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Ran some errands today and decided to pick the Moroccan sea salt spray from Walmart. I’m currently using sea spray from Lush, but I wanted to find something cheaper. I love love LOVE Lush’s but it’s $12 for 3 ounces. I love Lush a lot cause they are strongly against animal testing. I know for a fact that Organix does not test on animals and heard about their salt spray. It was only $5 for 6 ounces! I hope it’s as good as Lush’s…

DIY Salt Spray // Space Buns

Everyone loves those shaggy beach waves the one that makes you look like you were out at the beach all day in the summer sun and not secretly behind your computer screen.. or is that just me? Anyway those salt sprays can be around $15-$20 a bottle and trust me it’s a lot cheaper to just DIY this one.

Space Buns is a cute new blog by two Aussie girls. You should totally check them out. xx

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My home made sea salt spray was a super success. I’m on that school girl budget so I strongly recommend for people with curly or wavy hair. I have extremely curly hair (like Danielle Peazer mixed with Leigh Ann more defined but smaller curls) and my hair is already damaged from bleaching so I’m embracing the curl (Lou said if you have curly hair rock it oops).

Spray bottle amount of warm water
(Not scalding and not room temp WARM)
2 teaspoons of sea salt (if the spray bottle isnt too big
2 squirts of your favorite hair mask and or conditioner

Mix the salt with the warm water first until dissolved, then your conditioner. Don’t worry about tiny chunks of conditioner it wont fully mix that’s okay and then wait for it to cool. Put in to your spray bottle and get your grungy wavy hair.

Btw you can add certain things that you want this is just an EXTREMELY simple version.

How to get Beachy Waves

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We love beachy waves and the easygoing summer look they give your hair. Soft and sexy, these waves are glamorous without being overly done. They’re effortless to be exact. Here’s how to get these beautiful waves without the harm of salt water in four different, simple methods.

1. Salt Spray

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For those of you who already have naturally wavy or curly hair, all you need is a bit of teasing to get this look. Salt sprays should do the trick for almost any hair type. Simply spray a little onto damp hair and then scrunch up your hair from the ends to the roots. Let it air dry or use a diffuser as demonstrated here.

You can even make your own salt spray at home! Just fill a spray bottle with 8 ounces of water, a few teaspoons of sea salt (the more you use, the more textured the effect) and a couple drops of conditioner. Shake the ingredients well and apply according to directions above.

Salt sprays can be quite drying so use the formula sparingly, meaning don’t do this everyday. Otherwise, make sure to use a very moisturizing conditioner afterwards.

2. Curling Iron with Salt Spray

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If you don’t have curls, create them with a curling iron. 

Sweep up the upper half of your hair and clip into place. Work on the remaining bottom half. Using a 1 inch (or less) barrel, curl 1 inch wide sections at a time, holding for 10-15 seconds per section. Alternate curling under and over the barrel. Make sure to curl the pieces of hair surrounding your face away from your face so they don’t fall into your eyes. After finishing the bottom half, do the same with the upper half. See this video for more detailed instructions.

After curling your hair, follow the instructions above and apply salt spray. Scrunch up your hair from bottom to top and let air dry.

3. Hair Buns

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For a non-fuss method, divide your slightly damp hair into two-four equal sections and pull up each section into a small bun. For extra waves, try braiding each section before twisting it into a bun. Do this at night after you take a shower so your hair is dry by morning and make sure your hair is not dripping wet or else it will not completely dry, especially if you have thick hair.

In the morning, undo the buns and gently brush through your hair with your fingers. For extra definition, you can apply some salt spray and scrunch up your hair.

4. Braids

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Braid your damp hair into multiple braids at night after showering. Make sure your hair is not too wet or it will not dry by morning and won’t hold the shape molded overnight. In the morning, take a flat iron and go over each braid, holding about 10-20 seconds, to further ensure that the waves keep their shape. Release the braids and gently run your fingers through your hair. If you’d like, spray some salt spray and scrunch up your hair from bottom to top.

If you want to skip the overnight process, simply dampen hair with water in a spray bottle and braid into multiple braids. Run a flat iron over each braid, holding about 20-30 seconds for each section. Repeat this step 2-3 times or at least until the braids have dried from the heat. Release the braids and lightly brush through your hair with your fingers. Again, if you’d like, spray some salt spray and scrunch up your hair.

- Andrea Kang

DIY salt spray

Whose hair doesn’t look completely awesome after a dip in the ocean? Salty, loose waves are so lovely. Sadly, we can’t all live by the beach and take a daily morning swim, but you can make a simple salt spray with just a few ingredients that will leave your hair with great volume and texture, just like after a day at the beach.


8oz warm water
2tsp sea salt
1tsp aloe vera (use pure aloe vera, not the crap gel found in the drug store)
3 drops essential oil (optional, for scent. I use peppermint, but only because I am obsessed.)

Mix everything in a glass jar with a lid, then shake vigorously until all salt has dissolved. Then transfer to a spray bottle and store in the fridge when not in use.

I just whipped up a batch of this today, and holy smokes, it is rad. I’m trying to go off shampoo and not rely so heavily on dry shampoo during my detox. Salt sprays are notorious for being drying to hair, and in my case this has been a great boon. I started out with pretty greasy hair and after a good spritz and letting my hair air dry, everything is clean, fluffy and wavy. What more could I want?
I would suggest using this only on days you don’t shampoo, especially if you tend to have dry hair. The salt will dry out any excess grease and your hair will hold the style better.

Let me know what you think if you try it out!


DIY Salt Spray Tutorial!

Avoiding the Mom-Bob

I got a haircut last week, and I was telling my stylist how for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to fit blowdrying my hair into my morning routine these days. I asked him to cut my hair in a style that would work for air-drying (but not a mom-bob), and I told him that if he showed me exactly how to style it and which products I needed, I would buy every product he recommended right that second, because I need to start looking acceptable for work on days when I don’t want to wear a topknot (LOL). Plus, I’ve always been the queen of upselling products to myself.  

He recommended these two products, and two days in, I’m sold! (which is good, because I already spent $70 on them)

R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray - Spray it on damp hair and then twist your hair away from your face. This is apparently a lot lighter and less gritty than most salt sprays. 

Oribe Apres Beach Wave + Shine Spray - Spray this on the underside of your damp hair & scrunch.