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This is a salt evaporation pool in Peru. Salt evaporation ponds are artificial ponds designed to extract salt from sea water. Water is drawn out through evaporation and then the salt is harvested. (Photo Credit)

Revenge via ghost peppers against a homophobic ass

Ok so as some of you know I work in a garden and today as already been really eventful. This soccer mom looking lady, white pants shirts shoes and of course wearing a cross the size of her bleach blonde head, showed up by the veggies bitching and griping about all sorts of homophobic things. Usually I can ignore it, people have their opinions, But she fucked up. She fucked up bad. While I’m watering I hear her whispered something under her breath to the other soccer mom about how she thinks the cashier is a lesbian so she’s not going to go through her check out. Again, her choice and opinion, but then she says something about writing a letter to the owner about her “concerns.” So now only is this lady being homophobic but shes trying to cost my favorite coworker her JOB?? Oh its on now. So here she comes waddling up to me and asks what pepper is the least hot. After denying my help earlier saying she already knows what shes doing and all about peppers. So I did the right thing…. Aaaaaand sold her a ghost pepper plant. She has no idea. I hope her ass burns like fire in a few weeks from now when she picks the harvest.

ADVANCING SCIENCE: Research on the Bonneville Salt Flats

The Bonneville Salt Flats are one of Utah’s most iconic landscapes, covering more than 30,000 acres of BLM-managed land in the Salt Lake Field Office. Since 1914, this majestic landscape has served as the racing grounds for generations of land speed racers from around the world. For decades, these passionate racers have tested themselves, each other, and their vehicles in an ever-escalating contest to go faster than ever before.

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Autumn Camping by Eva Kosmas Flores | Adventures in Cooking by Eva Kosmas Flores
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Halle (Saale) in Sachsen-Anhalt, Eastern Germany. Its university is one of the oldest in Germany. The city is situated along the river Saale; Leipzig is only 35 km away. Halle’s early history is connected with harvesting of salt. The name reflects early Celtic settlement given that ‘halen’ is the Brythonic (Welsh/Breton) word for salt (cf. 'salann’ in Irish). The name of the river Saale also contains the Germanic root for salt. Salt-harvesting has taken place here at least since the Bronze Age (2300-600 BC). The town was first mentioned in AD 806. It became a part of the Archbishopric of Magdeburg in the 10th century and remained so until 1680, when Brandenburg-Prussia annexed it together with Magdeburg as the Duchy of Magdeburg, while it was also an important location for Martin Luther’s Reformation. According to historic documents, the city of Halle has been a member of the Hanseatic League at least since 1281.

The Blue Mountains

Given that they’re coastal mountains near wide plains, wouldn’t it make sense for Ered Luin to contain salt deposits, or own nearby salt mines? I mean, sodium chloride is a mineral, and it is mined. The only real close competition would be Stoor Hobbits along the coast harvesting sea salt, which is a slow and expensive process, along with some Men further south. A mine would not only produce more salt, whether via block mining or evaporation mining, but it would be purer, cheaper, and more profitable. Hell, in a preindustrial setting like Middle-Earth, the two most valuable crystals you can get are mithril and salt–except nobody seems to remember that salt used to out-value gold.


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“Great episode of Fate Stay Night Unlimited Plot Holes.” - PokeBaal

“ Im so mad with this episode. Gilgamesh shouldn’t have even been touched. Saber should have fought gil. Archer should be dead. Fuck shirou. Gil didnt use his armour, waited until his arm got cut to use his chains. Fate/zero saber and gil were much more bad ass. Shirou is covered in plot armour. Fuck shirou “ - Fred fredBurger

“Let us please PRETEND this episode didnt happen. Totally destrotyed my epic image of Gil. Fate Zero is better, but I enjoyed this anime extremely as well…to this point. Should have been a seinen too!” -  DoubleAmaterasu

“ Totally agreed this series is a piece of shit for a sequel to zero this was pure trash “ - dxtaker1

“What a garbage episode.”- smantha flores

“ Simple cause Gilgamesh could reck shirou in a second but this thing needs a happy ending.” -dxtaker1

“ Cliches, asspulls you name it This is a disgrace to Fate Zero Such crappy writing”-  Amr Geneid

“ no1 has been able to touch gil since fate zero, but it seems the 1st 1 to do it is also the last 1…….. “ - junk mail



Lithium Mining in Bolivia’s Salt Flats

Known as “grey gold” because of its importance in the production of batteries, lithium may be the key to a future filled with hybrid and electric cars. Though the superlight metal is found in many places, no deposit is richer than the vast salt flats of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, covering more than 10,000 square kilometers. Lithium is found among these salts, mixed in with brine that lies beneath a saline crust, the residue of an ancient evaporated sea. Peasant salt harvesters still predominate in this part of the so-called Lithium Triangle, and they perform the backbreaking work of using hatchets or iron bars to break through the crust to the blue-green brine below. Some Bolivians hope the lithium rush, however, which has elevated its price from $350 to $5,000 per ton in the past 5 years, may enable them to escape poverty. “The discovery of lithium will allow Bolivia to become an industrialized country like others,” says metallurgist Maritza Vallejos of the pilot plant in Rio Grande. “Thanks to the production of lithium batteries for electric cars, [we] will contribute to fighting global warming for the benefit of the entire Earth.” Yet pumping the salt brine may lower the water table—a major threat in a desert area—and signs already show how large-scale extraction may be destroying the area’s unique ecosystem. A video discussing this issues may be seen here.

Toasted Wheat Berry Salad with Grapes, Feta, Mint and Basil.

Though I don’t often make grain salads, this one arrived fully formed in my brain and demanded me to make it. It’s hearty without being overbearing, and the grapes add fun pop and sweetness to the tangy feta, fresh herbs, and rich pine nuts. Toasting the wheat berries in the pan before boiling them lends them a roasty, open, malty flavor that is luscious for fall.

With wheat berries and sea salt freshly harvested in Amagansett, New York, flown in as a gift from Julie Resnick of feedfeed. How lucky am I?!

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Can you begin to own
both yourself and your shadow?
Can you measure
moments in the sun
when your shadow lays down your shape?
—  Carl Sandburg, from “Shadows Fall Blue in the Mountains,” in Honey and Salt (Harvest Books, 1967)
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