salt lake


Hutt Lagoon is a salt lake in Western Australia with a large population of Dunaliella salina algae giving the distinctive red and pink coloration. To survive, these organisms have high concentrations of β-carotene to protect against the intense light, and high concentrations of glycerol to provide protection against osmotic pressure. This salt lake is currently used as a Dunaliella salina algae farm for use in cosmetics and dietary supplements.

Photographs by Steve Back

So last night I went to the Doctor Who Experience panel in Salt Lake City at FanX and it was brilliant, but the highlight, for me, was they were all asked whether they prefer the sonic screwdriver or sonic glasses and Matt and Alex said screwdriver and then she went “because, you know, there’s lots of ways to use a screwdriver.” And she smirked and winked AND THE SUBTEXT WAS HELLA STRONG!! And then Matt piped up and was like “but, you know, the downside is it doesn’t work on wood.” And I fucking lost my shit. MATT THERE WERE CHILDREN THERE BWHAHA