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Hey y'all I know this is lame and literally no one is going to answer me BUT I really wanna cut my hair and I’m not sure what haircut to do (I’m leaning toward the bottom right but my hair is thin, there isn’t much of it and it’s straight and if I style it and spray it with my sea salt spray that makes it look more full and what’ll be cute ?? BUT ALSO IDK I HAVENT HAD HAIR THAT SHORT BEFORE and idk how I feel about my face and short hair) but can y'all just help me, like does anyone have any suggestions?

Ran some errands today and decided to pick the Moroccan sea salt spray from Walmart. I’m currently using sea spray from Lush, but I wanted to find something cheaper. I love love LOVE Lush’s but it’s $12 for 3 ounces. I love Lush a lot cause they are strongly against animal testing. I know for a fact that Organix does not test on animals and heard about their salt spray. It was only $5 for 6 ounces! I hope it’s as good as Lush’s…

DIY Salt Spray // Space Buns

Everyone loves those shaggy beach waves the one that makes you look like you were out at the beach all day in the summer sun and not secretly behind your computer screen.. or is that just me? Anyway those salt sprays can be around $15-$20 a bottle and trust me it’s a lot cheaper to just DIY this one.

Space Buns is a cute new blog by two Aussie girls. You should totally check them out. xx

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I’ve been swearing by the Free People All-Natural Hair Lightening Spray & the Sea Salt spray originally posted in 2012. So now, I’ve decided to combine the two (with a few tweaks)  to create my own ultimate Beachy Mermaid Goddess Hair Spray. 

You will need: 

a mixing container

1 juicy lemon

1 tbs of honey

1 tbs of salt

1 tbs of dried lavender

1 tsp of coconut oil

¼ cup of hot chamomile tea

1 spray bottle

First I poured ¼ cup boiling water over the chamomile tea bag (in a head safe container) and let steep for about a minute or so before removing. While still hot, I added the lavender, salt, honey, and coconut oil. All ingredients will diffuse and dissolve better in the hot temperature. Once stirred, and cooled, I poured the liquid into a spray bottled and saved the rest for later use in the fridge.