salt panes

  • Aries: Sultriness, Spring Burst Ether, Ferocity, Baby's Breath, Bounce, The Cosmic Dawn, Firelight, Conception, Detonation, Blast, Toddler giggles, Exploding Nebulas
  • Taurus: Cinnamon, Composure, Music notes, Entrenchment, Resolve, Saccharine, Rich, Fawn, Petals in the Dawn, Natural remedies, Aroma, Bouquet, Silk, Caressing, All four Seasons
  • Gemini: Splitting Bubbles, Freshly printed pages, The Sound of the Typewriter, Vocal chords, Childhood Giggles, Citrus Sorbet, The Winds of Change, Acidic Wit, Musical dialogue
  • Cancer: Caramel Photographs, Calligraphy, Nostalgia, Black and White Film, Ocean breath, The rabbit in the Moon, Lunar Love Notes, Psychic Moondrops, Heart swelling Newborn Cuddles
  • Leo: Mango Skyline, Delight, Rapture, Broadway Lights, Royal Glow, Cosmic Throne, Childhood Euphoria, Intuitive Jewels, Solar Kisses, Beating Heart, Spirit and Smiles, Sun Drench Haze
  • Virgo: Stitches, Herbal Aroma, Green Tea and Chai, Musical Tapping, Healing Honey, Cleansing, Crystal Lenses, Eco Villages, Intellectual Ingenuity, Fresh Paint
  • Libra: Whipped cream Piano Keys, Blossom Fragrance, Glass Bubbles, Held Hands, Lyrical Thinking, Rainbow Marbles, Flower Pastels, Dream weaved Intellect, Midday Sunshine
  • Scorpio: Morning Sex, Incense, Underworld Crystals, Crackling Charms, Musky Spellbooks, Crop Circles, Undying Devotion, Imbibed Immortality, Passion Pain and Pleasure, Stars at Dusk
  • Sagittarius: Passport Photos, Longitude and Latitude, Graduation Hats, Jet Fuel, Inflamed Intuition, Bursts of Consciousness, Running through the Woods, Scriptures, Rapture
  • Capricorn: Ice Sculptures, Saturn Rings, Cosmic Crowns, Success Sound waves, Starry Stepladders, Almond Hour Glasses, Snowglobe Cities, Appetite for Ambition, Wrinkled Hands of Wisdom, Grandparent's Love
  • Aquarius: Cloud breath, Low Riders, Lime Snow Cones, Psychedelic Ingenuity, Wifi Connection, Splashing Mermaids, Electric Air Bubbles, One World Government, Radical Protests
  • Pisces: Cerebral Symphonies, Uncorked Wine Bottles, Moisture Beads, Sea salt Window Panes, Poetry in the Sand, Winter Blankets, Meditation, The Moment between Awake and Asleep

Maybe you don’t believe in spells, witchcraft, or anything slightly related to it, maybe crystals do nothing for you, maybe you don’t feel safer with salt on your window pane, but to be honest it does not matter how you feel about it.
I feel safer with salt on my window pane.
I feel energized and better when I’m close to plants or holding crystals, so who cares if it’s in my head or you find it odd.
I chose this because it makes me feel good, and I believe in it, that’s really all that matters, so even if you may not understand any of it, how about just letting me do my thing?


And if the ocean forgets to send waves,
I’ll be your reminder to sit by the shore–

Because I know about h2o,
how it falls as the same time as rain
and the salt leaving your window panes
always comes knocking on our empty glasses–

And I know we’ve felt this way before
how our chest made a little lock,
how we put the keys in each other’s hands,
how we speak about those doors
and how to get back home–

Because if I stumbled there,
if the ocean forgets to behave,
forgets to breathe and forgets
to remember about us–

You’ll be there with a glass of water
waiting to provide safety to the endangered–

And I don’t think I can find a better definition of home.