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some reminders if we do get sana for s4:

  •  with all the islamophobia and xenophobia in the world at the moment (such as geert wilders, whose twitter banner literally is ‘stop islam’, being one of the leading candidates of the dutch election yesterday) a season with sana in the lead couldn’t have come at a better time tbh 
  • to people who think sana as s4 main is “rushed”: sana had a major subplot in s2, and she was involved in s3 (even if that was to a large extent to help isak’s development, sana and her religion was still important) so she’s not more rushed than any other character on the show imo 
  •  a season with sana would probably break some of the norms of the show which would be very interesting to see (for example, her backstory in s2 had to do with her family relations – how will the show solve that, when sana still lives at home?) 
  • apart from the boys, sana is probably the character who would give isak (and by extension, even) the most screen-time
  • on that note: the last season’s main is always ‘followed up’ in the next season (eva and jonas post-breakup in s2, noora coming back from london in s3)
  • sana is so wise and clever and perceptive and can you imagine how cool it would be to see a whole season from her point of view? 
  • also sana has such a tough exterior, so seeing what goes on when she lets her guard down? probably amazing and emotionally touching 
  • i know many of you want even for s4, and i get that, i really do… but whichever character julie has chosen, it’s probably with good reason, and we probably have an awesome season in store no matter what 
  • have faith in julie andem!! lord knows she’s earned it  

You know what’s really Wild, is people who say they can’t ship romione because they’re such good friends that it’s “”“almost inc*st”“” but they think that hermione should instead be with the person who bullied her constantly and wished death on her. Like god forbid two people in a relationship are nice to each other holy shit.

Found this neat infographic :D

With bettafix/melafix:
I’ve heard both that it helps and that it hurts…I don’t have a personal opinion on it because I don’t know how it’s supposed to help or hinder…I’ve heard that it coats the labrynth organ and you can easily overdose the meds and kill your fish. But I’ve also heard that as long as you use less than the dose prescribed on the bottle, it can be beneficial.

I DO know that it’s basically tea tree oil, so if you ever use it, err on the side of caution.

I wonder if the intended effect is to make the fish rest more? Kind of like taking niquil for a cold…it doesn’t cure the cold, but it makes you sleepy so you rest more and your body can concentrate it’s energy on fighting that cold…

With Epsom salt: Unscented, pure stuff…or aquarium salt in case you’re worried you may use the Epsom salt incorrectly♡

With ANY sick betta: The cleanest warm water you can give them will do wonders! Especially for things like fin melt/fin rot :)

(Feel free to add onto this info)



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Godly Beauty Glamour

Intent: to look irresistible; to have a goddess-like presence. 

You know when you want to look like you can both kill a man or make his night? Somewhere between Cat Woman and Shiva? Or give off an unreal brilliance? 

Literally me. Daily.

Which is why this glamour is so useful. 

Start it off by taking a moment to envision the image you have for yourself. Imagine that you already have, that this is who you are. Then, begin to work the spell by combining cane sugar and pink sea salt in a glass container. 

Light an incense that fits with your desired image. Since my intent is to be intimidating as well as beautiful, I chose patchouli and dragon’s blood.  

  • patchouli = love, desire, fulfillment, attraction
  • dragon’s blood = strength, confidence, goddess glam

The next step involves every witch’s favorite thing.




Light a white candle and set it behind the glass. Combine cinnamon with sugar and salt blend, rotating clockwise. You can use ground cinnamon or a cinnamon stick. 

  • cinnamon = quick results, a bit of sass

Grind up two rose petals and place at the bottom of a second glass. Grind up another rose petal and mix it with the cinnamon, sugar, and salt. 

Put the objects you wish to enchant in the second container with the roses so that they fit comfortably. I enchanted several makeup items, but you can use jewelry, lotion, or a mirror. 

Pour the contents of the remaining glass over the objects. You may choose to say an incantation here. I used: “I am goddess, I am light. No one can resist my sight. Moon that turns from new to full, no one can resist my pull”. If you don’t want to use an incantation, you don’t have to. 

Envision yourself radiating light, as if sparkling from the inside out.

Allow the incense and candle to burn out fully. Alternatively, you may decide to snuff out the candle after the incense has finished burning. 

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Puberty Hits!

Summary: When Y/N is out of town on a hunt Sam finds himself in a terrible situation. His daughter MJ has started her period, and he’s stuck having to give her the talk himself.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Reader, Charlie Bradbury (mentioned), MJ (OFC)

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: mentions of blood, talking about periods, awkward moments, the talk, awkward daddy Sam, self doubt, fluff

Word Count: 2,227

Request: AHHHH! Okay! I think it would be HILARIOUS to see (or read. Duh.) Dad!Sam (and maybe a smart add comment from good ‘ok Uncle Dean) having to explain to his daughter what a period is! *laughing* imagine how blushy he’d get while doing that. OH MAN. Okay? OKAY! 😁 - @coralturtlenut

A/N: Thanks to @impala-dreamer for beta reading this for me! This was a fun request for me to write. I enjoy reading Daddy!Sam and I really enjoyed writing him as well. I hope y’all enjoy this, feedback is always welcomed!

Originally posted by themegalosaurus

“So would it be cheesy to ask you what you’re wearing?” I grin, staring the ceiling in my room that Y/N and I share. She giggles into to phone and I know right away that she’s blushing.

“No it wouldn’t, but honestly I’m beast, Sam.” She yawns into the receiver and I hear Charlie yelling at her to turn the light off. “Plus, you know the whole sharing a room with Charlie thing is not to our advantage.”

I sigh, putting my arms above my head, “Fine, but trust me tomorrow when you get back you’re all mine.” She laughs again, it’s soft and timid, making my heart swell knowing I have this kind of effect on her. “Get some rest, I’m glad you two got through that hunt safe.”  The two of them decided it would be a good idea to get out of the bunker for a weekend. Unlike your typical girl trips, they went on salt and burn case a few states over. I’m just glad they’re both coming home at last.

“Goodnight Sam. I love you, tell MJ I said goodnight as well.”

“Will do sweetie, good night Y/N, I love you.”

We said our goodbyes before hanging up our phones. Glancing at my alarm clock, I was debating on whether to go tell MJ her mom said goodnight. MJ is our beautiful eleven year old daughter. She was extremely smart and beautiful, she was the light of our lives. Sitting up, I ran a hand through my hair before completely getting out of bed.

Heading out of my room, I headed towards the library finding Dean sitting in front of a laptop. He glanced up at me, holding a beer bottle towards me, “How’s Y/N/N and Charlie?” He took a sip of his own beer, shutting the laptop. “Were they able to handle that salt and burn case by themselves?”

“Yeah,” I took a sip of my beer, holding the bottle between my hands, smiling at him. “They’re not newbies anymore Dean. They can pretty much handle themselves at this point.”

“Well I’m going to worry about them all the time if I’m not around with them.”

“You know man, you had every opportunity to go with them.” I cupped some of my hair behind my ear, watching my older brother. “It might come as a shocker to you but I can take care of MJ myself. Y/N and I raised her ourselves, I’m pretty sure I can handle my pre-teen daughter.” As Dean and I sat in the kitchen talking amongst ourselves, a blood curdling scream echoed through the bunker. The two of us bolted up running towards MJ’s room, guns in hand. “MJ SWEETIE!?” I screamed, opening her door, aiming inside of her room expecting there to be some kind of monster. Instead I found my beautiful daughter sitting up in bed staring at her hands.

Her Y/E/C eyes were wide as she flickered between both hands before looking up at us. “You need to take me to the hospital!” She shouted, tears welling in her eyes as she lifted the sheets off her body, looking under them. “Oh God Daddy, you need to call an ambulance!” She pushed the sheets off her body, looking down at herself.

My beautiful and sweet little girl was sitting on blood stained sheets. Looking at her white and black striped pajama pants I came to the sick realization about what was going on. My baby started her period in the middle of the night, she was no longer my baby, oh God she was a woman now. Dropping my gun, I put it back in the back of my jeans walking towards MJ. She was crying hard, looking up at me for some kind of reason as to why she was bleeding everywhere. And there was no way in hell I was prepared for this. Give me a werewolf or a vampire, but telling my daughter about her period was a whole new world for me.

“Daddy,” she cried, shaking as I gently grabbed her arm helping her out of bed, “why am I bleeding, why are you so calm right now!? Call mama I need to go to the hospital daddy!”

“MJ, you don’t need to go to the hospital.” I used a calm and soothing voice as I lead her to the restroom. “You uh,” I cleared my throat, looking back towards Dean who was currently smirking. “You just started your period is all.”

“Period?” she nearly screeched, her voice breaking as I turned on the shower for her. “What the hell is a period!?”

I’m not going to lie, I have no idea where to begin with this whole situation. I always thought Y/N would be around here to tell her about all this. I was no expert on this whole scenario, oh Jesus, I was going to have to give my daughter “The Talk”.

Shaking my head I turned back to her, giving her a reassuring smile as I tested the temperature of the water for her.  “Let’s start off with getting you all cleaned up, then I’ll tell you all about it okay?” She seemed hesitant, as if she didn’t believe me one hundred percent about what was going on. “I can assure you baby girl, you’re going to be just fine. You’ll feel a lot better after a shower okay?” She puckered her lips just like her mother would as she nodded her head. “I’m going to grab you some clean clothes okay?”

I ran to mine and Y/N’s room, reaching under the sink finding one of her pads. This was going to have to do until Y/N or myself could get her to the store and find some feminine products that suited her best. Until her mother got home, she was going to have to put up with my lack of knowledge on discussing this topic, especially when it came to my very own daughter. I was going to do my best however, and try not to make this experience totally scarring. I placed her clothes on the counter before heading back to her room. I quickly stripped her sheets off and ran them to the laundry room, before heading back and putting new sheets on. As I finished straightening out the sheets, MJ poked her head in the room. She held up the pad, her pale cheeks flushed as she looked away.

“Uh what am I supposed to do with this?”

“Well,” I cleared my throat, “you open it up, and peel it off.” I headed towards her, opening the pad in demonstration. “This smaller end here,” I pointed towards the area, my daughter’s eyes focused on the pad, “this end goes on the front end of your panties, while the bigger end, uhm goes towards the back.” God I was terrible at this, the one time Y/N leaves me alone with our daughter, is the one time she needed her mother here more than ever. “Then you fold these tabs under to secure the pad on your…uhm underwear.”  

She nodded as I handed it back to her, seeming to understand the concept of the pad. That part went pretty well, now all I needed to get through was telling her what the hell is happening. And this was going to be a hell of a lot harder than explaining pads to her. So I did what any father would do, I panicked. I was pacing the room, taking deep and slow breaths waiting for her to come back. This was going to be awkward as hell for the both of us.

“Daddy?” she asked, stepping back into the room, “N-now that I’m all clean, can you please tell me what is going on?”

“Yeah,” I lead her to the bed, sitting her down on the side while I sat in a chair in front of her. “I’m just going to start off saying…this is uhm a little different for me.” I ran a hand through my hair, pushing it back as she watched me. “This would typically be your mom’s department, but she’s not here and you’re stuck with me. We’re in this together okay?”


As much as it hurt me I had to give her the talk, but I was going to be cool and collected about this. “Well you see, when a man and a woman love each other very much, they get married and decide to make a baby.” I heard a snort come from behind me, and I turned around glaring at Dean who was propped up against the wall. Seeing my face, he quickly held his hands up, before walking out of the room. “Where were we?” I sighed, looking back at her staring at me.

“We were talking about babies.”

“Right,” I swallowed hard as her innocent eyes watched me, “a man and a woman make a baby by having sex together. Now you see a man has uh…a uhm penis.” I nearly choked on the word as I looked away from her. “And a woman had a uh-uhm…” Come on Sam spit it out already!

“A vagina.” She finished for me, giving me a soft and reassuring smile, as if she knew I was struggling with it. “That’s what mama told me.”

Thank Chuck Y/N went over some of this information with her, “Exactly, a man has a penis and a woman has a vagina. So a man produces this seed which is called sperm. While a woman produces an egg every month.” She nodded her head, soft waves of brown hair flailing around her. “S-So when a couple has sex, the uh man puts his penis inside of the woman’s vagina, and he keeps going until his seed comes out.” She puckered her pink lips, tilting her head slightly as I continued to speak. “The sperm, them swims up into the woman in search of her egg which is located inside of her. Now if the sperm reaches the egg it can become a baby, so it’s important to always use a condom. They help protect against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.” I felt like an idiot, and I felt even worse for my poor little MJ. “Now if the egg isn’t fertilized your body gets rid of that unfertilized egg. It does that by shedding the inner walls of your uterus. It lasts for five to seven days every month.”

“Every month?” Her eyes began to well with tears and I immediately started to regret everything I had said. “T-that’s not fair!”  

“Now sweetie, it’s perfectly nor-”

Before I could say anything else she was crying hard into her hands. My heart breaking as I watched tears stream down her cheeks. How did I know it was going to end up like this? I knew I was going to screw this whole thing up. I made this simple and educational situation into a living and scarring nightmare for my child.

As I gently patted her knee I heard footsteps from behind me. Glancing up I saw Dean slowly kneeling in front of MJ, his eyes soft and kind as he rubbed her arm. “Hey sweetheart,” MJ sniffled, her tears still coming down her cheeks as she watched him. “You know being a grown up isn’t so bad.” He pulled a Hershey candybar out of his back pocket, holding it out towards her. “You can eat all the chocolate you want during what I like to call Shark Week.” She hesitantly looked at the candybar before Dean held it closer towards her. “That makes it a little more bearable doesn’t it?”

I watched in awe as she took the candybar, nodding her head slightly. The tears had suddenly stopped as she opened the the chocolate, munching down on it. I looked between her and Dean, my jaw dropping as he smiled widely at her. He was the pre-teen whisperer, he needs to show me how to do that.

“How about you, me, and your dad curl up in bed and watch a chick flick?” MJ nodded, wiping her eyes as both Dean and I stood up. “Alright you pick the movie, we’ll get the heating blanket and snacks.” He patted my back as he lead us out of the room.

“How the hell did you do that?” I asked as we walked into the kitchen. He grabbed chips, candy, a few beers, and a soda for MJ. “You were awesome in there man.”

He turned around, smirking as I shook my head back and forth. “She’s a mini you, a much more girly version of you.” He headed back out of the kitchen, smiling at me as he turned down the hall. “Besides Sammy, she just needed a little something to make her feel a bit better. I just gave her a candy bar, you’re the one who deserves Daddy of The Year.”


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Hi I'm a beginner and I wanted to know if there's any information I should know before beginning? Thank you

Research, research, research. Research everything you can, take notes, save resources, and before using anything for a spell look into what it is. Some oils, crystals, and herbs can be dangerous if used wrong. Some stones are toxic if put into water or will dissolve thus ruining them, others will fade if left in the sun, some break and chip easily. Certain herbs can cause medical problems if you are on medications, others if too large amounts are ingested can cause severe reactions such as internal bleeding. Some herbs can’t be burned or vapors inhaled without causing illness. Oils can be highly toxic and can cause chemical burns if not diluted or well researched.

Safety is important so I always stress for beginners to be smart about things. Use proper fire safety when burning things, keep a bowl of sand or salt near you in case the fire flares. Keep your hair tied back if it is longer than your jaw when burning things, roll up your sleeves, make sure you are in a space that is safe to have smoke (open a window if needed). Have something safe to put the burning object/paper in, such as an earthenware or clay bowl/plate. Holding burning paper is just a bad idea. Don’t ever leave candles burning if you are not in the room or if you are leaving, don’t fall asleep with candles and incense burning. When using oils on candles, keep a close eye on them in case any of the oil catches fire. Don’t ever put water on an oil fire! 

When using ingredients in a bath, make sure the items you’re adding to the bath is safe. As previously stated certain oils can cause skin irritation or burns (such as pure citrus oil and basil essential oil). If you are female don’t put sugar into your bath (you can use honey but don’t use more than a tablespoon or two and don’t use it too often) at risk of a causing yourself a yeast infection (not fun). Make sure the herbs you are using are safe to use in baths and again if a crystal is not safe in water, keep it on the floor or near the tub, but not in the water or where it will get wet.

Be smart, don’t ingest random plants you find outside, unless you are certain it is safe. Keep your oils, incense, candles and herbs away from familiars or pets for they can get seriously sick from them.

Research so you can also find what interests you, that way you can find or make your own path. Don’t feel rushed, don’t feel like you have to do spells immediately and all the time. You can have down time, its okay to go weeks without doing anything ‘witchy’. Don’t let others try any “gatekeeping” with you. It doesn’t matter your gender, age, religious views, sexuality, star/birth chart, race, whether your family members are witches or not, etc. You are a witch if you practice magick and want to be called a witch, that’s all that is necessary. Don’t bother with people who try to say otherwise. 

Pop culture magick and technomancy/techno magick is still magick. There are people you will meet who will try to talk down about those who use emoji spells, computers, shufflemancy, etc. Everyone’s path is valid and if you choose to use any of those, you are valid.

You don’t need to practice in a coven to be a witch. You don’t have to be wiccan or pagan to be a witch. You can be any religion you want or not be religious at all.

Cursing is not something you should be ashamed of. If you decide to use curses, that is your choice. If others don’t agree with you that’s their choice. You do you, don’t worry about them. 

Magick and spells are exhausting! You may feel drained after even just making a sigil or doing a tarot readings. That’s okay, you’re new at it. Give it time, take breaks. Take nice rests afterwards, stay hydrated, take naps, etc.

To help prevent exhaust ground and center yourself, practice energy work, learn how to improve your visualization and practice meditation if possible. Trust me, it all helps.

Keep a Grimoire full of the information you find such as correspondences, star/birth charts, vocabulary, herbs, crystals, toxic plants, safety practices, etc. Keep a Book of Shadows to take personal notes on yourself, your practice, your spells and their outcomes. These tools can help you greatly.

Anything can be used for witchcraft you don’t have to buy any specific crystals, herbs, tools, oils, etc. budget witchcraft is a thing. You can use everyday items in your craft just fine such as common foods, kitchen tools, colors, markers, paper, cleaning supplies/tools (be careful, don’t mix bleach with any other cleaners!), toys, art supplies, office supplies, etc etc. Use whatever you have as long as it is safe.

Do what makes you happy. You don’t have to force yourself to practice something you don’t find joy in. Tarot cards not your thing? That’s okay. You don’t like tea? That’s fine, use juice, smoothies, broth, etc instead. Don’t take baths, you prefer showers? Cool, use shower spells instead of bath spells. Do what makes you happy, do what makes you comfortable. You don’t have to work with spirits, you don’t have to work with plants; you don’t have to do anything.

If you want more information for beginners check out my tags: beginner magic, beginner witchcraft, masterpost, herbs, crystals, essential oils, spells, curses and my general witchcraft tags. 

Good luck dear~~

Sweet Tea

REQUEST from @macymoosesuniverse

Hey so I have a request that is based mainly on an embarrassing situation I got myself into…. I was watching tv and had finished some sweet tea and was messing around with the cup and trying to hold it on my face via suction and ended up giving myself a hickie on my neck under my chin and now my friend/my boyfriend’s roommate won’t stop making fun of me and saying that I should’ve told my BF to stop despite the fact he knows my BF is gone cause he’s a camp counsellor deanxreader bff sam! Pls☺️

A/N: I hope you really like this, I don’t know how I feel about it.Feedback welcome and REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN! I love getting them. Hope you enjoy! 

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Sweet Tea & Jealousy

Y/N was sitting in the library of the bunker, reading up on some lore. Dean was helping some newbie hunter on a simple salt and burn case over in Nebraska, but would be back in a few days.  Sam was making a grocery store run for some pie, beer, and rabbit food.

Y/N was beginning to get bored with the book she was reading and decided to get some sweet tea and snacks. Still whenever she would return to reading she just couldn’t shake this feeling of boredom, so she began to play with her cup. She inhaled some air and suctioned the cup onto her face. She did this for a while, until she heard the garage door from the bunker opening. Sam was walking in with all of the groceries and she got up to help out.

“Hey Sammy, how was the store run?” she asked.

“Okay, I got Dean some pie and some more sweet tea for you. But judging by that hickey on your neck, he already got what he wanted,” he said with a smirk on his face.

Y/N looked confused and then she pulled out her phone camera and saw there was in fact a hickey under her chin.

“Sam! This is from the suction on my cup, you know that Dean isn’t here,” she said.

“Oh sure Y/N, it’s not like you two don’t get it on all the time,” he teased.

Y/N started blushing profusely. “Sam, stop! It’s just a bruise.”

“Whatever you say Y/N.”

“It’s a temporary tattoo,” she said trying to cover up.

“A tattoo… of a hickey” Sam said, not buying it at all.

“Sam! Dean is in Nebraska, I was just playing around with a cup.” She was beginning to get frustrated at Sam’s constant teasing about the mistaken hickey.

“I know. I know I’m just yanking your chain,” he started, “and I wouldn’t be so sure that he is in Nebraska.”

“Yes, he is, he’s helping Hank in Nebraska.” Then Sam gestured for her to look behind her.

“Hiya sweetheart,” Dean said, “and what’s this about a hickey?”

Y/N’s eyes went wide and jumped into his arms.

“Dean! I missed you so much!” She said as she peppered kisses all over her face.

“So what is this about a hickey?” he asked again, while lifting her chin up to look at the purple spot under her chin, on her neck.

“I was drinking sweet tea and then I got bored so I decided to suction it on my face and this happened,” she explained as she pouted her lip.

“Oh you’re pouting your lip,” he smiled as he kissed her.

“Now there is definitely going to be some more of those,” Sam chuckled.

“Stop! He’s here now so there is no point in teasing me any further,” she said.

“Okay fine, goodnight guys.” He said as he left them in the room.

“So now that he is gone, we can add more hickeys,” he said as he peppered kisses all along her neck.

Now I remember why I don’t like listening through tournament ‘salt’ compilations; commentators spazzing out like “OHH SO SALTYY!!” when the person is just sitting there well composed, if not smiling. Don’t say there’s salt when there isn’t any, dammit. That just makes you look like a jackass.

But I think the bigger thing that gets under my skin is when competitors are shouting and slandering each other between sets or after a match and they aren’t disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct. That shit would be fucking hilarious and just. But it almost never happens and that’s actually pretty sad

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I maybe have the rfa + v and saeran planning something romantic with mc but everything going completely wrong? Bonus points if its very fluffy! Thank you! Btw, your hc always make me happy! You're a top writer and I really enjoy the way you write the rfa, but especially saeran! Thanks!

Well sweetcheeks Saeran is my favourite of all of them hands down so I’m very happy you enjoy me writing him as much as I do. I think he has the most potential and the best design, personally. I also think that Cheritz wasted him (and most of the other characters) in order to putsch Seven which is something I find extremely tiring. So, until I get a Saeran route that does that poor boy justice you can pry that beautiful creature from my cold, dead hands. Also, I’ll write HC’s for him until my hands start to bleed. Saeran (◕▿◕✿)

I think I overdid it a little? I hope you still like it?



♬ he’d planned this date for a long time

♬ the two of you had been so busy lately, Zen had decided to do something special to make up for it

♬ everything was perfectly planned and taken care off

♬ he’d prepared a beautiful picnic to be eaten at the park

♬ the food he’d prepared was mostly self made and delicious

♬ the weather outside was sunny and warm

♬ and the paddle boat rent had opened again for the season

♬ it was time for the perfect date

♬ you’d been so excited for that date too

♬ seeing how happy and cheerful Zen was about it only made it better

♬ he’d found a beautiful, shady spot under a big willow

♬ you’d spread out your big blanket and then went on to rent the paddle boat

♬ neither of you was really hungry at that moment, and the glistering lake just looked so enticing

♬ at first everything was fine, idyllic and romantic even

♬ sitting opposite each other you smiled and laughed together, talked about anything and everything

♬ Zen was paddling, strong arms allowing you to glide over the water

♬ you had one of those pretty parasols that made the entire scene seem as if from a movie

♬ Zen really liked that idea, your relationship being the type people made movies about

♬ sadly, those moments often lasted for a very brief time and this was no different

♬ when he got up to get to you and press a sweet kiss to your lips, Zen lost balance

♬ suddenly the boat was shaking rapidly and you getting nervous caused the two of you to flail and fall

♬ the water was bitter cold, despite the sun

♬ neither of you was able to turn the boat back around and get in, so you had to swim

♬ you were forced to leave the parasol behind he’d gotten you, almost drowning for a moment

♬ once finally outside of the water, drenched and shaking, you’d made your way to the willow only to find that animals had attacked your basket and most of the food was either scattered or gone

♬ needless to say that Zen was devastated

♬ his perfect date had fallen apart completely, despite all his efforts

♬ as you saw him pout at the remains of the food he’d prepared for you two, you felt your heart swell

♬ God, you loved that idiot so much…

♬ you took his hand and pulled him towards the blanket anyway

♬ the stuff that wasn’t usable you threw away together, but the entire time you smiled

♬ frankly, as long as you two were together, you were happy

♬ you two sat down together, cuddling up against one another, mainly for warmth

♬ he used the blanket to wrap around the two of you, instead sitting on the soft grass

♬ luckily some of the fruit were saved, as they’d been in harder to open boxes

♬ you took one of those and held it out for Zen, smiling at the other sweetly

♬ when he realized that you were still smiling, trying to make the best out of it even now by feeding him some fruit, all his sadness instantly melted away

♬ as he opened his mouth and accepted the strawberry you were offering, Zen knew

♬ he knew that he’d never loved someone like he loved you and that he never would again

♬ after that you moved from the shadows of the willow into the sun

♬ you laid down together, hand in hand, letting the warmth dry your body

♬ you threw a frisbee around for a while, played catch and hide and seek

♬ a man selling fish-shapes bread turned up a couple of hours later and you bought a couple

♬ you ate them as the sun went down, blue water turning back with the darkness

♬ you watched the stars for hours, sharing sweet kisses from time to time

♬ eventually you went home, made love and fell asleep in each others arms


★ Yoosung is a very attentive person

★ he never misses an opportunity to do something nice for you

★ he isn’t as overly sweet and romantic as Zen, not does he have the means to take you on expensive dates as Jumin might be able to, but he tries his best…he’s sweet, you know?

★ he always remembers birthdays and anniversaries, goes all out on Valentines day

★ sometimes he just likes to surprise you too, just for the sake of it

★ he thinks of you as his saviour, the one who saved him from himself

★ so, in an attempt to never let you forget how much he appreciates you, he planned a romantic date

★ while you were at work he’d used his free day to cook your favourite dinner

★ he put candles on the table, roses and the nice plates and all

★ he was just putting together the first plate when suddenly he heard the keys in the lock

★ you were an hour early and Yoosung panicked a little

★ he wasn’t quite ready yet!

★ not that you minded even in the slightest

★ when you entered the kitchen, smelling food, your breath got caught in your throat at the view

★ not only was the table beautifully set and the food smelled great but Yoosung look utterly adorable with his hair pushed back, cooking in his apron

★ you cooed and Yoosung blushed, nervously scratching the back of his head

★ he helped you out of your coat and hung it up for you while you chuckled with delight

★ he was just so cute when he tried hard

★ he lead you to the table, pulled back the chair for you, even spread a little napkin on your lap

★ when he put the finished plate before you it looked and smelled divine

★ he’d become an even better cook over the last couple of years so you knew you were in for a treat

★ you also smiled with glee as you realized it was your favourite meal

★ he watched you take the first bite, smiling with excitement

★ thats when you grimaced, obviously struggling to swallow, and his face fell

★ what had he done wrong?

★ when he tried the food himself he found the answer

★ you’d told him a million times to label the sugar and salt, just in case, and he’d never listened

★ he accidentally switched them up and now everything was borderline vomit inducing

★ he didn’t even want to imagine what the cake tasted like…great

★ as you watched him hang his head your heart swelled with pride

★ you stood up and went to hug him from behind, pressing a kiss to his cheek

★ sadly, you had to toss everything away, but it was alright

★ you spend the rest of the evening cooking something nice together, brushing hips and stealing glances

★ as the candles has burned down you decided to cuddle up on the couch, plates on your knees

★ you ate while watching videos on YouTube, occasionally stealing from each others plate

★ soon the plates were abandoned, the two of you lying on the couch together

★ you weren’t fully asleep, but neither really awake

★ your head resting on his chest, Yoosungs arms wrapped around your figure

★ he brushed through your hair, smiling against your forehead contently

★ despite the date not having gone they way he thought it would, Yoosung learned valuable lessons

★ 1) always label sugar and salt
★ 2) the best moments aren’t the ones that are planned

★ when you really love a person you can do the most mundane things and they are still the best

★ “I love you.”

★ “Love you too, doofus”

★ and then you fell asleep 


♨ you two hadn’t had a free day in what felt like ages

♨ the work load was not half as exhausting as working for Jumin, but you still needed to unwind

♨ especially considering that even your ‘free days’ were often spend planning for the café

♨ sometimes re-decorating or something like that

♨ through all of the stress you’d never given up on Jaehee, never once complained

♨ you’d worked hard to make her dream come true and now she wanted to do something for you

♨ namely go on a short trip to the beach to relax and have some fun

♨ when the day finally came, Jaehee was prepared!

♨ She had three towels – just in case – a beach ball, a second bathing suit and set of clothes, enough food and cake to feed an entire army, a beach umbrella and liters of sunscreen

♨ since you only had one day, your trip started in the early morning hours

♨ that way you could use the entire day as well as avoid rush hour

♨ despite being quite exhausted herself, Jaehee insisted on driving

♨ this was all for you, so you should be relaxing from finish to start

♨ you offered multiple times to take over, but Jaehee refused every time

♨ eventually you fell asleep with your face pressed to the window

♨ Jaehee found it extremely endearing, saddened that she couldn’t take a picture

♨ when you finally arrived at the beach it was still relatively empty

♨ it gave you the time and space to choose a nice spot and build up everything

♨ you instantly wanted to go into the water, cool your overheated body

♨ Jaehee on the other hand decided to lie in the shade for a while, telling you she’d follow soon

♨ that’s when you got rid of the dress you’d been wearing, leaving you standing in nothing but the most adorable bikini Jaehee had ever seen

♨ she could feel her cheeks heat up, instantly putting on her sunglasses to hide at least some of her over the top reaction

♨ she watched you run to the water, so cheerful and happy, smiling to herself

♨ you played around in the water for a while, floated and swam while Jaehee watched

♨ she didn’t even notice how heavy her eyes had gotten when she was suddenly asleep

♨ it felt like mere seconds later that you were harshly shaking her awake

♨ she’d forgotten to put sunscreen on and while you’d been in the water having fun, not paying attention, she’d burned up to match the colour of a lobster

♨ you insisted that you go home right now, so you can take care of that horrible burn

♨ on the way back you were the one driving, hurrying just to get her home soon

♨ during the drive you put some of the ice packs on her skin or the now wet towel over her body

♨ once home you told her to lie on her back while you rubbed aloe vera all over her body, wherever she’d gotten burned

♨ after that you disappeared for a while only to return with liters and liters of milk

♨ Jaehee was extremely ashamed as you filled the entire bath with it and told her to get in

♨ she’d wanted to make this a nice day at the beach and instead she’d ruined it

♨ you didn’t mind at all, however, as you sat behind her and carefully rubbed in the milk into her back

♨ once she’d showered you’d put on Zen’s musicals and marathoned them

♨ you braided each others hair in your PJ’s and ate some unhealthy food you usually wouldn’t

♨ you even build a pillow fort together

♨ it isn’t quite the night Jaehee had planned, but neither of you has ever been that relaxed, so she calls the entire thing a win after all

♨ “Thanks for today.”

♨ “But I completely ruined the beach trip?”

♨ “I don’t care. As long as we’re together, I’m happy.”


♛ he knows better than anyone how hard it is to work all day long

♛ Jumin also knows the feeling of being on the verge of breaking down under the workload

♛ so when he notices the first traces of dark circles and tiredness he instantly has to do something

♛ you’ve been overworking yourself, between planning the party, helping Jaehee in her café, Yoosung’s clinic and even sometimes Jumin himself

♛ he’s expressed concern about that before, but you’d always brushed it off

♛ after all you wanted to help as much as you could and make everyone happy

♛ it wasn’t like you had a ‘normal’ job anyway, so why not?

♛ while he still didn’t have the heart to stop you, Jumin came up with something else

♛ he wanted to treat you to something relaxing, spoil you for a couple of days

♛ so he booked the two of you a nice wellness weekend at an expensive spa

♛ he’d been forced to keep it a secret for a while, as the place was rather booked, so the appointment he got wasn’t immediate

♛ but when he finally told you and got the brightest smile and kisses in return, he’d never felt prouder of himself

♛ that weekend you’d packed your things and made your way to the spa, eager to relax

♛ sadly, that didn’t quite out as there had been a mix-up and your spot had been given away

♛ Jumin immediately asked for another, but the next one was at least a month away

♛ he wanted to get angry and basically get everyone involved fired for this

♛ especially at how disappointed you looked because of their mistake

♛ but he knew that him getting angry and bossy made you sad, so the two of you took your leave

♛ he felt horrible for having put you through this, especially as you were strangely quiet on the drive home

♛ then a got an idea!

♛ maybe he couldn’t get you into that particular wellness spa, but he had the means to make the day just as relaxing at home

♛ so the second you got up to the penthouse he called a couple of people before turning his attention back to you and only you

♛ from that moment on he took control over your relaxation

♛ he ran you a bath with rose pedals and bubbles and hot water just the way you like it

♛ he gave you a full body massage and for all the things he couldn’t do – such as manicures, pedicures and even getting your hair done – he got professionals just for you

♛ they made you the dinner you wanted afterwards, which you enjoyed candlelit with classical music softly playing in the background

♛ it was a peaceful evening spent talking and laughing without a worry in the world

♛ Jumin even finished the day off by tugging you into bed himself

♛ he then set beside the bed and like the first night you’d slept in that penthouse he read to you

♛ it was your favourite book and even the original copy he’d gotten you

♛ his low voice soothed you even further, entire body relaxing into the mattress as he read

♛ eventually he laid down beside you, pulling you against his chest

♛ you hummed happily, cuddling up to your husband

♛ “I’m sorry todays plans were ruined.”

“Are you kidding? You taking care of me for the whole day was much better than any spa.”

♛ Jumin smiled then, once more reminded just how lucky he was to meet you

♛ he gently tilted your head up, pressing a kiss to your lips

♛ “I love you, darling. If you wanted, I would give you the world.”

♛ “I don’t want the world though, silly. All I’d ever want is right here beside me.”

♛ he held you until you fell asleep, heart swollen with joy


☼ Sevens idea of date night is quite different from what other people would consider

☼ he also isn’t really familiar with what most would consider 'romantic’

☼ it’s not something that has ever bothered you, as you yourself aren’t really hearts and flowers

☼ you like that most of the time your dates are fun and different

☼ that is until one of his bright ideas goes wrong again

☼ because you can be sure that generally you’re the one who has to clean up the mess afterwards

☼ like that one time he got arrested and you had to bail him out

☼ who would have thought that he’d take hide and seek so serious!

☼ The idiot broke into someones house for fucks sake!

☼ over time you’d gotten used to even that, though and generally it was fun to watch as his mugshots were taken every time

☼ you laughed a lot

☼ so, when he suggested something calmer this time you were surprised

☼ he said that he’d noticed how exhausting your dates were for you, so he wanted to do something you would enjoy as well; a games night in

☼ he’d gotten out cards, chess, multiple video – and boardgames

☼ Seven was ready and his excitement was contagious

☼ he’d ordered take out for the entire night, stocked up on PhD Pepper and Honey Buddha Chips and both of you had changed into your matching cat PJ’s

☼ the evening started nice enough

☼ you were cuddled up on the couch, beating each others asses at some first person shooters

☼ after that you stuffed yourself full while playing cards at the table

☼ he actually let you win a couple of rounds of chess, smiling to himself as you did your little victory dance only to put on an annoyed face once you looked at him

☼ he just loved how cheerful you were at even the smallest things

☼ then he suggested playing Twister and you should have known better

☼ Seven spends all day crouching in front of his computer, of course he’d suck at Twister

☼ actually, for a while it worked out

☼ since both of you were rather competitive, the two of you each gave your best

☼ it was a very intense round, which probably caused what happened after

☼ in an attempt to look cool and win the game Seven had attempted to do that 'cool lean-back thing’ from the Matrix

☼ sadly, he wasn’t quite as sportive as with a sudden cracking sound, Seven fell to the floor

☼ …and he couldn’t move anymore…fuck…

☼ the rest of the night was spent waiting in the ER for someone to fix whatever Seven had done

☼ by the time you got home the sun was about to rise

☼ so you suggested for the two of you to go up on the roof to watch

☼ as you set there, sharing a Honey Buddha Chips bag with your feet dangling off the roof, your head resting on his shoulder you suddenly burst into laughter

☼ “What are you laughing about?”

☼ “You, mainly, and all the bullshit you get yourself into.”

☼ “My, honey, thank you so much for your compassion.”

☼ “I drove your crying ass to the hospital, you have no right to complain. Anyway, what I was trying to say is…Seven you’re the weirdest dude I know and I love you for it. You’re unconventional, but I’d rather tell our grandchildren the extraordinary things that happen to us, all the adventures I get to have because I chose you instead of the typical guy taking me to wine and dine. Today was a great date night. Thank you”, you say, pressing a kiss to his cheek, causing him to blush

☼ “I’m glad we agree. I love you too…by the way.”


☀ when Saeran heard that there was a fair in town, he got excited

☀ the doctor had warned you that he might show certain childish behaviours due to all the trauma and loss of a normal childhood

☀ you didn’t see the problem though, as you found it extremely endearing

☀ he hadn’t smiled in such a long time so to see him beam…hell, you’d win him one of those life sizes plush bears at the throwing stand and more

☀ it was especially sweet to watch him struggle and stutter through his attempt of inviting you to a date on that particular fair

☀ of course you said yes, as you personally liked fairs too and would do anything to make him smile

☀ the fair was quite packed, but nothing both of you couldn’t handle

☀ he actually did win you a plush bear, although not a life sized one

☀ the two of you shared some cotton candy and even went to the ghost house together

☀ Saeran actually didn’t push you away when you clung to him and you were actually thinking he might have smiled, even?

☀ as the afternoon began to turn into evening and night Saeran suggest to go on the ferris wheel

☀ you were a little surprised, as it wasn’t really exciting and mostly what couples did together

☀ when you saw him blush you realized that he wanted to do that with you and you blushed as well

☀ you walked there side by side, silent and not touching but with rapidly beating hearts

☀ you got in and both enjoyed the view slowly showing itself to you

☀ until suddenly the wheel came to a rapid halt and didn’t continue to move anymore

☀ then the announcement followed that it was broken and they were working to fix it

☀ well…that was unfortunate

☀ the two of you looked at each other, eyes wide with shock but with nowhere to go

☀ you were at the top of the wheel, so there was really no option but to sit and wait

☀ for a long time things were very awkward

☀ both of you looked anywhere but each other and when you actually did steal a glance and your eyes locked both of your faces heated up and you quickly looked away

☀ there was a long silence as well, both of you staring outside of your respective window

☀ then Saeran sighed, shoulders sagging

☀ “This is not how I’d imagined our first date to go.”

☀ you understood what he meant, but you didn’t agree at all

☀ with a gentle smile you reached out, taking his hand into your to get his attention

☀ Saeran instantly looked up, locking eyes with you, wide and confused

☀ “I really loved this date so far. As far as first dates go, this is still one of my best if not the best one. Plus, we get to enjoy this beautiful view for much longer than any other couple so really, we’re lucky.”

☀ it wasn’t perfect, but it made Saeran smile

☀ you decided to switch from your side to his so you two were sitting next to one another

☀ there was still a silence and Saeran was a little stiff for a while, cheeks heated, eyes downcast

☀ until suddenly his hand inched closer and he tentatively laced your fingers together

☀ both of you were looking in opposite directions and yet both of you were smiling just the same

☀ you watched the sun set together and when it was replaced by starts you finally turned to look at each other again

☀ his eyes scanned over your face, coming to a halt on your lips

☀ he looked between them and your eyes, asking for permission

☀ you gave a quick nod and finally your lips met in a sweet, loving kiss

☀ you buried your fingers in his hair as his hands rested on his hips

☀ both of you were completely lost in the kiss, soon growing more confident and passionate

☀ you didn’t even notice when the wheel started to move again


📷 with V having gone completely blind, date possibilities were rather limited

📷 of course you could still go to dinner, but almost everything else was harder or near impossible

📷 even watching a movie in the cinema – the most basic date – was not really something you could do

📷 which was a shame, V knew, because you loved watching movies

📷 he used to love watching movies too, before he went blind

📷 that was when he heard about blind commentary for the first time

📷 you could’t watch a movie in the cinema, but you could watch one at home

📷 you’d done so much for the RFA and him, V thought that the least he could do was switch up your usual dinner dates for movies for once

📷 so, with a plan in mind he’d made his way to the nearest VideoWorld

📷 it had been quite a while since he’d last seen a movie, so V had made his way directly to the register to ask for some advice

📷 he wanted a movie that was romantic, popular and would make his girlfriend happy

📷 not that the guy behind the counter listened

📷 the second he’d seen the crane and realized the man in front of him was fully blind he’d decided to pull a little prank on him

📷 something neither his girlfriend nor him would forget for a long time

📷 with a smile in his voice he’d told him he’d be right back, returning with what he told V was 'The Notebook’, the best movie for dates

📷 V had thanked the guy, payed and made his way home

📷 he’d managed to get the DVD in and even ordered Pizza, drinks and ice cream to go with it

📷 when you finally came home he greeted you with a kiss, told you that he’d run you a bath and he’d wait for you to join him

📷 you thanked him, adoring how considerate and sweet your boyfriend was

📷 once you’d showered off the day and were warm and comfortable on the couch he handed you the remote for the DVD player

📷 you were surprised but he looked so happy and exited about it so you figured he’d gotten a DVD for the two of you to watch

📷 how sweet, he knew how much you loved movies

📷 however, when you pressed play it wasn’t The Notebook…not at all

📷 the cover showed two naked women caressing each other…amongst other things

📷 your eyes almost popped out of your head and you froze for a moment

📷 had V really chosen a porno?

📷 Then it clicked…V was blind so someone else must have chosen for him

📷 you quickly reached for the remote and tried to turn it off, but it was too late and the moaning and other obscene sounds started

📷 now it was V’s eyes widening, cheeks heating and swallowing loudly

📷 after a very, very awkward minute you finally managed to turn the damn thing off, sagging

📷 T-that wasn’t The Notebook, I take it?”

📷 bless V for his big heart, trust and innocence

📷 “No, honey, that wasn’t The Notebook. I guess someone tried to pull a prank. I’m sorry.”

📷 “I’m alright…I’m just sorry it ruined my plan for date night. I know going out with me isn’t easy and our options are limited so I really wanted to make you happy.

📷 “V…you make me very happy. It’s not about the dates. You show me how much you care every single day with every word and gesture. Not to mention that you’re trying to adjust yourself. I appreciate you even trying to do something like that for me. Thank you.”

📷 you kissed, smiling against each others lips

📷 …and maybe just maybe that special copy of The Notebook came in handy later that day after all