salt glazed pottery


Cone 6 Salt Fired Stoneware

I don’t do much sculpture anymore because I usually have a list of commissions to get done that take up all my time. This was actually sculpted in 2010 but I never got around to glazing it, until now! When I originally sculpted it I had access to a glaze that, when combined with this clay body, came out perfect banana slug olive yellow, but our studio ditched it right after this came out of the bisque because it contained cadmium. Augh! So it’s just been sitting on my shelf.

But this term I decided to put it in the salt kiln, and I can’t be more happy with how it came out! It was not glazed prior to being fired; that lovely brown orange peel texture is all salt that vaporized in the kiln’s high temperature and reacted with the silica in the clay to form a glaze.

This slug now lives in one of my bioactive planted vivariums.

Here is a video I’ve made of an “urban salt firing”. It’s a gutted electric kiln retrofitted for gas firing, fed with brine-soaked wood and bamboo “bombs” stuffed full of salt! Here are a few posts I made on Instagram of the firing that included my slug sculpture: one, two, three!

In fall we’re building a large soda kiln. I can’t wait. I’ve only done salt fire before so soda will be new to me!