water mixture. And the King hollered, screamed, and begged as he was forced under, his bubbles rising without him. 

Rowan spent forty-eight hours, swimming in iron and salt water. He could barely move in the corner. His wrists and ankles were still bound together by iron, and he was bare and shaking. Rowan groaned and he pressed his forehead against his knees. Aelin. He had failed her. His Fireheart. 

He had failed his mate. Lyria flashed behind his eyes and Rowan moaned, rolling onto his back. He screamed in agony, the salt water still rolling down his body, burning at his wounds. His breathing came quickly, or slowly, or sometimes he felt like it didn’t come at all. 

The door opened, letting in a small beam of light. Rowan tilted his head up. He didn’t even have enough energy to snarl at Maeve. She smiled, dressed in a sky grey. She walked towards him, bending down. 

“You don’t look your best, Rowan” She smiled coldly. Rowan spit at her and Maeve winced, turning her face. The salt water, with a hint of iron, burned a small dint in her cheek. 

Maeve slid on a glove and she settled with slapping Rowan across the face. The King groaned. Maeve smiled cruelly and she gripped his chin tightly. Rowan moaned, looking up at her. “Do you find pleasure in this?” Blood spilled from his mouth.

“From you dying a mortal’s death? I find more pleasure than you can even imagine, Rowan” Maeve tapped his cheek harshly, before standing up. She walked out of the door, but then turned around. “You’ll see Aelin soon. Very soon”

Rowan rolled over but he cried out as the iron shifted, burning deeper into his skin. Soon, it would burn his bones. An hour, or maybe an eternity later, Rowan was swimming in a pool of iron and salt water, screaming and choking as the mixture slid down his throat. 

Rowan’s head rolled forward as he was nailed to an iron cross. He didn’t have the energy to scream as the iron nails slid through his skin, through his muscle, and through the other side. 

He opened his swollen eyes, blood sliding out of his mouth, down his chin, and he saw Maeve. She wore a new dress, and Rowan supposed that meant it was a new day. It could have been a new year and he wouldn’t know. 

Faes with gloves on slowly pushed against the iron cross, rolling Rowan out. He cried out in agony and Maeve laughed, following behind them. She closed the door with a click and the sun burned into Rowan’s eyes. 

His head hung forward and he groaned. It was harder to breathe now. His ribs, crushed, probably turned to fine dust by now. Rowan coughed up blood so thick, it might as well have been black as it slowly poured from his mouth. 

Maeve walked in front of him, her hips slowly swaying. She grinned and slowly sat on her throne. They weren’t even in Doranelle. He had no idea where they were and he barely remembered how he had found Aelin. 

No. He hadn’t found her. It was more of Maeve’s games. Gavriel, Lorcan, and Elide were somewhere else, looking for Aelin. They should have never split up. 

Rowan groaned and he looked around him. Water. Water everywhere. Salt, by the smell of it. Black salt water. He groaned as he was ripped off the cross and he slammed into the water. He heard someone cry his name as the salt water fizzled in his blood, through his veins. 

Rowan lifted his head up and he saw Aelin, struggling against Faes. Water. Darkness. His Fireheart. Locked in the dark. Drowned in the water. He would die the way Maeve had intended for Aelin. He would die in front of her. Rowan grimaced. 

“Don’t do it, Maeve” Aelin snarled, her muscles spasming. She was…fine. She wasn’t strong enough to burn with all the water and darkness, but she was fine…She would be fine. She would burn Maeve and the water and the darkness. She would find Gavriel, Lorcan, and Elide. 

She would go home, with her army of misfits, assassins, and outcasts, as she had promised. She would rid her land of the Valg and she would sit on her throne. Not with Aedion. Maybe with Galan. 

It was Rowan’s turn to plan, to make plans that didn’t include him. It was selfish of him to think he would have forever with his Fireheart. As of that moment, Aelin was not his to have anymore. 

“I’ve worked him over for weeks and weeks, Aelin,” Maeve gave a cruel grin. She pulled her hair over her shoulder, rubbing the ends of it between her fingers. “You gave me some wonderful suggestions. I especially liked the one you thought about, how Arobynn used to drown you, to make you stronger” 

Rowan growled at the thought of that…that man drowning his Fireheart the way he had been drowned over and over and over again. Aelin winced and she struggled some more, but Rowan knew she was desperately wishing the fire to come. But not with the iron shackled to her wrists. 

Maeve was going to win. 

“How do assassins make their kills again?” Maeve wondered. She tapped her chin and her gloved-hand came out from the folds of her dress, holding an ash blade. A tear rolled down Rowan’s cheek. 

“Rowan, I’m going to talk you through this,” Aelin smiled softly. Rowan lifted up his eyes and a cold understanding passed through their eyes. More tears spilled out of his green eyes. He wasn’t stupid, he knew he was doing to die. He just didn’t want to. 

He didn’t know what was waiting for him, he didn’t know if something was waiting for him. More tears spilled and Maeve smiled cruelly. Rowan sniffed and he winced, the strain on his lungs burning. “Your brain said you slit throats, you liked to let them choke on their blood. I think it’s the perfect ending for Rowan. Though Sam’s ending was beautiful, I have to admit” 

Rowan froze, snarls spilling from his lips, along with more blood. He knew he had internal bleeding. A quick death, would be a mercy in itself. Aelin let out a slow sob and then she swallowed. It’s going to be quick. If she goes slow, there’s a small chance you’ll heal. If she cuts deeply, it will spill onto the ground. If she cups shallowly, you’ll choke for about thirty seconds. Rowan, if you’re choking, don’t fight it. Spit and spit and spit. And know…know that I love you. My carranam. My mate. My husband. 

My Buzzard. Aelin smiled at him sadly. 

Her voice caressed his mind and Rowan nodded. He swallowed and tilted his head back, as his hands were bound behind his back. Rowan swallowed again as Maeve slowly walked off her throne. She stood behind him, gripping his hair tightly. “Any last words to your King, Aelin Galanthynius?”

Aelin took a deep breath. She looked at Rowan and smiled softly, “He’s my Rowan Whitethorn and he will never be afraid” Rowan forced a smile, through the pain. He stared up at Maeve and spit in her face one last time. 

Aelin smiled and she closed her eyes. Maeve flicked her wrist and the ash blade sliced across Rowan’s neck. Aelin screamed as she felt Rowan’s blood splatter across her face and her body. It slowly ran down. She screamed louder and fell to the ground, the same time Rowan did. 

Aelin opened her eyes as she was met with Rowan’s blank, dead stare. Aelin Ashryver Galanthynius screamed in agony as the final tears slid from Rowan Whitethorn Galanthynius’s eyes. 

The End 

I really enjoyed writing from Rowan’s POV! Hope you enjoyed reading it, guys! :))

The Little Things

Here’s a short one shot that was inspired by the idea of the MC moving in with Hunt. Enjoy! (It’s been a long day of driving, so I apologize for any typos!)

Warnings: None that come to mind
800+ Words

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Alex finally had the place to herself. She’d moved in a few weeks prior and Hunt had been nothing short of hovering. There’d maybe be an hour or two in the morning or evening, but other than that, he was there. It was out of concern; he’d wanted to make sure she was settling in comfortably, but his constant presence had started to drive Alex a little crazy. Despite his best intentions this still felt very much like Hunt’s place and so, she’d been on her best behavior. Thankfully, he was currently occupied with a staff only event at the university. Alex had the whole day to do whatever she liked.

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Under the Sea

For the requests for mermaids :) I’m basing this off of The Little Mermaid (kinda) a bit from Greek Myth, and a little from this show called H20…Enjoy! <3

Zayn (just kind of getting my feet in the water–I hate myself, worst pun ever–with this idea)

“I really don’t want to be here,” Zayn mumbled as he closed his eyes. “I don’t like deep water. It scares me,” he said.

“Just relax,” Louis said rubbing his shoulder. “You’ll be totally fine,” he promised. “They do cruises and trips a million times a year. Lets just go and eat at our buffet and then find some girls to dance with,” he suggested.

Zayn shook his head. “I think I wanna lay down for a bit.”

“You’ll be fine, Zayn. You just haven’t gotten your sea legs yet,” Louis smiled and pinched his friend’s tanned cheek.

“Wouldn’t that be my fins?” he replied sarcastically.

“Now you’re getting it,” Louis smiled and waltzed out the door.

Zayn laid back on his bed and took a deep breath as he rocked back and forth gently with the sea. He had to admit it was very relaxing. He laid in bed for about twenty minutes scrolling through his Twitter feed as the captain went through safety protocols. After a while, he figured he wasn’t going to find anything to really enjoy in his room. Staring at the ceiling of his room for a week wouldn’t make him happier.

He ventured around and searched for something to do. A few girls glanced at him letting their gazes linger on his back as he continued walking. He let a smug smile paint his face. He knew he was attractive; it was undeniable. But still, he never openly bragged. He just knew that others found him attractive.

He traveled lower into the boat and started gazing out the small windows that were there. He noted how the water was so blue and clear down there. He’d never seen a color like that on his art pallet.

There were gorgeous landscapes of coral reefs and things he’d never seen before. He’d never seen so many fish in his whole life. He smiled gently as a few bigger fish swam by. It was so cool and interesting. He took more pictures figuring he could paint or draw something like it later.

More girls milled about and some of them asked him to join them later on the top deck. He politely declined saying he already had plans. He was a strong believer in love at first sight. And maybe not getting married after two weeks, but he figured he would know the girl he’s meant to be with the moment he sees her.

He got a text from Louis to come up to the top deck. He sighed heavily dragging a hand through his perfectly coiffed hair. Louis always made him do things he wasn’t so sure he’d like…and yeah, often Louis was right…but Zayn was pretty shy. He didn’t want to get involved with a girl that was so outgoing that he’d be uncomfortable around her. But it was hard. Most were really outgoing. And he was happy those girls were…but they were more for his friends like Louis…or Niall.

He got to the top deck and was lightly sprayed with the salty water the boat was wading through. He wiped his face but had to admit it felt refreshing. He wished he could swim because he would have jumped in the salt water pool. The deck was full of people. Most of them a bit tipsy. He smiled gently as Louis waved to him dancing with a girl that he’d clearly just met. She was pretty–and clearly having fun with Louis.

Zayn waved back with a smirk and continued walking about the deck. He took more pictures of the horizon. He smiled brightly and  watched as the moon started to rise over the sea. The water glowed a beautiful light white. He leaned closer to the edge. His face looking down into the beautiful crystallized water.

And right then the water swelled up and the boat tipped. But it wasn’t realistic. It was so unbelievable in fact, that Zayn forgot to be scared. He forgot that it was unnatural and just found it utterly beautiful. So as the boat tipped and the water surged up, he fell in.

It wasn’t until he flailed his arms against the current did he realize that he was in serious trouble. Fuck, fuck, fuck… he thought as he tried not to panic in the water. He kept his mouth closed but he desperately wanted to scream.

And suddenly he was floating again at the surface of the water. The boat was as good as gone–if he shouted, no one would hear him over the roar of the engine or the waves.

He sighed heavily and then looked at the thing that brought him afloat as it held onto his arm. His eyes widened and his heart almost stopped. The most beautiful thing he’d ever seen was there…but he shouldn’t have called you a thing.

A gorgeous girl with a thin fisherman’s rope with a few beach flowers  slid in between the fibers. Your hair was in waves that were so beautiful and seemed to dry instantly just from being out of the water. You smiled shyly, a pretty pink, painting your damp cheeks. Your skin was flawless…Zayn would have to tell every woman he knew that salt was the way to make skin beautiful.

“Wh-what are you doing out here?” He asked in disbelief.

“I live here,” you whispered softly.

You live here?” He repeated and questioned in disbelief. You nodded and blushed as you dipped underwater. He stared at where you were. There as a gentle tug on his arm. “I can’t swim,” he told the space you once occupied. You popped back up with a smile on your lips and your eyes alight with happiness.

“Yes you can, come here,” you said and grabbed both of Zayn’s hands and squeezed them. “You can breathe too,” you promised. He looked at you and shook his head. “Don’t you trust me?” You asked. He nodded. He didn’t know why. Maybe that was the lure of your kind of people. He trusted you whether he wanted to or not. “Just a bit of magic,” you whispered and gently ran your hand across soaked shirt over his chest. “Come with me,” you said gently. “Please,” you whispered sweetly.

So he held his breath and waited. You smiled softly and ducked under. He continued to hold his breath and you giggled. “You can breathe,” you told him.

He inhaled. He felt water go into his nose, but it was like air and didn’t hurt. Didn’t fill his lungs. Nothing felt dangerous. He was just breathing. He gazed at you for a long moment. You had a long light pink tail that reminded him of the sky at sunset. You blushed as he stared you…his gaze falling over the giant scalloped-shell bra.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered quietly

You smiled shyly. “So are you,” you told him.

He grinned. You knew he was beautiful. You saw him pass through a window of the giant ship and you were enthralled with how gorgeous he looked. Your heart taking flight and you were so lucky you could breathe under water because if you couldn’t you would have drowned looking at him. Selfishly, you…urged Zayn to fall in the water. You needed to meet the boy with the pretty hair and the artistic eye.

You took hold of his hand and began to swim deeper into the ocean.


You brought him to an underwater cave that was without water. The two of you giggled and talked for a few hours talking about your respective worlds. It was insane to think that each of them didn’t exist moments before. Well…Zayn’s world always existed to you. You just never thought you’d find someone as kind as Zayn to understand how different you were from others people. After a while of questions and Zayn gently caressing your skin he whispered. “I think I have to go back,” he told you.

“But…” you frowned. “You can’t,” you said sadly.

He smiled gently at you and leaned forward slowly and pressed his lips against yours. Your hands held onto his wrists as he cupped your face. “I have to, bird,” he said softly.

“I’m a fish, not a bird,” you blushed through a teary giggle. Your heart was breaking to think that you had to let go of Zayn. Of course you did. You were stupid to think you could even get this much time with him. The people on the surface must have been going insane looking for someone as perfect as Zayn. You were selfish and wanted him all to yourself…but he couldn’t belong to just you. He was needed elsewhere. He was desired by other people who weren’t you.

“You’re my bird,” he said tenderly. Every inch of skin on you that Zayn could see turned pink.

“I always wanted to be a bird,” you mumbled. “They…they can fly,” you murmured. They don’t have a fish tail…

“Don’t wish you could be something other than yourself or you’ll end up hating what you see…which is silly, because you’re perfect,” he whispered and then softly pressed his lips to yours again. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re my bird. Always will be.”

“Will I ever see you again?” You asked gently. Zayn was perfect. He really wanted to see you. And you definitely wanted to see him…but you lived in a dream world if you actually thought this was actually going to happen.

He looked at his lap for a moment. “I don’t know,” he said truthfully.

You bit your lip. “But I want to be with you,” you said shyly. “Is that crazy?” You asked. You just met him and he was…amazing.

He smiled. Because he met his shy girl. Zayn brushed his fingers through your hair and wrapped his arms around your waist holding you close to him. “Nope,” he whispered.

“Not at all.”


You caught up to the boat. It was a miracle. You pulled Zayn to the surface gently, just peeking your eyes out of the water. Both of you could hear people shouting for Zayn. “Tell them it was a dolphin,” you whispered to him.

He looked at you as you looked up at the huge ship. Your eyes were curiously wide as you gazed up at a world totally different from yours. Zayn grabbed the side of your face and kissed you lips. He pressed every emotion in his heart, through his lips and into your mouth. He pulled away and rested his forehead on yours. “I will see you again,” he promised. You blushed and smiled sweetly at him.

“I’ll wait forever, Zayn,” you said softly.

“Thank you, my bird,” he whispered. You giggled and he sighed. “How am I going to get someone’s attention?” He wondered.

You bit your lip and you tilted your head. “Do you have that thing that talks to people?” You wondered. He thought for a moment and then groaned.

“Yeah, but it’s probably dead,” he muttered pulling his water logged phone out of his pocket.

You took it and held it carefully waving your hand over it. “Goodbye Zayn,” you whispered and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Your phone should work,” you told him and dipped under the water.

Zayn dipped under watching you swim away and then he pulled back up and put the phone to his ear. “ZAYN?!” He shouted.

Zayn smiled gently and sighed. “Do I have a story for you,” he told Louis.

Louis (Reminds me of the Little Mermaid)

“So don’t go over there,” Liam ordered Louis.

Louis rolled his eyes. “Thanks Dad,” he rolled his eyes.

“Louis,” Liam said knowingly.

“I know, I know. I’ll drown and die,” he rolled his eyes again. Liam sighed shaking his head at his friend. Louis, the daredevil. Liam was silly to tell Louis no, because that was only going to make him want it more.

Liam knew he was going to do it, he just hoped he’d be smart about it.


Louis walked around the beach picking up shells for his mum. She didn’t get to the beach often, but she loved shells. She made wreathes and necklaces, sometimes she made Christmas ornaments too.

He ventured over to the part Liam told him to avoid and shrugged. Didn’t seem so bad so he walked around collecting a few starfish and other things he found to give to his mum. The water was beautiful, so clear he could see the sandy bottom. It was the brightest blue and he loved it so much. The water was just warm enough and felt really nice on his feet. The sand was soft and basically…he never wanted to leave the pretty beach.

He was looking in the water then waded out a little bit deeper. To just below his hips. He tossed his shells back to the shore, all of them landing near one another with a gentle little clink.

He searched the water some more looking at all the crawlers that resided in the ocean. He scooped up a beautiful quahog shell, it was lined with beautiful purple on the inside. And then he was stung by something.

“Ow!” He shouted. His leg started to throb and he realized he had been stung by a jelly fish. “Shit,” he hissed as he looked at the burn. He figured it wasn’t one of those poisonous ones…well he hoped. He started to get light headed and it was one of those moments he actually wished he listened to Liam. He wobbled a bit as he looked down to look at his leg. He groaned. “Ugh…” he moaned as the red welt made his stomach flip. He fell smacking his head on the rocks hidden in the water–effectively passing out.


You saw the boy collecting shells and starfish. You thought it was peculiar…but you have shells at your disposal all the time. Hell, there was even two on your breasts.

You swam closer to where he was and peeked through the water to look at him. His brown hair was spiky from the water and his eyes were as blue as the sea. He grinned as he lifted a sand dollar into his hand. His lips were incredibly pink and every part of you desperately wanted to see him. But he would think you’re a freak.

For Christ’s sake you had a tail and blue hair. You were about to swim away when you heard him yell ow and then a curse word, followed by a loud splash. You turned and looked at him. Floating, almost sinking to his death in the shallow water. You grabbed the jelly fish and tossed it away to keep it as far away from him as possible.

You pulled him to the shallow water and you lied beside him. You pushed his wet hair off his forehead and you sighed softly as you gazed at him. He was beautiful.

You traced his face with a gentle stroke of your hand. You waited for him to wake. You looked down at his burn and you frowned. Lightly you brushed your and over it. It was warm to the touch  and left a nasty mark. You frowned and with a quick look around you placed your lips on the wound and sucked the venom out. It tasted gross, but it was for the best. You needed him to wake up.

You continued to gaze at him. His skin was flawless, interrupted by a bit of stubble that felt scratchy to the touch. You outlined his features, shivering as your finger traced his lips.

He coughed. You sighed softly with relief. He groaned. His long lashes fluttered as he opened his eyes and he stared up at you. You looked gorgeous. A pure angel. “Whoa, I didn’t know jellyfish could kill you,” he murmured. “Where did you come from, angel?” He whispered. You blushed and smiled shyly at the pretty boy. He sat up and you carefully helped him in case he was still lightheaded. “Do you speak?” He wondered. You blushed again and shook your head.

“Oh,” he frowned. “Well, I’m Louis…did you see me fall?” He asked. You nodded with a gentle smirk and you gestured to his welt on his leg. “Did you fix it?” He wondered. You nodded. “Well thank you,” he said and then his gaze traveled over you. From a shiny green tail that shimmered in the sunlight. “You’re beautiful,” he mumbled and lifted his hand to your face. He stared at the smattering of small little freckles on your cheeks. He held your gaze watching the twinkle in your eyes change. “Mermaids are supposed to be beautiful, hmm?” He hummed and smiled brightly at you. You blushed more. Something about the air made it impossible for you to speak. “I wish I could hear your voice,” he sighed sadly. “I bet it’s as beautiful as you,” he said knowingly.

You laughed without sound and smiled sweetly at him. “Your hair is so cool,” he said looking at the waves of blue and purples. He took a moment to glance at your seashell bra and he leaned forward and kissed your forehead. “Thank you darling,” he whispered. “I could have drowned.”

Well you certainly wouldn’t have let that happen. You weren’t supposed to show Louis who you were, but you’re glad he wasn’t rude to you or tried to show you off to the world. You shrugged and looked up at him with a grin. “I love your smile,” he murmured.

You shyly looked away and then you heard someone shout for Louis.

“Shit,” he whispered again. Your heart fluttered and you wiggled to the water. “Wait,” he said and grabbed hold of your hand. You shook it off and looked at the water longingly. “Will I ever see you again?” He asked.

You blushed and looked away. He was crouched in the sand looking at you with love in his eyes. Louis had read his sisters a million princess stories consisting of princesses that couldn’t speak the same language but could just understand because they were in love. His eyes stared deep into your hoping this wasn’t the last time he saw them. He grabbed your cheeks in his hands, rubbing his thumbs along your smooth cheeks. “Because I want to see you,” he whispered and he leaned forward sealing his lips over yours. You sighed heavily and he smiled against your mouth. It was beautiful. You felt like a jelly fish as you made it back to the water glancing back at Louis and touching your lips with blushing cheeks. He chuckled as you wiggled back into the water.

Once you swam out a bit, he followed you in, cautious of the jellyfish and therefore he stayed standing in shin deep water. “Well, will I see you again?” He called.

You dipped under water and took a gulp of water and rose to the top. “Please, Louis,” you called back.

He smiled brightly, his cheeks turning pink and happily he grinned and headed back to shore looking for Liam. The entire time looking for bright blue hair attached to the beautiful green tail.

Liam (Based off the Irish Selkie legend and a bit of H20–thank you Anon for the tip)

Liam noticed you stared off into the water a lot. Your shiny eyes gazed longingly at the horizon as the sun started to set. “You okay, sweetheart?” He whispered. You nodded and continued to stare at the sea. You loved the water. Liam was kind enough to move so he lived on the shore with you. “You look upset, sweetness,” he murmured coming to stand beside you. He brushed his hand over the back of your long hair letting his hand skim down over your back just barely brushing your bum.

“I-I don’t know,” you mumbled as you thought about it. Your heart was heavy but you couldn’t figure out why.

He frowned sensing you weren’t sure what would make you feel better. “Would you like to go for a swim? You always like that,” he said coming closer to you and wrapping his arms around your waist he kissed your shoulders and then nuzzled his face into your neck.

You smiled at him. Liam was a beautiful person. He was so patient and loving you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to have him. “Okay, if you don’t mind…” you trailed off shyly.

“See you in a bikini?” He said running his hands down your sides. “Of course I don’t mind.”

“Cheeky,” you giggled and blushed as you turned to his chest and wrapped your arms around his waist. You squeezed him tightly. He was so warm and wonderful. You sighed softly. “I love you Liam Payne,” you murmured. “You’re so wonderful.”

He chuckled and kissed the top of your head. “I love you too, baby girl,” he lifted your chin up and pressed a kiss that made your toes curl and fingers tingle as you gripped onto his biceps. His arms snuggly wrapped around your waist and he lifted you off the ground a bit. Liam made you feel infinite. You felt like you could fly with him in your life. He was your everything. He did everything he could to make you happy. He pulled away from the long kiss and then pressed short little ones on your lips a few times before he was attacking your entire face with little pecks.

You giggled and he chuckled his warm breath slipping over your skin as his short little stubble tickled your skin. “Beach?” He asked softly resting his forehead on your when he finished teasing you with his plump lips.

“Beach, please,” you said softly.


Liam adored to watch you smile as you dipped in and out of the water. He dove in after you and then swam right up beside you putting his hands on your hips and pulling you back against his chest. “You’re always so happy in the water, my little mermaid,” he said into your ear and then kissed the side of your head squeezing you to him.

“The water’s so nice,” you told him. He nodded against your damp hair.

“I love you,” he told you. “So much,” he said and scooped you up and then tossed you in. You laughed as you surfaced and started to wrestle Liam into the sea.


You were cleaning the house but you stared at the sea from the window. “You okay, sweet?” Liam asked. You blushed and nodded.

“Fine, baby,” you smiled weakly.

“What’s up with her?” Niall asked as the two repainted the living room. Liam wanted to paint it blue and you couldn’t have agreed more. So Liam called Niall and asked him to help as you worked on cleaning the apartment.

“I don’t know, she’s just quiet a lot lately.”

Niall watched as you stared out at the sea. You were repetitively dusting the same spot on the window sill. “If she dusts that spot anymore, she’s gonna rub the finish off,” he said quietly.

Liam shrugged as he continued painting. “I don’t know,” he murmured. “She gets this faraway look when she looks at the water,” he said quietly. Niall watched her a few moments. “What?” Liam wondered as he set the paint brush down.

“Nothing…it’s just…my nana used to tell me this Irish legend about mermaids…” he said. “They were trapped in human bodies sometimes but they were meant to be mermaids. And when they were human, they were always staring at the sea and looking at the water wondering if there was anyway they could get back to the sea,” he explained.

Liam thought for a few moments. “How do they become a mermaid?” He wondered.

“Something about a full moon and swimming,” Niall said. “It’s a little vague.”

Liam gazed at you. He called you his little mermaid all the time. And he wanted you to be happy…as insane as it sounded, if you were supposed to be a mermaid, then Liam wasn’t going to prevent your happiness because he was selfish.

But God, he was scared that you were going to go and never come back.


“C’mere,” he said as the sun finished setting. The two of you were laying in the hammock on the porch. Liam running his hands through your silky hair. “We’re gonna go for a swim.”

You stared at him curiously. “Li, I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” you said and that was all his fears confirmed.

He smiled gently and swallowed thickly. He tugged you out of the hammock and held you close to him for a few moments. “Do you know, all I want out of life is for you to be the happiest you could be?” He whispered. “And…” he bit his lip. “I don’t think you’re happy here,” he said thickly.

“I’m so happy with you,” you promised clutching onto his arms as he held you.

“And that may be true…” he trailed off. “But I don’t know my sweet, I think part of you belongs to the sea.”

Tears filled your eyes and Liam looked down for a moment because he couldn’t bear the thought to watch you cry. “But…I belong to you,” you told him and you snuggled into his chest. “You’re my…”

“Sweetness,” he cupped your face and smiled down at you weakly as tears fell from your eyes. He swiped the tears beneath your eyes and kissed your lips. He mustered all the strength he could to pull away. “I am here. Always. I will be here for forever. You need to do this,” he said with a frown and then he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “I love you so much and I won’t stand in the way of your happiness.”

“What if I’m not happy out there?” You whispered.

“Then I’ll be waiting right here…” he promised. You cried and he wiped your eyes again as he let you try. “Just…promise me something first?” He whispered as you took a step off the porch.

“Yes?” You asked. “Anything, Liam,” you vowed through a scratchy voice.

“Don’t…fall in love with anyone else, please,” he begged looking at his feet.

You took step back on the porch and pressed your lips to his. “Never,” you nodded and you held his face in your hands and kissed him again very gently.

“Please let me know you’re okay somehow,” he said softly.

You nodded. “Of course,” you promised. “And don’t fall in love with anyone else either,” you blushed shyly.

“My little mermaid, I could never,” he cooed and kissed you one last time.

He watched as you walked to the water. You kept glancing back and Liam smiled as a few tears fell from his cheeks. You dove into the water, clothes and all. The water got this unearthly glow and Liam knew it worked.

You were home. Right before he went inside to try and fall asleep the water continued to glow where you had entered, the shape turning into a heart.

And he knew you were okay.

Both of you would be okay.

Niall (Just something that came to mind and a bit of The Little Mermaid)

“Niall, I’m not good at football,” Harry said knowingly.

“And you’re not going to get any better not playing,” he said pinching Harry’s cheeks together with a smile.

Harry rolled his eyes. “Can’t we just play in the water?” He whined.

“Uh. No, we’re in our twenties, we can’t play in the water.”

“Meanie,” Harry grumbled.

Niall snickered and dribbled away from Harry on the damp sand. Niall noticed a lot of girls were watching Harry and him. Niall didn’t pay any mind to it, because they were only watching for Harry’s tattoos and Niall’s bare stomach. Harry trapped the ball and then kicked further than Niall.

“Oh no! Now we can’t play!” He said sarcastically.

“You’re such a dork,” Niall rolled his eyes as he went after the ball.

“We can play later, Niall!” He whined again. “I wanna build a sand castle,” he stomped his foot. Niall snickered and rolled his eyes.

“I’ll be back in a while,” he called to Harry.

“Later sweetcheeks!” Harry waved and blew a kiss to his best friend.

“Weirdo,” Niall muttered under his breath with a smirk.

He turned the corner of the rocks and jetty to wear Harry kicked the ball. He heard gentle whimpers and he frowned as he looked up at the girl leaning against the jetty.

Well, not a girl…

A mermaid.

He rubbed his eyes and then looked again just to make sure her scarlet tail wasn’t his imagination from getting too much sun. Her hair was braided and a few strands fell from the elastic  to gently cup her face. She was crying, which saddened Niall. What was wrong? Beautiful girls, even mermaids shouldn’t cry. Her breasts were cupped by shells that were almost as red as her tail and tied together by fishing rope. She was astonishingly beautiful.

“Are you okay, love?” He called. She looked up and her eyes widened at the sight of Niall. She wasn’t supposed to be seen…especially by a human. She moaned as she tried to shimmy back to the water. But she was clearly in too much pain. Niall hurried over to her and stilled her by the shoulders. “Hey, no, don’t go away, I’m…I’m not going to tell anyone,” he promised. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

You looked up at him. Tears were in your eyes making them look so shiny and beautiful, Niall couldn’t look away if he wanted to. “I-I cut my tail…and wrist” you whispered. “I can’t move, it hurts,” you whimpered.

He looked down at the scaly part of her and saw that it was caught in fishing string and was cutting in her scales and piercing the flesh beneath. He frowned. “Poor thing,” he whispered and then gently crouched down to the bottom of her tail. “This might hurt a bit more before it gets better,” he said gently. “I’m not going to make it stop,” he promised when he saw the apprehension in your eyes. “Trust me,” he whispered.

You nodded and watched as he got his fingers beneath the string. “You really tangled yourself, darling,” he smirked sadly.

“I panicked,” you hissed in pain as he worked the string off your scales so he could lean down and cut the string with his teeth. You sighed with relief as the tension on the string seemed to break.

He carefully pulled the string around your tail and then your wrist making sure he didn’t hurt you at all. He gently rested your tail back down and cupped your hand in his. “Are you alright?” He asked looking at the burns and indents from the taut string. You nodded. He smiled gently and then pressed a kiss to your skin. You blushed and then he smiled up at you. “Hi Princess,” he smiled weakly in hopes he wasn’t scaring you.

Your eyes lit up in surprise. “How do you know I’m a princess?” You asked curiously. The blond boy had a heart-stopping smile. And you were so grateful he was able to help you.

His eyebrows lifted in surprise. “A princess? You’re an actual princess?” He questioned. “I’ve never met a real princess,” he whispered. “I…I just called you princess because you’re beautiful like one and you deserve to be treated as one. You’re a real princess?” He wondered.

“What’s a princess supposed to be treated like?” You asked the gentle blue-eyed boy. You didn’t like being a princess. You didn’t get freedom…and when you did, you messed up like this.

“Oh,” he shrugged. “I don’t know. Just…like she’s the most precious thing to ever walk…or erm…swim the earth,” he smiled shyly. You grinned. “And you tell her how gorgeous she looks all the time so she smiles like that,” he gently poked your cheek. “And how cute she looks when she blushes and looks all shy and cute. And you make sure nothing bad happens to her,” his thumb lightly massaged you broken skin on you wrist. “Then, if it does happen, you make it better for her as quickly as possible, because she needs to be treasured and kept safe, always,” he continued. “You have to assure her that she’s so perfect just the way she is and that if she’s upset then it will get better,” he explained quietly. He didn’t mean to say all that…but he was glad he did. You deserved it. You were beautiful and gentle and deserved everything he said.

“I don’t get treated like that,” you said quietly. It was oppressive and you hated it. It was nothing like Niall described. “I’d rather be your princess,” you muttered.

He smiled. “If you want, you can definitely be my princess,” he promised.

“Do I have to wear a tiara?” You wrinkled your nose.

“Not unless you want to,” he chuckled at your expression.

“Good, because they hurt,” you giggled. He admired the sound as he laughed back and kissed your cheek.

“Well, we can’t have you hurting,” he whispered softly.

You blushed and smiled up at him.


Niall and you talked for a very long time as he rubbed your wrist as you told him about your adventures and he told you how he lived life. “Niall!” Harry called out. It had been hours since he had seen the Irish lad.

You looked worried and Niall grabbed your hand. “What’s wrong?”

“You’re not supposed to know I exist,” you told him and started wiggling for the water.

“Wait!” He stopped you. He crouched down in front of you and you arched your back to look up at him. “I want to see you again,” he whispered.

“Niall, I don’t think it’s pos–”

He smothered your doubt away and pressed his lips against yours. You moaned softly against the gentle feel of his mouth on yours. He pulled away and kissed your forehead. “I will see you again…” he vowed. “My Princess,” he breathed across your cheeks and kissed your nose.

You grinned weakly. Your stomach flipped for the perfect boy. “Okay,” you said softly. “My Prince,” you murmured.

He smiled and watched you safely get in the water.

“There you are!” Harry called. “Where have you been?”

“Do you think I could find a princess at the beach?” He asked as he looked at the water.

“Did you find one, like you find a shell?” Harry snickered. “Sure, Ni. I think you could find your princess anywhere,” Harry said grabbing the ball. “Come see the sand castle I made. Then I’ll play football with you again,” he offered.

Niall grinned. “Sand castle,” he smirked. “Is it fit for a princess?” He wondered as he looked back at the water and saw a splash of red shining in the sun. He grinned as he followed Harry.

“Sure, Ni…you and your princess could live there forever,” he joked. But Niall really liked the sound of that.

His Princess.

Harry (Also based on Greek Myth)

“Harry, it’s really dangerous over here for people who aren’t the captain,” Zayn warned. “The sea gets really rocky and they don’t want civilians up here, so–would you pay attention!?” Zayn snapped his fingers in front of Harry.

Harry smiled shyly at Zayn. “There’s a lot to look at, Zaynie,” he smiled at his friend as he took his pictures of the horizon. Zayn rolled his eyes at Harry.

“Please don’t call me Zaynie,” he asked.

Harry just grinned. “Don’t go on the deck, I know,” he rolled his eyes. “Do I look stupid?”

Zayn didn’t want to say yes, because that would be rude. But all he could think about is his healthy friend trying to eat berries while camping and how he had to make sure Harry didn’t go gathering on his own. “No…” he mumbled.

Harry smiled. “I’ll be careful,” he promised.

Zayn headed to his room while Harry stayed on deck looking at the sky and the water connecting in the most beautiful way. It was so gorgeous outside. Harry didn’t want to go in. The waters did get rougher and Harry started making his way to the bunks on the floor down below. But then he heard the most gorgeous sound. He almost fell to his knees at the beauty he heard. Nothing compared to this sound. It was the combination of a heavenly hymn, pouring rain off the window, and the gentle sound of wind chimes fluttering in the breeze.

“Oh God,” he whispered. He walked over to the edge of the boat and stared at the rocks where the sound seemed to emanate from. He sighed dreamily letting his elbows rest on the railing of the ship. He pulled his phone out and zoomed into the rocks to see what was there.

Beautiful girls with soft skin and shiny hair and shimmery tails were singing on the rock. Harry had only heard of mermaids such as these gorgeous sirens in myths. He didn’t know they were real.

He moaned softly as they got closer. He wanted to get closer to the gorgeous sound. Well, he did. He flipped off the boat and landed with a splash in the water. The water was freezing and he regretted the decision instantly.

But he was happy he would die to the sweetest soundtrack he’d ever heard.


You saw the boy fall off the ship. He shouldn’t have. He was smarter than that…or…at least his crew was. And he shouldn’t have. You knew that he would die if you didn’t help him.

So you helped him. You swam to where he fell in and you wrapped your arms around his waist and carried him to an underground cave. You hauled him up to the flat surface of the ground and you curled up beside him. You rested his head in your lap and you softly caressed his face. He was the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen. You were glad the other girls hadn’t gotten to him first.

You didn’t like that they destroyed ships and hurt people for a thrill. People didn’t know better. And this boy, even though he was about a head taller than you and looked like he could kill you with his hands, you gathered he didn’t know any better at all.

You made sure he was breathing as you noticed his lips turned blue. You ran your hands over his arms lightly warming his skin with magic that had been taught to you. You weren’t supposed to help the people they trapped. They deserved it, apparently. But this boy didn’t. You couldn’t stand it. You couldn’t even take part in what they did. It wasn’t fair to those who were just passing through. So you saved this boy.

He awoke and he was pretty sure he was in heaven because the gentle hum of the beautiful girl beside him filled his ears. He looked up at the long haired girl with the most gentle eyes he’d ever seen.

“Hello,” he said softly.

“Hello, sleepy head,” you giggled gently at the green-eyed boy. He was so adorable.

He smiled sweetly at the sound of your laugh. He sat up slowly. Then shivered. “Its freezing here,” he pouted. You sighed sadly.

“Is it?” You asked. “I’m warm…” you trailed off. “I think that’s the advantage of being a fish,” you told him. He took hold of your hands.

“Yeah, you are,” he said and then he simply wrapped himself around you as he shivered. You smirked playing with his hair.

“Most boys I’ve seen don’t have long hair like you,” you said knowingly.

“I have to cut it soon…I think…”

“Oh, don’t do that,” you said softly. “It’s what caught my attention,” you told him. “I think it’s lovely,” you told him.

He pulled away and looked up at your face. Your cheeks were smooth and delicate. You reminded him of porcelain. Your eyes were wide like a doll and you smiled so kindly. He was so happy he fell over board and into your arms. “I’m Harry,” he said softly. After giving him your name, he looked at you for a while.

“You’re stunning,” he whispered.

“No I’m not,” you said shyly. “I…I have a tail,” you said quietly. Harry looked down and admired the purple color. He ran his hand on the smooth scales.

“It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful,” he said and gazed into your eyes again. Part of you blushed because he was so sweet, and part of you blushed because he had no choice. You were a creature meant to seduce. “Thank you for saving me,” he said gently. “I’m Harry,” he told you.

You smiled. “No one’s fallen overboard in a long time,” you told him. He chuckled.

“I didn’t listen to my friend,” he said shyly. “The sky and water and…it all looked so pretty, I was supposed to go inside,” he explained. “But I didn’t want to.”

You giggled at him. He was a cute little thing with bright green eyes that looked so happy to be with you. Your stomach flipped. He was so cute. “I’m glad you didn’t listen,” you told him. “But I bet your friend is worried,” you said with a frown.

He nodded. “Probably,” he smiled impishly.

“I can get you back,” you promised and started tugging him toward the water.

“Not yet,” Harry whispered. “I want to talk some more,” he said quietly.


“What’s a bakery?” You asked at the end of his story. It sounded amazing because he was so happy about it and he got this twinkle in his eyes. He was passionate about it–it meant a lot to him, but you didn’t know what it was. Just like he didn’t know why your sunken ship hideaway was your favorite place in the world. The two of you had been trading stories for hours. Harry needed to leave…but you didn’t want to let him go.

He gaped. “Oh my God, my kitten, you are missing out, I’ll have to bring you something,” he promised.

You blinked at him. “Bring me something…?” You trailed off. “How?” You wondered quietly.

He blushed a bit. His cute little cheeks turning pink making you want to pinch them and kiss his pink lips. “I…I don’t know yet,” he murmured. “When you bring me back, will I get to see you again?” He asked a cute little wrinkle appeared between his eyebrows.

You swallowed thickly. “I’m…I’m not sure,” you admitted.

He looked away from you looking at the ground for a few moments then turned back to you. His eyes were a little red around the edges, his nose flared a bit. “That sucks,” he whispered.

You smiled sadly, tears brimming in your eyes. “Yeah, it does,” you sniffled.

He cupped your face. “Don’t cry, kitten,” he begged. You didn’t know what a kitten was, but you were glad that you were Harry’s kitten. “You can’t be sad,” he said and lightly rubbed your cheeks with his thumbs. He was so big and strong but he was like the coziest, warmest, gentlest, softest, most angelic thing in the world. “You’ll make me cry,” he said softly. How could a giant be so cute?

“I’ll bring you back, now,” you whispered. You figured you had to bring him back now…get heartache done with like letting the salt water run in the cut so it would get clean and stop stinging quickly.

“Not yet,” he said looking down at your lips. You blushed as he leaned in and pressed his mouth over yours. You sighed grabbing onto his shoulders and pulling him closer to you. His lips were so soft and bouncy. You’d never kissed anyone before and you were pretty sure no one would ever compare to this beautiful green eyed boy. He pulled away and rested his forehead on yours with a smile. “You’re good at that,” he said cheekily.

“So are you,” you replied with a giggle. He pressed a few more kisses to your lips making your cheeks burn red. “I’ll take you back,” you whispered.

“Promise I’ll see you again,” he begged.

You swallowed thickly. “I promise,” you smiled weakly.

He grinned and kissed you again. And then a few more times before he finally made it back to the boat. You made sure Harry got back on the boat. His friend hugged him and Harry pointed down to you as he said something. Harry’s friend looked down and then looked at Harry before he waved to you.

“Thank you!” He shouted.

You waved at the two boys and blew a kiss to Harry before dipping back into the sea.

kurapicha  asked:



who’s the cuddler: 
Both of them are actually secretly giant cuddlers, but at the start of their relationship, it’s naruto who initiates it. He puts his head in Sasuke’s lap to take a nap, or he wriggles himself between sasuke’s legs to lean his back against him. Sasuke never really responds though, and naruto assumes he’s not comfortable with the touching, so he stops. Sasuke gets horribly offended and they end up having a giant pointless fight over it because theyre idiots that don’t know how to communicate.

It ends with them finally talking though, and after that they both start initiating the touching. 

who makes the bed:
Sasuke makes the bed cause Naruto “never gets it right, dobe

who wakes up first:
Naruto does. Sasuke sleeps for 15 hours straight if you let him.

who has the weird taste in music:
Naruto has a playlist full of quirky songs in languages he does not understand, and Sasuke has a playlist full of emo indie songs from bands no one has ever heard of. So both. 

who is more protective:
They’re both fiercely protective of the other, but Sasuke is more prone to jealousy. 

who sings in the shower:
Naruto. In languages he does not actually speak. It annoys the shit out of Sasuke. 

who cries during movies:
Naruto turns the entire living room into a salt-water swimming pool. 

who spends the most while out shopping:
It’s usually Naruto buying silly things they don’t really need, but sometimes Sasuke sees a particular thing in a store window, comes up with an absolutely ridiculous reason as to why Naruto might need said particular thing, and then spends his entire paycheck on buying at least 5 of them. 

who kisses more roughly:
Hmmm both

who is more domineering:
They both have pretty dominant personalities but Naruto usually makes the decisions, because Sasuke is fine with anything as long as it makes naruto happy doesn’t really care. 

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 

Bruh i’ve got an entire blog dedicated to this pairing whaddaya think

I had a dream last night that i was aboard this massive ship in the Arctic that was working on several fields of research. One area i was stationed was the full sized movie theater, where fish population samples were performed. One of my colleagues caught a beluga sturgeon and managed to get the line caught around the tail. I thought i could untangle the fishing line without harming the giant fish, but ended up accide tally cutting its tail off instead. My first reaction was to take the fish to the salt water swimming pool so i could treat it and fashion a prosthetic tail so it could be returned to the wild. It turns out that the sturgeon was actually a normal sized opossum that had taught itself how to swim with SCUBA gear.