salt and burn the bones

12x10 rewatch: gosh, dean really hates how the “lily and her daughter” story went down in 1901. it probably reminds him of the fact that cas is not human and used to be a real “angel’s angel” back in the day (even if we know he’s always had a tendency to rebellion and compassion, but i dont think dean knows). 

dean can’t even look at cas after he knows what happened with lily (well, the “official” story)

(poor sam, always in the middle)

and before that, cas was so afraid of what dean and sam would think of him (but mostly dean). 

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What poetry books would you recommend that are written by PoC?

There are other good books by poets of color but these were the ones that felt most satisfying (or had a high rating on my Goodreads). I would have recommended Warsan Shire’s Her Blue Body but it seems to have disappeared off of Amazon after her announcement of an upcoming poetry book on Twitter.

Okay, but like imagine ten-year old Sam coming home one day in some uniform and being like “Dad, Dean, I joined Boy Scouts at school.” And Dean and John are part amused part bemused like “Why the fuck do you wanna join Boy Scouts, Sammy, you’ve got more survival skills than all of them combined, including the teacher.” And Sam just rolls his eyes and starts packing his bag and is super exasperated like “Duh, that’s exactly why. They’re staying at this camping ground a few miles out and all the older boys are scaring the younger kids and telling them Cabin 13 is haunted n’ that they should go and investigate. Someone’s gotta look out for those dumbass amateurs. Hey, where’s the iron poker?” And John and Dean are this close to telling him the hell he’s going alone and little Sammy marches to the front door and holds up his hand all sassy like “I got this one, guys, I’ll call you when it’s done. Also Dad, I forged your signature on the admissions slip,” and John doesn’t know whether or not to be impressed and Dean’s like “Sammy, you don’t even own a phone!”

And of course they follow him and camp out far enough with binoculars so Sam doesn’t notice them and they’re kinda proud because Sam asks the older kids the serious questions and tries to get as much info about the history of the place and he writes it in a journal just like John’s. Then two nights later Sam follows a bunch of kids to Cabin 13 and Dean and John follow Sam, when the ghost starts attacking the kids and Sam fights it off with the iron poker and tells them to run and John and Dean are freaking out because Sammy’s run inside the cabin with a vengeful spirit. But then five seconds later the doors and this ten-year old hunter is walking out and talking to a ghost kid who’s crying and Sam’s all like “Look, I know you wanna play but kids these days just don’t understand, okay? Also frightening people like that is totally not cool, man. So let’s just get your bones and get you outta that house. No more cabin fever for you. Dean and my dad leave me alone all the time and it drives me crazy so trust me, kid, I know how you feel.”

And then John is mad and afraid like what the fuck, Sammy, don’t talk to it, and Dean has to hold him back and let Sammy finish working the case because he knows how proud of himself Sam is gonna be and that he’ll want to tell them all about it like look, I did this all by myself, so he manages to drag John far away long enough for Sam to salt and burn the bones and wish his new ghost friend goodbye. Then they hightail it back to the motel and pretend like nothing happened and the next day and they’re watching TV and cleaning out their guns when Sam calls Dean using a payphone to tell them “It’s done. Can you pick me up?” and so Dean and John drive all the way back and Sammy hops into the back and they’re both so proud of him when five seconds later he bursts into tears and John nearly swerves off the road when Sam climbs into the front seat and cries because “I was soooo scaaaared! Deeeean!”

And Dean and John just look at each other and smile and Dean just holds Sammy until he passes out and that night they have pizza and soda and pie and celebrate Sam’s first solo hunt.

The Signs At A Haunted Hospital

Aries: Loads their bb gun with rock salt and pretends to be a Hunter; shoots spirits like a badass and thinks that they are everyone’s hero; after Sagittarius actually gets rid of all the spirits and really saves everyone; they decide to go help Virgo since they’ll believe that Aries was the real hero

Taurus: Took a nap in one of the hospital beds when they first arrived; they don’t believe in haunted hospitals and they just wanted the dare to be over with already; ends up sleeping through the entire haunting and doesn’t believe the others when they recap what happened; not sure whether to call the police about Gemini’s murder since they don’t know which of their friends did it

Gemini: Making fun of the possibility of ghosts and pranking everyone in the group so that they all get scared; collapses on the floor and everyone thinks that they are faking it; Virgo touches them and finds real blood gushing out of their back; the haunting has begun and everyone panics

Cancer: Has intensified connections with the spirits and actually feels their anger and confusion; some of them not even realizing that they are dead; torn between running away from it all and trying to help them get to the other side; becomes a psychic medium after the experience

Leo: Not ready to die; running around the hospital with syringes and scalpels in their hands and screaming at the top of their lungs, thinking that it would help them against the spirits; ends up getting tossed against a wall by a spiteful spirit and losing their useless weapons

Virgo: White as a sheet (except for their hands which are covered in Gemini’s blood); is too anxious to think of anything, ends up holing themselves up inside one of the bathrooms and fainting on the floor; when they come to again, Aries is helping them walk outside and the haunting is over

Libra: Completely freaked out the moment they see Gemini on the floor; they don’t believe in irrational things like ghosts, so there must be a logical explanation like a killer on the loose; as soon as the first apparition appears, they take off screaming at the top of their lungs

Scorpio: Powerful enough to get the ghosts to stop throwing things around the room and listen to them; uses a spell that they heard Bobby use one time on Supernatural (they of course looked it up after the episode and found that it was a real spell); binds one of the ghosts in place and makes him answer the burning questions that they have been dying to know

Sagittarius: Has watched Supernatural enough times to know what they need to do to get everyone out safe; finds salt in the kitchen and already had lighter fluid on them (don’t ask); follows Aquarius and Pisces and salts and burns all of the bones; Aquarius and Pisces are close to tears when they see the ghosts catch on fire and disappear

Capricorn: Got crept up on by a little girl’s ghost that walked right through them; acquired a migraine that won’t go away; walking around with an iron stethoscope they found in one of the doctor’s offices so that they can whoosh away any ghosts that come near them; after all, it usually works for Sam and Dean

Aquarius: Tries to connect with the angry spirits to ask them why they are haunting the hospital; finds out that the hospital used to be an asylum where patients were unspeakably tortured and experimented on until they died; the humanitarian inside of them hurts for the spirits and promises to make what happened to them known if they let everyone go

Pisces: Helping Aquarius calm the spirits down; asks the spirits to show them the hidden areas where the torture used to take place so that they can find records and take pictures for proof; cries when they end up finding the remains of these people (some of them children) crammed into little crawlspaces 


With Balthazar’s Help

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Pairing: Balthazar x Reader

Word Count: 1,096

Warnings: hurt/comfort

A/N: This was requested by @flufy07! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! :)

This was the first hunt that Sam and Dean were allowing you to go on by yourself.  It was both exciting and terrifying.  They gave you a simple task for your first hunt.  Salt and burn some bones, thus saving the people the spirit was after.  It seemed like a piece of cake to you.

As you tossed the match into the dug up grave, you smiled with pride.  Your first hunt had gone well with almost no bumps along the way.  You were sure that Sam and Dean would be proud.  You assumed not all hunts were this easy.

You bent down to put things back in your bag when you heard a low growl come from behind you.  Upon turning around, there was nothing there but the empty cemetery and a little fog.  You let out a relieved breath, shaking your head.  

As the fire died down you got your shovel ready.  You couldn’t just leave a grave like this, but since you were alone you were left to do the dirty work.  You started to shovel dirt back into the grave when you heard another growl, but this time it was different.  This time you felt a huff of air brush against your arm.

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Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Warnings: Injury, language, fluffy luci  

A/N: Anonymous requested:

Can you please do a fic where the reader is in a relationship with Lucifer and she gets hurt , but not seriously, on a hunt (maybe dislocate a shoulder?) and she doesn’t want to tell Luci because he’ll get angry - but when the boys are gonna pop it back into place Lucifer can feel her pain and show up, shaking the whole room in his worry and angelic rage? :)

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The Boys (2/?)

 Summary:   You’ve been a hunter since you were 18 , a  vampire killed your bestfriend and you threw yourself into the hunting world after you met the hunters handling her case. John Winchester & Bobby Singer.   Being around Bobby, it was a matter of time before you met Dean & Sam Winchester.  You got along with Sam instantly, but you & Dean didn’t click as much . For the most part your relationship was full of flirting, insults, and arguments. Thankfully you weren’t around them often, only helping each other out on a few hunts . But what happens when you run into the boys again after years of not seeing them?

Warnings: swearing, flirting,angst

Pairing: ( none yet) Dean x reader, Sam x reader

  “ Fuck off Dean. ” you say through your laughs.  You  & the boys are celebrating an easy , successful hunt at the bar down the road from your motel. 

“ Name a time & place sweetheart , ill be there.” Dean shoots back with a wink .

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You roll your eyes, sipping on the whiskey. It burns going down your throat, you’ll never get sick of the taste of whiskey.  The night continues , all  of you sharing laughs and memories.

     A few hours later the boys decide its time to walk back to the hotel you guys were staying at . Sam was not ridiculously drunk , but he wasn’t just buzzed either. Dean having the tolerance he does, was barely tipsy. You on the other hand, were plain old drunk .  You being giggling as Sam pulls you out of the booth , and you fall against his chest with a squeal.  He follows in your laughter , wrapping his arm around your shoulder to pull you with him and Dean to the door. When the cool breeze hits your face, a smile forms.

 How did I get so lucky to find such good friends? 

“ Come on sweetheart, we have to walk a couple minutes to the room .” Dean says . The boys are now walking ahead of you , while you just standing watching them move.

“ Ugh but Dean ! Its still so early!  ” you complain.  It was barely 2 am  , the whiskey making you feel more awake than you’d like. 

 Dean makes his way back to you .He doesn’t say a word to you , just bends down and tosses you over his shoulder. You let out a string of giggles, squirming in Deans hold.

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“ D , put me down ! ” you yell , you really don’t mind the view though . Your face is nearly eyelevel with Dean perfect ass. Drunk you apparently has no verbal or physical filter right now. You lift your arm, and land a perfect smack to his ass.  You burst out in laughter, when you feel Deans body stiffen at your action. You can hear Sam chuckle making your laugh grow.

“ Keep laughing Sammy, Your ass is next.” You playfully warn.  You can feel Deans shoulder shake as he releases a small laugh .  Out of nowhere  you feel a large hand swat your ass, hard. A small gasp ,almost bordering a moan , escapes your lips at the sting.

“ Well well, looks like Y/n’s got a kink , Sammy.”

“ Ewh gross guys , can you not.” Sammy groans. You feel your cheeks heat up ,and you let out an awkward laugh.  well that was embarrassing.

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Dean Finally sets you down when you guys reach the room.You stretch your arms above your head, a yawn following. You go right for the bathroom, grabbing your pjs out of your bag on the way . When you step out of the bathroom in your baggy Pink Floyd shirt & cheekster underwear, you hear Dean whistle as he sees you .  Your eyes roll for what feels like the hundredth time today .  When Dean takes his turn in the bathroom , Sam shakes his head at the two of you. 

“ Either of you make a move yet?” Sam asks as he peels back the blanket on one of the small beds.  You snort at his question,

“Shutup Sam, nothings going to happen.“  A girl can wish though.

” Yeah whatever you say , just keep it in your pants tonight. I’m in the bed right next to you two and id rather not hear you guys -“

” Hear us what ,Sammy?“ Dean says from the doorway . I wonder how much he heard. 

” Just keep your hands to yourself.“ Sam says as he eyes the both of you .

” Go to bed, drunkass.“ you tell Sam, crawling into the bed across from his. You & Dean have been sharing a bed on most hunts. Sam being the moose he is , takes up the entire bed and radiates more heat than hell. A few minutes pass, and Sams snoring begins.You let out a chuckle at the sound. 

” Whats so funny sweetheart?“ Dean asks quietly .

” Your brothers snores could rival a hibernating bear.“ You both try to keep your laughing down. You wiggle your body , trying to get comfortable. You feel Dean right behind you , his body barely brushing yours. His hand lands on your stomach, stopping your fidgeting.

” If you wiggle your ass against my crotch one more time, we are going to have a problem sweetheart.“ Dean warns.

Oh Shit. Whoops.

” Don’t act like you don’t like it D. “ you whisper, a small smile tugging at your lips .He pushes your stomach lightly, bringing your ass now flush against his half hard bulge, his lips ghosting over the shell of your ear. 

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 ” Oh I love it, i just dont think Sammy would appreciate what  would happen, since hes still in the room. “ Why does he do this to me? Such a cocky bastard.   You know Dean does things just to get a rise out of you , that’s just how your friendship works. Most of the time it just irritates you to the point of wanting to lock him in his trunk, but sometimes it bothers you in a way that sends chills down your spine, & heat straight to your core.

 ” Go to bed D, that Whiskey seems to be hitting you a little hard tonight. “ You say , hoping to end this conversation. Hes drunk , he probably wont remember this in the morning .   You hear him sigh , slightly loosening his grip but not letting you go.

” Whatever you want to believe , sweetheart.“ he says . You don’t respond, instead you focus on trying to sleep .

1 week later 

 You are sitting in another crappy ,run down bar in another small town. But this time , its not for celebratory drinks. The hunt didn’t go as smooth as you all hoped for.  The man you were trying to save from the ghost ignored your warning to stay in the salt circle. Burning the bones didn’t work, so you and Dean were ravaging through the house for something the ghost was attached to, by the time you got back into the room , the man was murdered the same way the ghost was.

 You are downing your 4th tumbler of whiskey, sitting silently at the booth with Sam. He is already looking for a new case, something to get your mind off of this one.  You know not every case is going to end well, but the ones that don’t still hit you hard.  Your eyes wander, landing on Dean & the busty blonde at the bar.  You watch as her hands snake around his neck, and her lips go to his ear.  Anger floods you at the way Dean blushes at what she is saying to him.  Another night, another skank.  You know its dumb to be  jealous, but you cant help it. You’ve seen him flirt with numerous girls, only actually leaving with some of them ; but everytime it stings for some reason.  You haven’t told Sam of the feelings that surfaced for his brother, not wanting to see his ’ I told you so’ face.

” You wanna get out of here ?“ Sam asks,closing his laptop.  You nod your head yes, and he leaves the money for your drinks on the table.  You watch as he goes to tell Dean you’re leaving, and the careless look on his face burned you even more.  Why would he care? He gets to be with Malibu Barbie tonight instead of getting in bed with me.  You begin the short walk back to the motel with Sam .

 ” You know, this just means you get your own bed tonight, y/n!“ Sam says , trying to ease the mood. He can sense the weight of the hunt still on your shoulders.  You send him a tiny smile,

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

” Yeah, I cant wait.“ you say half heartedly. After most hunts like this, when you and Dean would both be blaming yourselves, you’d comfort each other with sweet words and youd even run your fingers through his hair until hed calm down enough to sleep.

  You enter the room , and both get ready for bed.  You finally throw yourself down on the scratchy motel bed. 

” Goodnight y/n.“ Sam says with a yawn .  He shuts the light off and falls into his own bed.

” Night Sammy.“

 It wasn’t long before you figure out why you cant fall asleep. Since being with the boys, you’ve always shared a bed with one of them. You miss the warmth , and comfort of someone next to  you . You check the clock ,seeing it hasn’t been long since you wished Sammy goodnight.

” Sammy, are you awake?“ you whisper

He grumbles, rolling himself over to face you .  He lifts his covers up , silently inviting you over, sensing its the reason youre still awake. You hop out of bed and into his. You snuggle yourself into his bare chest,  his body head instantly enveloping you .

” Jesus Christ, how are you so hot?!“ you whine. You fidget , trying to get the blanket off you a little bit.

” Good genetics “ he says with a sleepy laugh . Even in his sleep he thinks he so funny .

” Ha Ha . So clever Sammy.“  he hums in response, you can tell by the way his breathing evens out hes already back asleep.

 A few hours later, you’re woken by the sound of the motel room door opening and closing. Your body tenses, but you feel Sam reaching for the gun hidden under the pillow.

” its just me .“ Dean?Sam grunts in response to his brother..

” Why is y/n In bed with you?“  Dean asks, laying in the other bed already .

” She didn’t want to sleep alone. “ Sam says, still half asleep. Sam  is on his back now, one arm around you as you cuddle into his side. You feel Deans hand on your waist, gently shaking .

” Dean what are you “ Sam starts, but Dean ignores him.

” Come on sweetheart, I’m back. We can sleep a few more hours. “  Does he really think I’m going to just get my ass out of this bed to lay with him? Why didn’t he just stay at the girls place?

 You hum, clinging on to Sam tighter. You hear Dean let out a defeated sigh , then the bed creak under his weight. Your chest tightens as you try to figure out his actions.   You feel Sams breathing even, and hear Deans do the same.  You turn yourself in Sams arms to face Dean . Hes turned facing you , a calm look over his face.

Originally posted by frozen-delight

You want to go get in bed with him, you want him to pull you to him and snuggle against you . You love cuddling Sam , but it was different with Dean. You’re about to get up to switch beds, when you get better glimpse at his neck. Purple and black marks littered the side visible to you. Oh Fuck no.  As much as you want to move, you’re not going to go lay with him . You stay with Sammy,  trying to push the thoughts of Dean away  and fall back asleep.

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Bite Me (Part 8)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean (no pairings…yet…)

Warnings: Minor character deaths, violence

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,886

A/N: This is the eighth installment in my first ever fanfic series. So many people have jumped on the bandwagon recently, and I love each and every one of you. This part is smooth sailing… after the first part of the flashback. I swear. Thank you all so much for sharing the love and giving me feedback and encouragement. These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

Read (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7)

I had just turned twenty-four when Uncle Jay died. He had been gone longer than his predicted one week, so I strapped a pack to my back and set out with Arlo to check in. I found him a few days later, most of his limbs strewn out across a cave. I allowed myself time to mourn, but my shocked brain never really fully grasped what had happened. Completely alone for the first time in my entire life, my mind defaulted into hunter mode, making quick work of gathering Uncle Jay’s remains before salting and burning the pile. There were other bones and limbs inside the cave, some fresher than others, but none of them belonged to a monster. I had brought what I needed with me to finish the job, so it was only a matter of setting my trap and waiting.

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Summary: Dean is in love with the reader, the only problem is that she’s engaged to Sam.  As Sam and the reader plan their wedding, they start arguing more and more and the reader finds solace in her best friend, Dean.  

Pairings/Characters: Sam x Reader, unrequited Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3673, including lyrics

Warnings: Angst, Unrequited love, Cursing, The tiniest bit of canon typical violence

A/N: This is for two challenges: First, @deathtonormalcy56’s P&P challenge, for which my prompts were “Who needs friends?” which is in bolded in the fic and the song “Mercy” by Shawn Mendes, the lyrics of which are in italics and guided the plot.  It’s also for this week’s installment of the SPN hiatus challenge, hosted by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing.  The prompts this week are the trope “planning their wedding leads to bickering and conflicting ideas” and the line “Could you be any louder?” which is bolded in the fic.

Dean girls beware, my beloved beta’s response to this was “Do you know how hard that is for a Dean girl to read?!?!”

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Far Removed From Reality

Drabble Request by @theanniewisegirl: If you’re still taking them… could I request a drabble? Could it be with Sam and angst with a bit of fluff at the end? Like maybe the reader is afraid of something or freezes during a hunt? Thanks so much!!!

Word Count: 1014

Warnings: Minor depression & like feelings

A/N: Life got so crazy! I’ve had no time to write, and I’m not gonna have time to write until next week! Ahh!! I hate being an adult! Anyway, I carved out an hour to write tonight and got this drabble out, but I’m gonna go dark again for a few days (another weekend filled with family and friends!) But I just wanted to get something out because it’s been nearly a week. 

“Look at the pretty little girl,” the ghost snarled, floating closer to you. “She’s frightened out of her wits, this one.”

Y/N! This is a freaking ghost! You can fight this, you can win, you—your inner monologue cut off as memories flashed past your eyes of every hunt gone wrong in your entire life. All the lives you failed to save. Every monster that was still alive because you couldn’t kill it.

“My, my!” The second ghost squealed in excitement. He dug even deeper for the darkest memories that you kept hidden. As the scenes flickered to life like an old film, your muscles tensed. Oh, how you wanted to run. Oh, how you wanted this to end. But you couldn’t move. You could barely breathe. And the ghosts thrived off of that. “She’s a fun one, she is! So many bad memories.”

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The Family Curse || Chapter One

Winchester Sister Reader-Insert

Words: 1.6K

Warnings: Injury to Reader, Canon-Typical Violence


Hey, brother, there’s an endless road to re-discover.    
Hey, sister, know the water’s sweet but blood is thicker.    
Oh, if the sky comes falling down for you,    
There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do.

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When We Were Young (Pt. 1)

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warning/Content: slight swearing; angst

Words: 1393

Set sometime during S5

A/N: Hey guys, back again! This is a fic I’ve had bouncing around my head for a while, it’ll be a few parts - not sure how long yet though, I guess we’ll have to see XD My first was pretty popular, so I’m glad everyone liked that, it’s reassuring… anyways, my prompts are open, and I do requests for a couple Supernatural characters as well as characters from other fandoms if you want to take a look. Enjoy!

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

You finished packing the necessary supplies into the back of your car and shut the trunk, tossing your bag in the open window of the backseat and returning into your motel room. “Blake, are you almost done?”

           “Yeah, I just need to get my jacket,” your ten-year-old son said, grabbing his brown, fleece-lined jacket and pulling it on. “Do you need any help with the truck?”

           “Nah, kiddo, I got it,” You responded, waiting for him to leave before shutting the door. A few minutes later you were on your way, driving through the night towards the forest that was being haunted by a particularly angry ghost. If anything, you would have preferred to not have Blake involved in hunting at all – but ever since Hell’s gates were opened and Lucifer was released from the pit, there weren’t all that many trustworthy hunters to leave him with anymore. They were all dead or working overtime on other hunts. Which meant that he tagged along with you, like it or not.

           “Did you get all the salt you needed from the store? And the gas?” Blake asked, looking up from the book on wendigos he was reading by flashlight. His green eyes – just like his dad’s, you thought – glinted worriedly in the light. You knew going on hunts still scared him, but he was getting better. After all, hunting did run in his blood.

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A Little Chill

Pairing: Dean x Reader, brief mentions of Sam x Reader

Word count: 1970

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, teasing, one night stands

Square filled: Teasing @ spnkinkbingo

A/N: Alright, I had a down day and I promised myself I was going to spend it writing you guys some new smut to make up for the fact that this is the first thing I have written for you this week. I hope you guys like it! 

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

It had been a crazy night, you had been on a hunt with Dean again and after you had salted and burned the bones of the offending spirit the two of you were both feeling a little antsy with pent up energy. Your fingers were slowly picking off the label of the bottle of beer in your hands and Dean had stilled your motions and invited you back to the bunker to unwind. 

It had all started with the promise of a cup of coffee but before you knew it you had ended up here.

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Strong, Pickle-Jar-Opening Man

Tiniest drabble in the history of drabbles, generally.

Sam x Reader. Enjoy

THANKS @potato-that-needs-therapy FOR THE GIF ILY <3

“Hey, sexy”

Who are you and what did you do to Y/N ;)”

“Oh shut uuup”

You chuckled at your phone screen. Sam knew how shy you were, generally, and always teased you when you attempted to flirt with him

“So what’s up how’s the hunt going”

You bit your lip, watching as the screen waved the word “Typing” over the text bar.

Good. We’re gonna go salt n burn the bastard’s bones in an hour or so”

“Oh okay”

“Hey sam?”


“Be careful”

“Always am. I’ll be back before you know it, I promise

“I love you”

I love you too”



“So how has your day been?”

I looked back in the day and started laughing at the answer to the question.

“Oh you know, same old. I cleaned the bunker, tried to make a burger”

“Where’s my strong pickle-jar-opening man when I need him”

“Needless to say you’re gonna have to pick up another jar on your way home. I broke this one”

Not two seconds passed when


“Don’t laugh at me Winchester”

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every episode of supernatural ever

*episode opens with someone going about their every day life*

ghost/monster: LMAO NOT ANYMORE stabstabstab

person: aw fuck he ate my liver :(

*sam and dean are in some food place*

dean: damn i just fucking love pancakes man you know what else i love

sam: what?

dean: K̴̸̡͎̯͎͙͇I͏̫̼̺̜̜̞͞ͅL͏҉̨̳͓̘̥͖͢ͅĻ̵̵̠͕̦̮͍͉̙͚̘͎̣͚̗̻̀̕I͟͝҉̴̨̟̱̜̞͉N̥͚͇̦̮̥̣͇̞͇͚̲͙͓̤̭̠͔͘ͅG̡͏͓͚͇̠̟̟̺͙̼̺̝̹͕̞̻ ̶̛͕̖̙͚̥̺̺̗̱̰̞̘͡D̵̴̨̞̜̪̩̳͙̥͈̰͇̖̝̩̰ͅĘ̶͏̸̭͉̣M̶̷̫̩̳̲̤̦̪̤̺͖̝͎̝̦̜͇͍̙͍͡O̶͏̛͈̯̣͍̗̘̲̜̘͈̭̙ͅN̨̨̧͎̯͈͔̰̬̟͈̤͈̝͡S̶̵͙̦̲͙̫͖͇͔͔͡ͅͅ





sam: hey dean look at this some guy’s liver was ripped out and apparently another guy’s liver was also ripped out


*they’re in the car*

sam: dean i just… you need to stop treating me like a little kid… i just ugh dean you suck ass

dean: wow fuck u sam


*cut to them interviewing the family*

wife: sooo yeah i just heard him screaming

dean: maam was he screaming about… dank memes, by any chance?

sam: wtf

wife: wtf are you guys crazy?

sam and dean:


sam and dean:

wife: … actually he was

sam: dean i did some research online and i think i know what this is

dean:  A̴̴̢̢ͫ̆̅͆͒ͪͫ̔̎ͨ͋̓͏̦̞͎̮̞͈̯̪̗̮̼͉̭̳̻ ̴̷̧̣͔̤̞͔͈͖̠͇̗̟̻̿̄̾ͧ̐͂͢͝Ḓ̡̛̛̺̙̹̣̏̾̆ͩ̌ͤ̍̔̏̓ͨ̃́̚͝E̛̘̫͍͕͖̳̦̾̐̍́M̷̴̋̀̾ͩ͑͑̐̋̋̓ͮ̃҉̵̳̟͇̼̖͇̲̭̝̪Ǫ̷̧̩̰͈͇̱̲̗ͮ́ͩ̋̋̏ͪͤ̐̇̒ͣ̀Ņ̴̛͉̺͖̺͚͎̲̗̠ͦ̒̉̓̐͋́ͥ̎̆̑̈́ͬ́̚ͅ?̂̃̒͂͐͑ͮ͐̎ͣ̈ͪ́̚͟͏͎͉̜̯̩͈͖̟̤̲̣͈̕ͅ!̶̶̢̩̼̗͉̤̤͙͉̠́ͭ̿͆̽̔̍͂̽ͨͣ̈́́̚͘ͅ

sam: no u fuck dad wrote about it in his journal. it’s called the dank meme ghost it attacks people who abuse dank memes

dean: so we gank it by salting and burning the bones

*they do that but then someone else gets their liver eaten*


sam: THERE’S A RITUAL WE HAVE TO COMPLETE but first we have to lure it here…

dean: ok ill be the bait… Pepe the frog is a terrible meme

*meme ghost appears

ghost:  h̶̨̙̻̜̹̲̞̖̼̣͔̠̫̓̃̌͋̕͜ǫ͕̞̦̦̟͎̣̞̩͍̺̘̮͖̖̼̦̦̆ͯ͛̑̿ͣ͆̀̕͠ͅw̨͈̰̥̖͎̻͔̣͎͓͖̼̰̭̝͈͇̬ͧͫ͗̇ͥͪͬ͋̌͌͊̌̓̆ͭ̐ͪ̉̀͟͠ ͧ͗ͫ͐̌̀̉ͩ̌̏ͣͫ̋ͤ̇̐̑̈҉̧̛̛̼͙͎͇̱̞͙͢f̷̻͍̰̝̰͎̯͎̪̼̮̘̥̲̳͋ͨ̋̌̇ͤ͋̅̀̓̓̆̑́̚͡ư̸̳̩̬̣̬͓̥͔͕̱͇̪͕̜̗̳̰̙̳ͬ͂̊̄̍͋̈́̃͑̇̓ͫ̄̅̈́͂́̚͝c̡͆ͬ͆̇ͤͣ̋̚͘҉̹̩̞͓͉̮̫̝̞̻̞͉͈̞ͅͅk̨̡̪̤̺̲̩̟͓͕̯̝ͨ̓ͯ͆ͥ͂ͧ̄͐͑̂ͥ̍̈́̚͡͝i̴̺͖̥̰̩̘̮̭͋̊͂͊ͅg̛̘̮̫͕͖̦̞̹͙̖̠̲̞͇͍̪̀̒̑ͨ͂͋̾͜͝ṅ̵͔͕͇̱͈͍͛ͧͪ̃͂̐ͬ͌ͨ̇̓̓ ̨̃̑̌̉̇̉̉ͥ͋͐ͪ͊̑ͨ̍̽͢͏̴̫̯̬͍̳͉̰͓̦̠̰͔̲̫̞̤̹̟d̸̵̢̥̲̞̦̙̪̦͚̯̼̝̖̠̳̗͗̀ͥ̂͛ͥ̓̌̂͋ͣͪ̆̅ͪ̄͆̉͢aͬ̇̅ͧ̇̇̽̉͜͟͏͉͈͙̬̭͚͖͚̟͖ͅrͯ̔͗̽͛ͪ̈́̌̽͗̀͏͏̞̭͎̮͓́͝ͅe̢͇͇̰̰̱̞̠̜̯̰̻̲ͭ͗̾͆̔̃͐͂͗ͩ̈͘ ̵̵̧̢̬͈̺͍͙̺ͭ̌ͪ̓̍͐̋͗ͭ̚y̴̛̥͔̫͍̟̞̱̤̗̮̤̼͕̽̔̓̓ͣ͑ͣ̇ͭ̂̀́͢o̎̋̋̓̈̄̋̽ͯ̈͗ͮ̉͟҉̶̺̻̜͇̪̦͉͚̠͈̩͘͢u̷̜̞͔͍͇̟̱͕͚ͬͣͦ̓ͅ


ghost: ah shit

*ghost dies*

dean: wow we did good huh sam


*a demon appears*

dean:  S̸̛̛ͣ̑̈ͪͯ̃ͥ̈͟Ḩ̨̾̌̿ͩ̍̆̈͋̎͑͊ͭͦ̅̐͝I̷͌͛̂͂̔̄̕͢T̡͐ͦ̏̄̽ͤͫ̐͐͝ ̃ͦ̇̏̌̀̐҉̨Į̷̧̔͒̓́͐́̆̒ͪ̌͐̉̌̓ ͊͒ͬ͌̅̂ͧ͋̊̽͑͊̊͆ͥ̉͞͏̷̧Ķ͗ͯ̽̅̒̾̐ͭͪ͋̆̉̎͢N̽̆̃̑̆̾ͬͩ̌̒̾̀̀͆͛̉͞͏E̢̧͊̄̏̌͒͊ͯ̽ͤͮ̈́̏͠W̢̡̛ͣ̅͗ͮ̈̄ͯ̆̌͝͞ ͐ͦ̋̉̕҉̸̧͢Ï̡ͬ̅̈́͛͘͝T̴ͭ͐̈͂ͫ̀̕͞͠

demon: *says something ominous to sam and then disappears*


dean: i mean considering all the shit you’ve done to me-


bobby: idjits

Escaping the Island - Part 3

Series Summary: You’re in for the fight of your life, trapped on a deadly, ghost-filled island with no way out. The only way to survive is by unraveling a murderous plot. Can you figure out who brought you here and why before it’s too late? Or will you, Sam, and Dean all become their next victims?

Chapter Summary: You and Dean are pushed apart by a secret and a confrontation. Can you find a way to salvage your budding relationship, or will the ghost’s latest attack stop you before you even get a chance to try?

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 4456

Warnings: Canon-level violence, hurt Sam and Dean, some angst and arguing

A/N: I’m sorry I took so long to get this part out, but I hope it was worth the wait! I’m really loving where this series is going and I hope you are too. Once again, this chapter was betaed by the fantastic @cyrilconnelly, and I hope y’all enjoy it! Feedback is much appreciated.

Escaping the Island MasterPost

Part One    Part Two

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Sleeping awake

Originally posted by marilynmay

Summary: Dean x Reader - The Winchesters and the reader is hunting a creature that’s been killing women in their sleep when it comes to them instead.

Triggers: Threat of death, nightmares, panic attack, sleep paralysis

Word Count: 3891

Y/N = Your name  Y/H/C = Your hair colour

Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

[Comment: I suffer from sleep paralysis at least once a week so I guess I kind of wrote this for myself as well. Sorry for the weak sleep paralysis descriptions, it’s kind of impossible to properly describe the helplessness that comes with it. Let me know what you think!]

“So a total of five women have been found suffocated in their beds after several nights of waking nightmares involving complete body paralysis, hallucinations and excessive paranoia,” You read aloud from the newspaper article to the two guys in the front seat.

You were headed towards your next hunt and as usual you were in the backseat as Dean drove and Sam looked through his father’s journal from the front. Seated between the two guys, leaning forward from the cramped backseat, you were repeating the case details to them. Trying to make the most out of the road trip by finding out what the hell you were fighting before you got there.

“No signs of breaking and entering and no external or internal signs of force can be found as a reason behind the suffocation,” You continued, skimming through the printout of the article that had been headline news in the local newspaper and looking through other papers for other titbits of information.

According to the different articles the official statement was that the women had all died from unexplainable SUNDS, sudden unexpected death syndrome, but you knew better. The whole thing reeked of something supernatural. And luckily, you were experts in the field of ganking the evil sons of bitches that usually were behind killings of the more paranormal persuasion, or just behind anything plain weird.

“So what are we thinking? Ghosts? Incubi?” Dean said from the front seat, his emerald green eyes glancing up at you through the rear-view mirror.

“I don’t know… The women’s explanations make it seem like a ghost is doing it, but there is something off about the whole thing,” You said, chewing on the nail of your thumb, a bad habit that reared its ugly head whenever you fell deep into thought.

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Summary: When Dean and Y/N find themselves stranded in a motel during a blizzard they entertain themselves with movies. When Y/N picks the horror film Crimson Peak, Dean of course has his doubts. What the two of them weren’t expecting was a reenactment of the sex scene from the film.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Rated M

Warnings: Strong sexual content, NSFW, language, oral sex (female receiving), pure smut

Word Count: 3,233

A/N: This is my entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Movie Night Challenge. Jesus I have struggled with this one for months. I literally have to thank @percywinchester27 for giving me some form of inspiration. I love Crimson Peak it’s one of my favorite horror movies. So I uh hope y’all enjoy! (forgive me I’m sleep deprived and getting really sick.)

Originally posted by imagine-warlock

You expected a lot of things from this ghoul hunt, like searching through graveyards. Doing that meant that you had to investigate coffins and crawl through family mausoleums. You knew that when you and Dean found the ghouls it was going to be a bloody kill, a head shot was the only way to take them out. So by the time you had found and ganked the sons of bitches you were soaked in ghoul blood. But that’s what came with the job title, you could always anticipate it was going to be dangerous and bloody.

What you didn’t anticipate was for a blizzard to hit on your way back to the motel.

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Don’t Listen to Them

Fic Type: Drabble

Words: 486

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Castiel

Summary: Cas teaches Dean an important lesson.


Info: I did not write this trying to anger anyone. If you are violently homophobic and/or actively insult homosexuals I’d like to kindly ask you to get off my blog. Thank you.

Some hunters could be real jerks.

They’d crashed into some of these jerks during a milk run, a bunch of amateurs who insisted on taking the lead.

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Sam was four and had this habit of running when he got scared. Frankly Dean didn’t blame him because when it all started, he was just a little kid and he had overheard Dean talking on the phone with dad and dad had told Dean to lock the door, salt the windows and make sure that Sam was safe.

It was told in that same tone that always had Sam’s hair up on end when he heard it and when Dean turned to look at him, he bolted out the door, tears blinding his vision because he was four and scared and wanted his dad. He wanted his family. He wanted everyone where he could see them.

Dean found him after he found a way to end the conversation with his dad. He couldn’t just hang up because he didn’t want his dad to grow suspicious. He didn’t want dad to think that he wasn’t competent enough to take care of Sam. He didn’t want dad to show up and take Sam somewhere else, leave him in someone else’s care. Someone who didn’t know Sam like Dean did.

But he found Sam at the edge of the motel, sitting on the curb, arms curled around his legs, face hidden in his bony knees as his small body shook with tears.

Dean wrapped an arm around Sam as he sat down next to him and Sam curled into Dean, grabbing the front of his hoodie and held Dean as close to his body as he could.

Dean wanted to scold Sam for running like that. He needed to scold the kid for doing that… but he was just a kid. Four years old and he was scared and what else was Sam supposed to do.

So instead, Dean picked up his little brother and carried him back to their room and crawled into bed with him, letting Sam bury his head into Dean’s chest. They stayed like that until they heard the roar of the impala’s engine and Dean untangled himself from Sam and fell into the stoic, obedient son that his father needed him to be right now.

Sam was ten and dad thought that Sam was finally ready to come out on a hunt with Dean and him and Sam was ecstatic. He had been begging to go out with them ever since he learned how to hit a bullseye and Dean always promised that it would be the next hunt.

And it was finally here.

The hunt wasn’t that bad of one. Dad had managed to snag what seemed to be a simple salt and burn. Find the grave and burn the bones. Quickly, the excitement of being out on a hunt started to fade as Sam’s shirt became soaked with sweat as he worked to dig up the grave. His hands were starting to blister but Sam wasn’t going to complain. If he complained, dad was going to call him a child and if dad called him a child then he wasn’t going to let him out on another hunt.

So he kept his cries to himself and continued to dig with Dean and dad, waiting to hit the coffin.

Dad had warned him that they knew that they were close to the coffin when the spirit would show up, angry and willing to do anything to keep from being exposed and so Sam expected that.

What he didn’t expect was one second for dad to be right beside him and then the next, six feet to the right, groaning because his head hit one of the gravestones before he fell silent.

Dean called out his fathers name but he didn’t responded and Dean cursed under his breath. Dad was out cold.

Dean went back to digging, this time faster but Sam held onto his shovel, eyes wide as he looked at the spirit as it came after the two of them. And Sam did what he did best.

He dropped the shovel and ran, icy panic racing through his veins. He didn’t want to leave his brother back there at the grave. He knew that he needed to stay there, dig up that coffin and toss in those matches to set the damn thing ablaze but it was a spirit and it’s eyes were staring into his and all of the sudden Sam felt very, very small and he needed to get out of there.

Dean found him hiding behind a gravestone, curled in on himself. Once again Dean knew that he needed to scold his little brother for running out like that because it was dangerous. He couldn’t just leave Dean to fend for himself like that if he was going to be a hunter.

But Sam looked up at his big brother, eyes already red from crying and he only started to cry harder when he saw the gash that was bleeding above Dean’s eye. If only Sam had been a big boy, if only he wasn’t such a small child, Dean wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

Maybe he wasn’t ready and when dad found out that he wasn’t ready, dad was never going to let him come on hunts with them. Ever.

Except Dean didn’t tell dad that Sam ran. In fact, Dean didn’t say anything other than that he was going to have to watch out because Dean and his little brother were going to take over the family business if he wasn’t careful.

And dad clapped Sam on the back, told him good job and was none the wiser that he was the reason why Dean now had that scar over his eye.

Sam was fifteen and now he didn’t run when he heard his dad’s voice over the phone telling him to lock the doors at night and to salt the windows.

Sam was fifteen and now his hands are hardened with callouses from digging up graves and he didn’t run when the spirit came out.

However that didn’t mean that Sam had stopped running. Sam was fifteen and had just started high school, still small for his age, and he was surrounded by his peers who all they could talk about was who they loved.

You see, Sam had started running a long time ago from the things that scared him but ever since he started to get this throb of want in the lowest part of his gut anytime Dean looked at him, ever since his skin burned whenever Dean touched him, he started running from the thing that he loved.

Dad trusted Dean enough now from him to take Sam out on smaller hunts. It wasn’t a big case and they took care of it easily and now they were sprawled out on the hood of the car, drinking beer that Dean had bought with fake id’s that dad may or may not know about, looking up at the stars above.

But Sam wasn’t looking up at the sky. Instead he was looking at the profile of his perfect brother’s face, wondering why the hell he had to be his brother when he wanted to be so much more and when Dean turned to look at him, Sam’s stomach twisted into knots because Dean’s face was right there. Right fucking there, his face shining with moonlight and all Sam could think about was how it would feel to kiss his brother.

Sam jerked away, nearly falling off the car in the process but Dean grabbed his wrist, keeping him upright.

“You alright, Sammy?” Dean asked when he saw the scared look on Sam’s face and that felt like a punch to Sam’s gut.

Sammy. It was just a reminder of what they were, what Sam was to Dean. What he would always be to Dean. He was the little brother. The little brother who skinned his knees and was always a little too skinny and was nicknamed Sammy. He was the little brother who was in love with Dean.

Sam shook his head, not able to convince himself to lie because he wasn’t alright. He never was.

“What’s wrong?”

Sam shook his head again and Dean shifted on the hood of the car, getting a better look at Sam. And it was all the wrong things to do because Sam could see him so clearly now. The smile that had settled on Deans face had all but disappeared.

“You can tell me, Sam. You can tell me anything. I promise I won’t be mad.” Dean coaxed.

And then Sam runs because he’s in love with his brother.

He runs because he’s in love with Dean he can’t say that and he’s scared and his beautiful big brother doesn’t need to know that.

Sam’s seventeen and one of his teachers pulled him over to the side one day at school handing him a heavy packet of paper, telling him that if he wants, he’s got the brain for college and she thinks that he should consider applying.

Sam’s seventeen and he’s handed an out to run from his brother and the thoughts that’s plagued his mind for years and he takes it.