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Speak Now Tour Meet & Greet | Salt Lake City, UT | September 28, 2011

Aryn K ‘Fit and Flare Dress’ - no longer available

What a great precursor to a colour that Taylor would eventually go on to wear quite extensively. I wish the photography portrayed it in the same dusty orangey-red hue that the stock photo does - it’s such a rich, fall shade on Taylor!

Man Crush Monday: Tyson Dayley
One of our Man Crush’s this Monday is not just a model but also a Fitness enthusiast. He is currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah and at the age of 24 you can say that he is an eye candy to a lot of women and a body a lot of men would pray they have. He is a disciplined guy with a good workout ethic. He surely has the looks and the humour that I thought he deserve a shoutout!

Jhake: How did you get started with modelling and how long have you been in the industry?

Tyson: My very first modeling experience came from Abercrombie and Fitch about 6 years ago. When I started college I got a job there folding clothes. A couple years later I started doing the shirtless greeting in the holiday seasons at my own store and they eventually sent me to help open the first Hollister in mainland China which was my first larger modeling gig.

Jhake: Do you like being a model?

Tyson: I love being a model and I love modeling. I think way too many people take themselves way too seriously and I love being able to throw on fun clothes (or man panties!) and be goofy and just enjoy myself.

Jhake: How do you keep your body in shape?

Tyson: My fitness is a priority so I make sure I’m doing active things everyday and I’m always very conscious of the food that I put into my body.

Jhake: How has fitness changed your life?Tyson: It’s made me the most comfortable in my own skin that I can ever remember being. As much as fitness is about improving yourself and striving to be the best, it’s also about being happy and confident in the person that you are today. Jhake: What’s your favourite workout?Tyson: I love lifting chest, especially any kind of bench pressing! Jhake: Do you follow your workout routine religiously?Tyson: My workout routine and training split is tremendously planned out however I let myself go by feel at the gym within those parameters. The exact amount of sets and reps that I do is usually never explicitly planned before I step foot in the gym that day. Jhake: What can you advice to people who wants to start living healthy?Tyson: The best place to start is by changing what you’re eating. As cliché as this saying is, “you can’t out-train a bad diet”. Educating yourself on the process of getting healthier and in better shape is also very important for long term success.

Jhake: What are the benefits/perks you’ve noticed since you started working out?Tyson: Aside from feeling more confident in myself, I feel like the benefits of being in good shape pop up everywhere in life. I enjoy the positive attention that I receive at the gym or out in public for my physique and I’m especially proud of it because I know all the time and work that it took to build.  And there you go, now you know some of his secrets make sure to go follow him on Instagram: @tysondayley  All Photo/s are from Tyson himself, Rick Day, and Mike Sansevero