salt spray

Beachy Keen - Sea Salt Spray

Can’t make it down to the beach or landlocked? Want to carry a bit of the sea with you?  This is the salt spray I made for my wife when she wanted sea kissed waves without leaving the house.


🏝 Spray bottle

🏝 Two cups of boiling water

🏝 Two tablespoons of Epsom Salt

🏝 Two tablespoons of grey salt (can be French or Celtic but if you can’t find either, you can use plain sea salt too)

🏝 Four tablespoons of pink Himalayan sea salt

🏝 One tablespoon of macadamia nut oil (or coconut oil) - this helps your hair as the salt can be very drying

🏝 Four drops of Vitamin E oil - this is optional but it helps your hair as well

🏝 Ten drops of Rose Absolute essential oil

🏝 Four drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil


🏝 Mix the salts in the boiling water to dissolve

🏝 Add the oils and essential oils into a spray bottle

🏝 Once the salt has dissolved in the water, pour it into the bottle but not all the way to the top

🏝 Seal the bottle and shake shake shake to mix the oils and the water and you’re good to go

🏝 When you spray it in your hair always be sure to scrunch for beachy waves

college witch tips!

being a witch and living in a tiny dorm or apartment is a hassle… but here’s some (cheap and easy) tips to make your life a lot easier coming from a college witch!

quick note: if you are a student, you can get six months free of amazon prime with a student email account, and from then on out prime is only $50 instead of $100! amazon is a great place for tons of cheaper witchy resources (and really worth it for textbooks).

💎 crystals! whether you’re sharing a room with someone or in a room by yourself, plenty of people collect and use crystals. check for local flea markets or see if there is an occult shop in your area, there’s bound to be some there. great starter crystals are clear quartz (an essential crystal), amethyst, and rose quartz!

📚 the library! your school library will have some sort of resources. also don’t worry about people thinking you’re strange for checking out books on magick… i promise they don’t care!

🕯 candles and incense! when i lived in a dorm, i hated not being able to light candles and burn incense. invest in some battery powered candles! you can get packs at local dollar stores or walmarts. as for aroma related magick, purchase some oils and mix them with some salt water and spray them around your room! oil warmers or wax warmers are also wonderful alternatives. 

📖 a grimoire/book of shadows! i highly suggest keeping a personal book. no, you don’t have to get some elaborate leather bound book that came straight out of hocus pocus for it to be legit. you could find a sketchbook somewhere, use a three ring binder, or buy a hardback book at a thrift store and paint over the pages! your book is what you make of it. it is your own novel of personal magical experiences and knowledge, so make it your own!

🌵 plants! invest in cacti and succulents especially if you are a beginner or live in a tight space, they’re easy to manage throughout the rough mishaps and late nights of school work. cacti are great for protection and banishing negativity, where succulents bring love and healing. both plants can represent the ability to survive through conditions others cannot. if you have a balcony, take advantage!

⚗️ jars! now is a great time to collect containers from thrift stores, gather old pickle jars, and look for sales and coupons craft stores may have since most of them will have all sorts of neat jars.

🔮 an altar! if you don’t have a roommate to worry about, great! do your thing. if you do (and the don’t exactly seem cool with the whole witch thing), you can make a subtle altar of candles, crystals, and some plants or flowers. they don’t have to be elaborate. you could keep a small altar in a shoe box or draw one in your bos/grimoire! get creative!

✍️ sigils! use sigils. abuse sigils. put them everywhere. write them in binders or on your skin, write them on sticky notes or ripped paper and put them places you’ll see them or bury them outside. sleep with a protective one under your pillow. there’s so many things to do and its so easy to use them!

🎨 get creative! you can make crystals out of salt (another thing you should invest in), learn how to read playing cards if you can’t afford a tarot deck, and never forget you can find the coolest things at thrift stores. paint can be your best friend!

☕️ tea and coffee! a keurig is a wonderful investment. whether you like coffee or tea, it gives you boiling water fast without leaving a dorm. enchant your keurig and remind yourself of the properties in your drink to help you learn.

✨ decorating! take advantage of things like twinkle lights and washi tape! if you don’t know about washi tape, its a decorating tape that does not damage walls. create constellations or sigils with washi tape on your walls! amazon also sells many cheap tapestries. give yourself a comfortable and pleasant space to live and work!

⏳ plan! enchant your planners to help you remember due dates, and while you’re at it, keep track of moon phases and other events! many calendars will tell you when full moons are.

⚖️ meditate! this is something i find very important to stay sane during hard semesters. if you have a roommate, maybe meditate in the morning or late at night laying in bed. you could also meditate when they have classes. its okay if you cant every day, but its important to remember to save time for you.

🏃‍♀️ walks! if you live in a dorm there’s a big chance you’ll be walking to class. enjoy these walks with nature, read outside every now and again, but make sure that you are always safe.

⏱ take your time! you do not have to collect all of these things in a week, month, or even year. witchcraft is all about intent and energy. you hold the power, the items are only there to help. manifest your own power, collect at your own pace.

🔎research! always research properties of things. buy cheap dried herbs from grocery stores and work with them, figure out what to put in your coffee to help you with your day, and learn how to enchant crystals to help you feel a little more confident about your studies. most importantly, learn to balance your studies and your witchy research, and don’t let witchcraft get in the way of your schoolwork. school should come first always!

i hope this helped some of you college witches, new and experienced! i am always open to answer questions! happy casting!

Pisces - Twelve Signs in One

The mutable modality is the most intellectual of qualities. Gemini is known for wit and mental agility. Virgo’s mechanical mind and calculation is profound. Sagittarius is the ascension into the higher mind and higher education. But Pisces is not a sign traditionally associated with intellect. There could, however, be no other option for chameleon Pisces, the rainbow hue of mirrors and mirages, a secret coated in ocean salt spray, cardinal in their social conscience, fixed in the spiritual temple that contains them, mutable in every way, from sliding through the cotton in the clouds to peering into a telescope. The mind is fluid and flowing, like a honey waterfall, perceiving through life through the miracle lenses of Aries, the sensory sensitivity of Taurus, the mysterious changeability of Gemini, the interpersonal instinct of Cancer, the protective nature of Leo, the Virgo’s urge for service, the Libra’s need to love, the paranormal world of Scorpio, the spiritual conquest of Sagittarius, the Capricorn’s guardian nature, and the eclectic humanitarianism of Aquarius. Pisces is a walking showcase of god’s intricate designs in a heaven soaked melody. Children and animals seem drawn to Pisces, like they know how to communicate with the universe in a way nobody else can. They are the moods of thunderstorms and the light of sunrise, in every way, particles of Pisces shine on us 



etsyfindoftheday 4 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 1.27.17

bath and body finds by warriorbotanicals

organic and natural plant products combine with amazing and fresh scents — like beachy coconut and romantic rose — into unique ireland-made bath and body and beauty finds for you to love.

now that i’ve begun working more with energy, i wanted to share my methods of casting circles! when i first started working with energy, it was really hard to find references for casting circles, especially ones not dealing with the traditional Wiccan god/goddess. here are some methods and uses of casting circles!

Why Cast a Circle?

the primary reason i cast circles is to protect me from outside energy influences. most people associate circles to protection from ‘malevolent’ spirits, however, it’s just a great barrier in general!

here are some following scenarios i cast circles:

  • divination- to protect me from energies that might influence my cards or my interpretation o the cards
  • spellwork- pretty self-explanatory. i cast circles to protect from energies i don’t want in my spells, or from potential spirit attraction.
  • meditation- again, for energy use and to also not be disturbed from anything spiritual.

Methods of Casting

1 - Invoking Elements

a very basic way, if not the go-to way, of casting is to place each of the four elements at each of the cardinal directions. Earth at the north, Air in the east, Fire at the south, and Water in the west.




  • stones or crystals (this is what i love to use! just be wary that some stones are aligned with other elements. clear quartz is a go-to.)
  • salt
  • dirt (from your backyard or specific, such as hospital or graveyard. make sure to cleanse it.)
  • herbs (especially roots)
  • brown or black colored items


alternatively, any of these could be replaced with a tarot card of the corresponding suit! (wands for fire, cups for water, pentacles for earth, and swords for air).

to close the circle, walk clockwise starting in the east (air) and complete a full walk around the circle. do this as many times as you feel needed to envision a complete circle! after your use for it is done, unwind it by walking the same number of times counter-clockwise.

note: if you live in the southern hemisphere, you may want to reverse fire and earth in your directions and walk counter-clockwise to close the circle, and clockwise to end it.

2 - Envisioning

this is a very, very simple way to cast a circle! if you have very little time, simply imagine a ring of light around your workspace. you could align color to purpose as well.

the only downsides to this method include the fact that it may not be as strong as a physical circle for beginners especially, as i have learned many times over as i find energy that i don’t want in the circle. on top of this, to make it very successful, you may have to keep this image in your head throughout your spell or energy work, which may distract or hurt your concentration.

however, like i said before, it’s very easy, discreet, and requires no clean up! with practice, it could be very easy to maintain.

3 - Salt Circle

by simply spreading salt in a circle clockwise (or counter-clockwise depending on your location), you can create a strong barrier. as you walk around, envision your purpose of protection and safety.

if you are working outside, do not use salt. it will kill plant life! instead, consider alternatives such as: egg shells, diluted salt water, crushed herbs, flower petals, etc.

if working inside, consider setting out foil, cloth, or a tarp for easy cleanup. 

4 - Cleansing the Room Itself

if you find that you for some reason cannot cast a circle, or maybe are just starting out, consider cleansing the entire room instead!

some methods include:

  • smoke cleansing (NOT smudging. please do not call this action smudging unless it is part of YOUR culture.)
  • salt or protective mixture
  • dance/song
  • salt/water spray
  • incense and candles

for smoke cleansing, light your bundle and start facing eastward, spreading the smoke and asking for protection from either the corresponding element or any deities/spirits/etc. you worship. move clockwise or counterclockwise.

for salt or protection mixtures, simply place a small pile in each corner of the room or at the cardinal directions.

dance and song can celanse the room when accompanied with smoke especially. 

the salt water spray can be used similar to the protection mixture – spray a little in each corner or at the cardinal directions.

incense and candles can be placed in corners, the directions, or just throughout the room to act as protective energy.

Final Notes

  • make sure to remove your circle after you’re done!! leaving it up isn’t safe and could be draining on your energy or health.
  • try not to leave the circle in the middle of your work, if it can be avoided. ive had to do it before and nothing bad happened, but sometimes it ocould break the circle, or bring unwanted energy or precense in.
  • do your absolute best to have all your materials in the circle before you cast it. bringing items that were not in the circle before could carry energy that you just do not want in your circle. i’ve messed up plenty spells because of it already. if it is really necessary, cleanse the item as thoroughly as you can (quickly if you need to), and enter the circle from the east.

if these methods don’t work right away, don’t worry! these take lots of practice. some easy ways to try casting daily include:

  • cast a circle before you meditate
  • cleanse your room before you do homework for a safe space to work
  • if you have a form of divination, cast a circle before drawing a daily reading (i do this in the morning to see how the day will go or seek advice for the day!).

good luck!

5 Easy methods of protecting yourself.

Whether you have been practising magic for 30 years or a little witchling or anywhere in between protecting yourself (and your home) is probably something you are going to want to do, there are some pretty simple ways to do so, here is my list and ideas, yes there are more than this, but these are my go to ideas.

1.       Salt: salt is amazing for protection, whether it is a line in front or around your house, or salt water (sea water works also) in a spray bottle, spray it on yourself visualising it creating a protective barrier over you or in your home. Using salt water in a spray bottle is also fantastic for cleansing.

2.       Protection pennies: this little simple spell is used on pennies, the pennies can then be carried around with you for protection, or they can be put in the entryways/windows of your home. Just make sure as you are doing this spell you are putting your intent into it.

3.       Sigils: you could design your own sigil, or find one in a book or online that fits with your needs and draw it on yourself, home, car, and even another person.

4.       Charm bags or witchy bottles: bag or bottle of specially picked herbs, with intent put into it then either worn/carried on your person or hung up around your home.

5.       Ask for it: If you work with deities, entities or even spirits you could ask them for help in protecting yourself or home. You never know they may be willing to protect you.

How to cleanse your room of bad energy

- Open the window and let fresh air and sunlight flow through the room. Also keep the door open if you can.

- Since your bed is a huge part of the bedroom, strip your bedding and throw it in the wash.

- Quickly tidy up any clutter. This doesn’t need to be a huge job. Just tackle the main things like dirty laundry and dirty dishes.

- Light an incense and walk around the room with it. Hold the incense for a while in each corner, behind furniture, and around any new items you have brought into your room that need to be cleansed. 

- Fill a spray bottle with water, salt, and your favourite essential oil (I recommend lavender for the bedroom) and spray it around your room in any spots you still feel negative energy. 

- An alternative to spraying salt water is you can sprinkle salt around your room and then vacuum it up.

- Still feel negative energy? Walk around your room and clap! This works wonders.

- Once your bedding is clean and dry, make your bed with it. 

You’re done! You will probably feel a lot better. You don’t have to do all of these things at once. If you don’t have much time or energy but need to cleanse, just try doing one of these things.

Warding Masterpost

A Crash Course in Warding by @elvenwitch

“Let Only Good Energy In” Horseshoe Ward Charm by @anothersusurrus

House-Warding Spritz by @seleneblackwell

Simple Tips:

Sleep with your favorite protective crystal under your pillow or your favorite protective herb in your pillowcase

Flip your pillow over to avoid nightmares if they’ve been plaguing you

Do a quick saltwater cleansing of your room by spraying salt water in all of the corners

Burn (non endangered) sage in your home or room for a smoke cleansing

General Warding Herbs and Crystals

Amethyst - nightmares

Alder - the unseen

Ash - the dead

Bay - the lightning

Birch - the evil eye

Blackthorn - the forceful

Carnelian - misfortune

Fire - the wandering

Hawthorn - the cunning

Iron - the fay

Jasper - the trickster

Lobelia - the storm

Magnolia - the unfaithful

Mirror - the spell

Mistletoe - the flame

Rowan - the magician

Silver - the lurking

Salt - the spirit

Snail shell - the witch

A Basic Warding Ritual: Submitted to and full of wonderful info!

The following warding ritual is based on one my high priest teaches our coven. I have used it for several years with excellent results.

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“Stardust Glamour”

A glamour inspired by the late David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust. He’ll always have a place in out hearts, rest easy Ziggy.

Originally posted by ziggyreturns

What You’ll Need

  • red and blue glitter
  • Marshmallow scented body spray
  • Cinnamon
  • Squeezed orange juice
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • The song Starman

What To Do

  • Put the cinnamon, orange juice, and salt into the spray and shake well.
  • Then place the red and blue glitter in and shake while singing the song.
  • Leave in moon light, preferable under a phase where there are many stars visible but not a new moon.
  • Spray onto yourself whenever you wanna give off the Ziggy glam.

Please, please, please if you allergic to any of these ingredients find an alternative!

Spoonie Witch Tips: Cleansing

Cleansing is important. Whether it be after a spell or ritual or just maintenance, a good cleansing can keep icky vibes out of your space while also lifting and promoting good vibes. (I’ve also noticed that cleansing works especially well for keeping the spookies that are attracted by my depression away. More on that later.)

I don’t know about everyone else, but sometimes I just don’t have the spoons to get out of bed, let alone cleanse my house on the regular. Over the course of my practice, I’ve compiled a few low maintenance ways to cleanse my space and I wanted to share them with my fellow spoonie witches.

Low Energy Cleansing Methods

1) Open the windows. Let the air come in and sweep away all of the stagnant and gross energy that’s lurking in your space. A bonus to this is that fresh air will get into all of the cracks and crevices, so it’s really thorough.

2) If you have an oil burner or diffuser, pop in some rosemary, eucalyptus, and lavender oil (if you have a burner, you can find these oils for under $5 at Walmart. If you have a diffuser, check Amazon for the most efficient option for you). These oils have seriously cleansing and protection properties, especially when paired together. If you’re using a diffuser, you can also use some charged water (sun, moon, etc) to help boost the energy.

3) Don’t want to make a cleansing spray or whatever? I feel you, friend. Take yourself to Walmart or your local dollar store and buy some air freshener. If possible, try to choose a scent you associate with cleansing. I like Air Glade Lavender and Chamomile. I pretty much just spray it while telling it to cleanse the space. It also smells nice, so bonus. This is a good one for the closet witches out there!

4) Himalayan salt lamps. Seriously, just turning them on and asking the element of Earth to cleanse the space works for me.

5) A salt water spray for those who are not open about their work. You can also add a little bit of vinegar or lemon to boost the cleaning properties of the spray. I like to add lemon juice, some rosemary, and holy water to mine.

6) Literally, just small bowls of salt around your space. In my own practice, I’ve found this also helps ward and fight off the spookies that are attracted to my depression and anxiety. It doubles as a cleanser and ward, so I make use of this often.

7) Music is a powerful tool. There are whole YouTube channels dedicated to this purpose, so finding a tune you like may take a little time, but at least you’ll have options. I like to use the wind chime sounds.

8) Light a candle. Sometimes I choose a scent associated with cleansing (lilac is good for cleansing and exorcisms, lavender is cleansing and protection, and any scent named after sunshine makes me think of cleansing and healing), other times I just light a white candle and visualize its light consuming all of the darkness in the room, clearing out all of the crap.

9) Get some plants. I don’t know what it is about having plant babies, but they cleanse and raise a space’s vibes like no one’s business. Look into cactuses, succulents, and other starter plants!

10) My personal favorite? Opening the windows and doors to my space and telling the bad vibes that they don’t have to go home, but they can’t stay here, aka the GTFO method. This is probably best paired with another method, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t use this one frequently.

I hope this helps some people out there! Again, I just wanted to share some things I’ve learned work for me and my situation. You might find that you prefer some methods to others or that you need to tweak them- and that’s okay! Do what works for you, your spoons, and your practice. 💖🌌

the signs as summer
  • Aries: Heat waves and dried out fields filled with crickets and dragonflies. Trees whisper in the wind, gray clouds roll over, and birds fly over silently. There's enough static electricity in the air to feel it.
  • Taurus: The smell of flowers is heavy in the air and lightning bugs blink in the sky as it fades from orange and pink to purple to blue and finally black. The grass is cool and you sleep with the window open.
  • Gemini: Golden hour turns your surroundings to solid gold. Your eyes sparkle and you friend's hair glows in the setting sun. Hands still sticky with ice cream you can't help but to smile and laugh.
  • Cancer: Peaches, plums, and blueberries, bees buzz around you, but they mean no harm. Life seems just as sweet laying on a picnic blanket with your best friend staring at the clouds.
  • Leo: The smell of sunscreen and sun bleached hair, the salt spray from the ocean stings your eyes and the lull of ocean waves calms you. The sun rises from it's bed of clouds and embraces the earth for yet another day.
  • Virgo: Eyes squinting in the sun as it slowly sets and skin turned the slightest hint of red. The hollow sound of a wooden boardwalk and a sundress blown about in the breeze. The smell of good food and sounds of laughter fill the air.
  • Libra: Driving around town with the windows open; hair wind blown, cheeks flushed, music playing loud, and a smile to make your face hurt. The smell of fresh air and taste of ripe fruit, you hope you never reach your destination.
  • Scorpio: The view of a city from the hills above, the lights glow and motorcycle engines blare on unseen highways. The stars poke their holes in the fabric of the night sky and the earth beneath your feet is dry, you know things no one else does.
  • Sagittarius: The sky is forever twilight as a fire burns on the shore of a lake known only to you and your friends. You take turns jumping and pushing each other into the water. Laughing, screaming, yelling you hope the night never ends.
  • Capricorn: Empty soccer fields and deserted shopping centers. The world feels devoid of people under the lamps of parking lots and broken scoreboards. You drown yourself in the fluorescent lighting of the also empty grocery store.
  • Aquarius: Late night walks in quiet neighborhoods, the few illuminated houses give you glimpses into lives other than your own. Animals rustle in the bushes and you go home to stare at your ceiling fan and play music to fill your mind.
  • Pisces: Warm days still spent inside, you rest your head in your arms in the sill of an open window. You simply watch the earth as it moves in every way imaginable. Someone you love is laying in your bed, their breath barely audible as they sleep. You wouldn't dare disturb them and your heart aches for them.
Christian Witch: Practice in Plain Sight

for @strivetobe-thinspo 

There are things I used when I was living with a relative that forbade anything but reading the bible and going to church. I also used these while staying in the military barracks so they are dorm safe.

  • Buy scented candles that either color match your intentions or has a scent you associate with that spell
  • Buy a candle warmer, it melts the wax letting you smell the candle (also good for keeping your mug of coffee warm)
  • Kitchen witch tip: Scry using the bubbling water of pasta water as it boils, or the dark surface of your coffee before you add creamer. Read the swirls of the creamer as they mix. This is more intuition based divination.
  • Ask for a window garden or buy a succulent. Having plants in your room helps with positive energy and helps with sleeping as most of their respiration happens at night (Aleo vera is a good plant to have on hand. From food to first aid it has magical uses)
  • Incense is super cheap at Walmart.
  • Need to cleanse your room, take an empty bottle and go to a church. Before collecting the holy water, leave a candle lit and say a prayer for someone else or donate some spare change to the church.
  • Bibliomancy (I use my bible and sadly a very old copy of Dracula that’s finally dying…)
  • Index card tarot cards. Look at the meanings of all the cards and make your own set. This helps you learn the system but also hide it in your book bag.
  • Baby food jars make cheap spell jars
  • The dolor store has tea lights, and they are decent
  • Buy a water bottle from the dollar store and mix 50/50 mix of dawn and vinegar and two spoons of salt in a spray bottle with water. Best cleaning spray with home protection built in.

These are some few tips, I’ll post more as I go through my old notes. I hope this helps

-The Witchy Wolf

tips for the college sea witch
  • Suggest beach days with friends. Not only do you get to hang out by the ocean, but most people will be pumped to relax in the sun and sand, and it’s a great way to get closer to your new pals!
  • Keep sea shells in your room as decoration. You’ll always have a bit of the sea with you.
  • If you’re out drinking, or staying in for a few drinks, go for the ones with fruity, beachy flavors. Or head straight for the salty-sweet margaritas.
  • Use salt water in a spray bottle as a cleansing method. This is especially great if, like most dorms, you have a smoke alarm that will easily be set off by incense or candles.
  • Download ocean wave sounds to help with meditation, visualization, or to feel closer to the sea.
  • If you have access to a bath tub, consider making yourself sea bath salts or bath bombs by combing epsom salt, sea salt, blue dye, and lavender or sea breeze oils.
  • Dress up as a mermaid for the Halloween party.
  • Most universities allow fish in all dorms. Consider getting an aquatic friend to feel closer to the water. Make sure to check your school’s pet policy.
Witch Tip #2

Be careful of cleansing your bed!

The night before last, just before I went to bed, I spritzed some moon water/sea salt cleansing spray . Then, it took me like 7 hours to fall asleep. I was really confused, but then the next day, I realized I cleansed my bed and got rid of all the sleepy time energies.  

The next day, it was easier because I had already slept in it and stuff, but I highly recommend that before you go to bed, burn some incense, spray some perfume, light some candles, burn some wax, or lounge around in bed to squeeze some calming energies into the bed!

When I cleansed my bed, I was left with a blank slate and I was miserable; take this as a warning.

tl;dr when you cleanse your bed, you get rid of all the sleepy time energies. Either cleanse earlier and laze around for a while or light some incense,candles, etc. and make your sleep that much better that first night after a cleanse lol.

Witch Tip

If you are a closet witch and you can’t spray salt water around your home, use disinfectant. It’s perfectly normal for someone to clean surfaces around the home with disinfectant. Hidden, cheap and a good cleanser in general. You can even get certain disinfectants that smell of lemons or pine for extra magical properties.

anonymous asked:

Do you have a master post about cleansing methods?

I hadn’t made one yet, not like the rest of my lists on my page or the ones floating around in posts, but I can throw one together here super quick. It won’t be, like, every cleansing post I can find after hours of searching, but it should be adequate enough.

Cleansing and Purification Masterpost
(For your space, yourself, and other objects)

You can find an old version of this list (which might have broken links) over at @thesigilwitch​, [here].

Some simple methods of cleansing:

  • lighting a candle and letting the light / fire cleanse the space
  • lighting a cleansing incense (like sandalwood)
  • opening a window and letting the wind sweep in and clear out any negative junk
  • ring a bell or hang wind chimes to encourage positivity / happiness and dispel negativity
  • you can make a simple cleansing spray with warm water, sea salt, and rosemary, but the salt may leave a bit of a residue on some surfaces
  • enchant a cleaning product so that as you clean your room you are also cleansing it
    • additionally, add a bit of vinegar or lemon juice to cleaning products and then enchant them for a further boost

My library computer time ran out doing this list - it took me almost an hour. I’m still not done, but I hope it’s adequate… for now. :p