salt road

look. considering the lives we lead, it is perfectly reasonable to think you said an ‘Assault Truck’ just went by. how was i supposed to know they freaking salt the roads now??

Aaaannd the 11 Art Roulette slots are filled! Thanks guys!

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Fuck mgmt: now with all the salt on the road, the store owner is all pissy about salt on his floor to the point of shrieking he won't open the store if the floors aren't mopped. You'd think he'd be more concerned with not bankrupting his business lol

I’m not feeling good about myself right now, so have a snippet of the new thing I’m working on. Werewolf AU for Criminal Minds fandom.

Around her neck, the chain clicked accusingly. Four tags: one to unlock her home, one for her car, one with medical and emergency contact details.

One with a sharply inscribed EEPren509399:094, rimmed in grey rubber with the FBI insignia stamped on the back. Federal dog that tag covertly pronounced, moderately dangerous. Do not pet. Working animal. She huffed angrily at the implication, and nudged the clack gate open to feel grass and dirt under her paws rather than cement and salt from the icy roads.

Good mood gone at the reminder, she sped into the woods at a speed she wouldn’t be able to keep up, feeling her muscles burn and stretch and burn again as she pushed herself to the limit and then some more. One tenth of a mile in width and stretching across DC in a wide grid of twenty-five intersecting routes, the green grids were a governmental concession to those therianthropes living within the city and suburbs who moved on paw or hoof rather than foot; some attempt to obscure the tightening of their fundamental human rights by saying but look, we wrote off valuable developmental land in order to give you people some pretty trees.

Annoyed, came the emotion from behind her, moving quickly onto her trail. A feeling now instead of an idea, and a hint of person behind that feeling. Her tail waved, her whiskers twitching with interest and paws kicking up in a feisty kind of excitement as her body recognised him seconds before her brain caught up. Male. Grumpy. Anal retentive. It was a mind-voice that sounded at home wearing a suit, even when wearing a fur coat instead. And it changed abruptly as he caught her scent on the damp wind: eager, focused, pleased.

She was being hunted now.

Soooo update 1-16-17

We’re having a bit of an ice storm where I’m from and I called my work this morning to inform them that my street and driveway is ice and that I can’t get out since my streets don’t get salted. My manager seemed mad that I was calling in and the conversation went like this:

She was like “like at all? everyone else made it in” and I was like “I mean I can try but I really don’t want to crash my car, my streets don’t get salted” she then went “okay bye” and hung up on me.

She hung up on me.

She lives in the city.

Where her street is salted.

I don’t.

No one salts country roads, paved or not.

So now I’m at a loss, do I honestly try and go into work? Or do I just stay home? I’m tired of how my work treats me but I need my job.

Someone please help and offer advice!


Not far from Ewha Womans University, Yeomni-dong is a quiet hillside residential neighborhood best known for its Salt Road, a public art project intended to keep the district’s web of claustrophobic alleyways free of crime. With it quirky shops and cafés, charming independent bookstores and laid-back vibe, the area has avoided the oversaturation that plagues some of Seoul’s other hot spots. Some of the neighborhood faces redevelopment, however, so change may be around the corner.

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Snow day!

Roads were closed in my town, so I called out of work. It’s not a lot by northern standards, but down here no one is ever prepared for it. They may not even get to clear or salt my road for a day or two. It’s currently 16 Fahrenheit, but feels like 7. Very cold considering three days ago it was in the 60s!

I’ll be enjoying my day home.