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What It’s Like

So, I live in Arizona, and a lot of people say things like:

“Is it really a desert there?”

“What’s a tumbleweed?”

“Are roadrunners real?”

Having lived my entire life here, I can say with confidence… Yes, a dead bush, and yes. XD

I know a lot of you probably don’t care, but I wanted to write this anyway, so you can keep scrolling, no hate. (But I may write a post apocalypse BTS X Reader story, so…)



First of all, I live in a very empty part of Arizona, so this isn’t an explanation of all of Arizona. The capital, Phoenix, is actually the fifth biggest city in the US. But where I live…

Animals of the Desert

Hawks - I see these ALL the time. I’m not an emotional person, but these are so beautiful when you see them in real life. Supposedly they make an epic sound, but I’ve never heard them.

Bobcats - Probably one of the fastest things in Arizona. They’re the size of a normal house cat. I’ve only seen two in the wild before, one chilling on a cactus just like this! They have very thick fur, so it doesn’t hurt them.

Gila Monsters - Basically a big ass poison gecko. There is no anti-venom for their bites. I’ve had one in my back yard.

Javelinas - Desert boars. This is a momma and her two piglets crossing the street. They eat cactus, believe it or not, and can be really mean. It’s hard to see in this picture, but they have tusks like any boar, and will run your ass down. Also, don’t be fooled by this picture, they’re actually really big.

Mexican Grey Wolf - Usually these guys stay far away from civilization. That being said, I’ve never actually seen one of these in the wild. I heard them once while I was out camping.

Cougars - or Mountain Lions, which ever you prefer. Normally, like the wolves, you only see these beauties up in the mountains and caves, but occasionally, they’ll come closer to towns. We’ve actually had some News reports of them showing up in peoples’ back yards.

Bark Scorpion - The fifth most deadly scorpion in the world. Fun facts about Bark Scorpions; they glow in black light, so after it rains, a lot of people check the house with a black light flashlight. They’re also more deadly as babies. I’ve had multiple encounters with these guys, all indoors. Yesterday, a friend of mine found one on her loofa during her shower. She thought it was a piece of hair, so she tried to pick it up.

Tarantula - Do I even need to say anything? Found one in my vent and one on the wall in my bed room.

Tarantula Hawk - As you can see, this is not a hawk. It’s a wasp. A big ass wasp. They get their names because they eat tarantulas. Actually, they paralyze them and lay their eggs inside the body of the spider, and when the babies hatch, they eat their way out. Fun.

Coyote - These guys are very common where I am. They aren’t very dangerous to humans, but they have been known to attack dogs. My dogs got out once and the older one was limping, had bloody paws, and couldn’t open her eyes. They might be small, but they don’t mess around.

Rattlesnake - There’s about 13 different types of rattlesnakes in Arizona, this one is a Diamondback. Rattlers are pretty nasty, but at least they warn you first.

Prairie Dog - Most common thing on the list, I see over a hundred of them a day. They actually bark too, but they sound more like a squeak toy. They give each other kisses!

Roadrunner - Known for being fast, remember? Well, incase your childhood wasn’t ruined, coyotes are actually twice as fast as roadrunners. XD

Wild Horses - Arizona is famous for our 500+ Salt River Wild Horses. I’ve actually seen a couple cross the road on my way to and from school, usually in groups of five or so. This is a picture of a stallion we call Champ. He saved one of the fillies from drowning in the river. (For those of you who know nothing about horses, a filly is a baby girl.)

So this is Arizona! Definitely not everything we have, but the basics. I hope you guys aren’t mad at me for writing this instead of reactions. Don’t worry, I have some coming up! Would you guys ever come visit me? XD