salt dish

A spell to make someone think of you.

I found this spell awhile ago and, after adding my own twists to it, used it previously to attract someone and it worked perfectly. So I have decided to share it with all of you in case anyone was looking for a working attraction spell.

First, set out a dish in front of you. Make a small pile of salt in the dish.

Recite this spell over the salt:

It is not salt I set to fire, but the heart of the one I seek;

let them have no peace of mind until they come to me.

In the spell, replace words like ‘one’, ‘them’, and ‘they’ with that person’s respected gender/pronouns if needed. Think of them whilst saying it.

Optional: Memorizing the spell and repeating it in your head throughout the day whilst thinking of your individual could make it more powerful or fast acting.


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A Natural Magick Blessing for the Heart of the Home

Pick the room or rooms that you feel are the heart of your home and gather these simple and elemental supplies.

* a small dish of salt to represent the earth and prosperity

* a stick of incense (your choice of scent) and a holder; the scented smoke represents air and knowledge

* a red candle and a coordinating candleholder for fire and courage

* a small bowl of water for water and love

* matches or a lighter

straighten and clean the room or rooms to be blessed. then light the candle and the incense. place the candle in the center of the room.

beginning in the east, and moving in a clockwise motion, work your way slowly around the room. first sprinkle a bit of salt in each corner. then carry the incense around, waving a little of the smoke to help it flow.

next sprinkle a bit of water around the perimeter of the room. then settle in front of the candle and visualize the blessings from each of the four elements.

there is the gift of prosperity from deep in the earth. knowledge is sent along a fragrant breeze from the air. courage is rewarded to you from the bright, dancing flames of fire, and love embraces you from the emotional element of water.

picture these elemental gifts in your mind and then visualize both you and the people or pets who live with you receiving an equal share of these offerings.

when you are ready, center yourself and repeat this blessing:

“ Elements four I call, release now your power,
As I bless my home in this magickal hour.
No negativity can enter, no spirits shall roam,
As I consecrate and protect the heart of my home.”

As you finish the charm, draw a circle in the air above the candle flame with your finger. spiral it up faster and faster, higher and higher, until you fling the energy off and out into the room.

Then close up the spell by saying:

“This home is now blessed by my will and desire,
I close this spell by earth, air, water, and fire.”

you may allow the candle and the incense to burn themselves out.

afterward, make sure to tidy up all of your supplies.

—Cottage Witchery by Ellen Dugan

You know that warm happy feeling you get when you eat delicious #vegan food… Yep that’s how I felt during the two hours I spent devouring this 🙋🏼 #sloweaterclub
No oil or salt added and this dish still tasted incredible. Roasted sweet potatoes, roasted pumpkin, spinach, lettuce, sautéed garlic mushrooms, green peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and delicious turmeric tahini dressing 🌿🍃🌾🌱 #plantpower 🌾🌵🍀

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BTS Scenario: When he yells at you

Even though i am clumsy myself, i hate when other people ruin my things even though it may be an accident lol. Thank you for loving the blog.

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You finally got the guts to tell your mother about your new boyfriend, inviting her to dinner to meet him in person. When Jin found out, he immediately started preparing his special recipe for dinner to impress your mother. You were watching him cooking when he asked you to add a little salt into the dish. You grabbed the salt shaker and placed it over the pot, starting to shake it carefully. What you didn’t know was that the cap fell into the dish along with half of the salt that was in the salt shaker. Jin gasped loudly at your doing and rushed to the dish, grabbing his hair with his hands.

”Nooo!! How am i suppose to impress your mother now?!”

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You heard Yoongi growl in frustration as he tried to come up with some lyrics and you saw the balls of crumbled paper, laying all around him on the floor. He suddenly got up from his desk and looked around, searching for something and mumbling about a piece of paper he left somewhere in the living room. You were currently on the couch and you saw the page he was talking about on the coffee table. You reached for it to grab it and give to him but you accidentally elbowed the cup next to it and all the coffee spilled onto the paper. Yoongi looked at you with wide eyes as he yelled from across the room,

“Noooo!!! Jagi, what did you do ?!!!” 

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You knew Hoseok had a certain outfit that he liked to practice in the most. It was like his lucky charm, so he was always careful with them. Today he brought them home to wash them so you took his backpack in order to get his shirt and pants out of it, pulling them forcefully when a ripping sound was heard. You stopped all your movements and looked up at Hobi apologetically only to see him closing his eyes and letting out a loud sigh. It wouldn’t be so important if the clothes weren’t a gift from his favorite dancer back in Gwangju.

“That better not be what i think it is, Jagi!” 

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Your boyfriend invited you to the studio to spend time with him as he wasn’t able to come home only late at night when you were asleep. But even though you were there, he was still busy writing and finishing mixing some songs so he didn’t have time for you. When he finally asked you to do something for him, to play the instrumental while he was in the recording room, you happily obliged. But because of your eagerness, you tripped and  you grabbed onto the recording panel in front of you, pressing some random buttons and ending up deleting the song. Namjoon saw you and immediately ran out of the recording room, yelling:

”What did you do?! It took me a week to produce that!!”

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You were so happy that you could join Big Hit’s staff as a stylist, being able to spend more time with your boyfriend now. Their comeback was only 10 minutes away as they were in the waiting room double checking their makeup and outfits when Jimin called your name to ask you to bring him his ear monitors, the last piece of equipment he needed and at the same time V asked you to bring him a cup of tea so you decided to grab them both and return to the boys. Everything was perfect until Namjoon bumped into you and you spilled V’s cup of tea onto Jimin’s white t-shirt soaking it.

“Jagi!!!! It’s soaking wet and i have less than 5 minutes to get on stage!” 

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After days of searching his favorite manga and paying a lot of money for it, he was finally able to read it. He was halfway through it as he had to take a break to go to the bathroom. You wanted to surprise him with a cup of hot chocolate because you knew it was his favorite drink. You went to the kitchen to prepare it and came back to find Tae scrolling through his phone, leaving the manga on the table in front of him, opened at the page where he left off. You slowly made your way to the coffee table and lowered your hand carefully to place the cup down but a hiccup made you lose the balance and spilled the hot chocolate onto his favorite manga. You saw his face going red as he looked at you.  

“Not my manga, Jagiiii!!!! Why are you so clumsy?!” 

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You were laying on the couch comfortably as you waited for a phone call from Jungkook’s manager to come pick him up for the upcoming tour to Japan. You were startled by Kookie’s ringtone that came from across the room where the phone was laying next to the tv set. You motioned to your boyfriend that you were gonna bring it to him and made your way to the ringing phone. As you grabbed the phone, on your way back, you tripped over the rug and dropped the phone onto the wooden floor, the screen going black at the impact as the battery flew out of the device.

“Yah! You better pray for the screen to lit up when i turn it on.” he said as he assembled the pieces together.

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First try of Paik bibim by the korean chef baek jongwon and ate beef bulgogi bibimbap. My mum ate chicken teriyaki but the meat was quite little, but quite nice too. Mine was delectable and I will go back again n out out other dishes.💖 Ate salted crispy chicken at pasar malam afterwards. Good night with a happy stomach!

Oolong tea (1) - IRON GODDESS OF MERCY (Ti Kuan Yin)

Also named ‘Tie Guan Yin’ the translation means Iron Goddess of Mercy. The story behind the name is of the goddess, Kuan Yin (Guanyin), showed a farmer in his dreams where a tea plant was to thank him for his restoration of a temple and of his worship. This tea plant is now one of China’s most famous teas.

To be enjoyed anytime of the day due to its well known thirst quenching properties and low tannin content, oolong tea is also known for its digestive properties - so enjoy with a meal! It also doubles as a good palate cleanser. The tea is only of 10% oxidisation so this means it is very green in taste, giving it a refreshing, sweet taste. Enjoy with spicy foods, salted dishes and white meats.

taste: low astringency, nutty, caramel, sweet, peach.
brew: 85-90 degrees C, 3 minutes the first brew followed by upto 6 infusions of 30-40 seconds (same temp.).

[Mark] Clingy

Series: In Your Arms




As soon as you hear Mark’s voice, a smile quickly etches on your face. After days of promoting, your boyfriend is back to home sweet home with you.

“In the kitchen,” you cheerfully reply, at the same time add some salt to your special dish for him. You know it right away when Mark comes in but decide to play it cool and not a clingy girlfriend by continuing your cooking. You can also tell Mark is smiling and of course knowing your little game. He also knows that after all this time away, you both just want to cuddle up.

“Chef, what do have today?” He asks, slowly walking up to you. While you are stirring the small pot of beef stew, Mark rests his hands on either side of yours, leaning his weight on the counter. He kisses your hair softly.

“Your favorite, of course!” You turn your face to the left slightly so that your lips collide with Mark’s cheek. A huge wave of desire to give him more than that runs wildly in your body as you nudge him lightly with your elbow. Mark doesn’t budge. Instead, he kisses your temple before placing his chin on the crook of your shoulder, arms encircling your waist. There are many things he wants to tell you, many things only you he wants to talk with but he just keeps silent and enjoys this peaceful moment having you in his arms again. Mark inhales your sweet scent, pressing another kiss on your cheek. As you move, he moves, his grip still remains tight around your body, his chin on your shoulder. Your boyfriend nuzzles his hair into your neck, making you giggle before you kiss the tip of his nose.

“I’ve missed you, babe,” Mark whispers as you smile. Whoa, whenever Mark whispers in your ears with his deep voice like that, you stomach can’t help but instantly melt into a puddle of goo. And your precious boyfriend, of course, knows very well to do that every time to see you jumping a bit with overjoy.

“I’ve missed you, too Markie,” you kiss the corner of his mouth, then proceed to feed him a spoon of chicken marinated with honey sauce.

“Whoa, daebak!” he exclaims.

You grin. “Now we just need to check the rice then dinner is ready!”. When you open the lid of the electronic rice cooker, Mark removes one arm around your waist and places it on the granite counter. You frown slightly, turning to face him as his lips immediately find yours. You can sense him smiling in the kiss as he deepens it, the taste of honey mix with vanilla fragrance at the tip of your tongue. Again, Mark’s arms are securely around your waist as your arms make their way to drape around his neck. Every single place Mark touches creates this tingle feeling, making you overflow with happiness. There is no other place you want to be than in this handsome, amazing and perfect man’s embrace.

“I love you,” you two mutter in unison and giggle in unison.

“Now as much as I want to have my delicious dinner with you babe, we need to make up for our lost time!” Mark grins. In one swift movement, he picks you up with one arm beneath your knees and one behind you, sending you flying to your bedroom.


fairy darts- Wip treatment

My possible idea with aiding in the removal of fairy darts is a bowl of honey and basil leaves. Place the bowl of leaves and container of honey (and a spoon) around a circle of salt. Whisper to the leaves 

“Serpent’s poison milked

spear pulled arrow ripped.

Fliethas calm gentry’s venom.”

once you are finished, you will coax the basil leaves in honey, and then smear them on the infected area. You will wait and allow the honey to sit for a bit. You will then pull the basil leaves off to remove the honey. 

Put the leaves into the bowl and throw them into a fire or bury them. Take the salt and put them in a glass of water. Gargle the salt, and wash the dishes used right away.

Bug Be-Gone Curse

**DISCLAIMER: this curse is intended for ticks and fleas and cockroaches and other gross bugs. not ladybugs or bees. we like those.

Ingredients: liquid soap (natural bug killer), salt (protection), sage (cleanser), spit (curser), candle (to rep ur deity(obviously optional)), and a match (NOT to light the candle).

Begin. Once you catch the bug, put it in a fire-proof dish. Hold it down with soap. Sprinkle salt. Then a solid salt circle around the dish (oh, yeah. you should probably do this outside or in a sink). Sage the area. Ask your deity to join you and light your candle (NOT with the match). Center yourself. Focus on your breathing. Imagine a bug-free house. Envision all the bugs being repelled from your environment. Smell the sage bringing you peace in cleanliness. Relax. Deep breath. Spark your match. Watch it burn. Divine what you can from it (you may not be experienced with match magic, but this is a fine place to start). Bury the bug. Spit in the grave.

Chilaquiles (4 servings).

Okay, so it’s Cinco de Mayo and I wanted to share a recipe that many may already know but it’s easy to make and customise for your tastes or needs.

External image

You’ll need:

  • 12 Tortillas: corn ones are essential. You might want to use about 3 per serving if you add the optional stuff at the end, or more tortillas if you only want tortillas.
  • 8 Tomatoes: Medium sized.
  • ¼ of an Onion: I like the white ones best, but purple (or red, if you want to call them that) are okay. You won’t need much, use about a quarter of an onion if you’ve got leftovers from other recipes.
  • One garlic tooth, chopped.
  • 4 serrano peppers. Optional if you’re not into spicy stuff, but in the spirit of the dish I’d add at least one.
  • A handful of cilantro.
  • Oil, most neutral kinds work. Don’t use olive oil.
  • Pinch of salt.

By default this dish is gluten, dairy and meat free, though you can add the next ingredients:

  • Sour cream.
  • Fresh cheese.
  • Meat, your favourite kind (you can fancy up here, but but I’d just use a cut that isn’t terrible). Or…
  • 1 fried egg.


  1. Put the tomatoes and peppers in a pot, add water until they’re covered and boil at low heat until they’re soft.
  2. Put them in the blender with the chopped garlic, cilantro and onion and blend until you get a purée consistency. Add a bit of the water to the blender or chop the tomatoes in half if it gets difficult.
  3. Pour the mixture back into the pot, reduce until the flavours concentrate and keep warm at low heat. Move once to keep it from burning.
  4. Now, the tortillas. If you got them a day before it’s best, cut them into triangles and let them dry for a day. If you just got them, then just put them in the microwave in a paper towel, three ones at a time, separated, for 2 minutes at full power. Let them cool and they should be crisp. (You can also ask for totopos, you might have been calling them nachos (but don’t use the ones labelled as nachos, they won’t work as well) and skip this and the next step).
  5. Put oil in a pan, about ¾ of an inch (1cm) and spread the tortillas (now in triangles), spread them on the pan and fry them until crisp. Repeat this step with the rest of the tortillas (depends on the size of the pan).
  6. Put the tortillas on a paper towel to get rid of the excess oil, remove the oil from the pan (not completely, you don’t have to be careful) and put the tortillas back into the pan.
  7. Pour the sauce (salsa, if you may) over the corn chips and mix.
  8. Now, you can let the preparation sit at low heat if you like them soggy or serve immediately if you like them crispy. I find having some crispy ones and some soggy ones to be most enjoyable.
  9. Serve with a spoonful of sour cream and some cheese crumbs, this contrast is amazing.
  10. Now you can add meat in strips or a fried egg for some extra protein and you’ll have a full dish.


Note: While I don’t drink, this is kind of the national hangover dish in Mexico.