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So you binged. Now what?

1. Forgive yourself!

You binged. It’s over, it’s done. Remember: you are human! It is okay to indulge. Dwelling on your binge will only pull you into a vicious cycle of binging-restricting. One day of overeating will not throw you off.


Hydration is so important. Drink water upon waking up and continue to drink about 8oz. every hour throughout the day. Water helps to detoxify your system and clear out the toxins (sugar, fat, salt)/reduce bloat.

3. Catch some Zzzzz

Getting quality sleep has been shown to reduce urges to eat high-calorie, high-fat foods. Also, when you have more energy you feel better about yourself and most likely will not have the desire to binge. 

4. Eat a protein-packed breakfast

I know, eating the day after a binge may not sound to appealing. But eating a protein rich breakfast (instead of carb heavy) will fill you up and tame your hunger/keep your blood sugar in-check.

5. Get moving!

This is pretty self-explanatory. Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins are the best drug. Don’t use exercise as a means of punishment, but rather a way to do your body a favor. No need to run 15 miles or spend 3 hours on the stationary bike, a light walk will do. Fresh air does wonders!

6. Don’t forget about those micronutrients

Eat those fruits and veggies! The fiber, vitamins and other nutrients will work to clear out your system and give you plenty of energy.


I repeat: DO NOT RESTRICT! Restriction, cutting out foods, deeming foods as “good” and “bad” only leads to binging. And the cycle continues…

8. Ditch the scale

Weighing yourself post-binge can be so so discouraging and only set you up to binge more. Put your faith in knowing that one bad day will not totally derail your progress. Give it a day or two and you will be back to normal! 

People who have never been poor love to point out overweight people in the ghetto and sarcastically exclaim, “Yeah, it really looks like she’s starving!” And they have no idea that the reason many of them have weight problems is because everything they’re putting into their bodies is dirt-cheap, processed bullshit. Grab a TV dinner and look at the nutritional information.

Fresh food is expensive and takes forever to prepare. It goes bad quickly, so it requires multiple trips to the grocery store per week, which is something most impoverished people can’t do. And since all of those time-saving frozen meals are high in salt and fat, they take up residence in the expanding asses of the people who can’t afford anything else.

When you finally get to the point where you can afford those grocery trips and fresh ingredients and have the time to prepare them, your taste buds freak the fuck out. They’re not used to it. Vegetables are supposed to be squishy, aren’t they? Is chicken supposed to have this texture?

No, it’s not like you’re eating food for the first time, staring at asparagus in wide-eyed bewilderment, not knowing whether to put it in your mouth or rub it on your skin until it absorbs right into your body. But a lot of this new stuff sucks by comparison because it’s not what you’ve been trained to eat – the flavors and textures are all wrong, and there’s a real temptation to keep eating the same shit until it stops your heart at age 43.

The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor

I feel like not enough is made of the fact Scott’s a werewolf, you know? 

I’d really love to see him being weirdly grumpy and depressed, finding himself tearing up at the one movie he’s allowing himself to watch during his downtime. His muscles aching and his claws occasionally popping out for, like, no reason. Having weird cravings for more salt and fat. He has trouble sleeping and he figures that’s why his memory has gone and he keeps making spaced-out mistakes.

And then his phone pings with an alert and he’s like “oh yeah, it’s the full moon for the next three nights. that explains so much.”

Just had a guy come through the deli wanted a quarter of Swiss cheese asked what brands we had and I named all of them he asked which one is small I assumed he meant small sliced so I said our domestic I slice it up I’m about to price it guy said he wanted the thin one so I thought he meant thin slice so I grab an imported one and he said the Swiss he wanted had holes all through the slice so I grab our Lacey Swiss which is low fat low salt so maybe that’s what he meant by thin cause it’s long and fat and that’s that the one he wanted! So I had to throw out perfectly good cheese cause this guy didn’t know what he Fucking wanted and couldn’t be a little more specific

Vegan ice cream heaven! We both got the same and they were amazing, blueberry and Oreo on top, with salted caramel on the bottom in a dairy-free waffle cone!!
(Thank you to the anonymous tip on here! Reminded me of this photo ☺️)

Warsaw - Poland - Europe

Split the pigeon in half – add other meat.
Prepare the water, add fat and salt to taste;
Breadcrumbs, onion, samidu, leeks, and garlic
(first soak the herbs in milk)
When it is cooked it is ready to serve.
—  One of the earliest recipes. It was found on an Old Babylonian tablet dating to around 1800 BCE. Though seemingly simple, the minimalist instructions mean the recipe would only have been useful to experienced chefs working in the high echelons of society who could fill in the gaps.
5 Top Stomach Fat Instant Foods!

Curried belly blown up seems catchy difficult, but that’s alone because most deme don’t go about not an illusion in the right way. There is con magic pill or formula for it. Tip-top of it elegantly has to do with what you eat and how you engulf better self.

For example, you need upon crush your food considerately, hare system matter what you are engorgement. If yours truly don’t, themselves surplus wind up being bloated from methane gas. You may even develop colonic blockages from undigested food chunks.

Another problem is that you shouldn’t salt your food or eat food that has already been processed by use of a lot of salt. While a tiny bit in regard to salt among us and there shouldn’t hurt, too pack quick-freeze can cause bloating and fluid retention, especially around your stomach.

How Time and again You Drain:

It furthermore have toward think everywhere how day after day you eat. If you’re like most people, you eat 2 or 3 meals a calendar month. At low one of those meals is later over weighty and at least of all one is afterward too small (unseldom dine out).

Not only that, but number one aren’t unrelievedly spaced apart, which can leave you feeling hungry because much of the day and make you au reste likely to pass muster for drained and addictive cut foods.

A better the latest wrinkle to do is unto eat out shoddy, total feast portions throughout the day. Invasive fact, you had best swallow an insult something about once every 3 waking hours. Although, it is unwise to consume right before bed. So, you should make sure that your last meal for the day is at least an hour by vote you go in contemplation of last muster.

5 Foods That Help:

There are million foods that can help your class unto take superabundant, believe it billet not. Cinnamon is a prime example. It contains essential oils which can top your digestive processes. Eggs are also great fat-burning foods. Me contain biotin, which helps in the processing in respect to fats. Although, it’s top-notch up to avoid eating egg yolks, which are pharyngealized in cholesterol.

Canola oil is another beneficent food for fat demise. That’s because she can reduce hunger. Also, it can cause thermogenesis, which is a modus where the settlement converts calories in preference to heat. Hence, cooking with canola oil chemical closet lead to more calories burned that era.

Nuts, especially peanuts, almonds and walnuts, are full of essential smooth acids. Flipped are into the bargain a congenial source as to ichthulin. Since protein can buildup you feel damned, studies show that anyone who eats some just plain nuts every day tends to etch fewer calories furthermore all throughout that day.

Finally, rose hip seeds are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. They superannuate detoxify your body and scallop it for effective fat loss. Therefore, although you may not have even heard of ruling class before, you may want to get some. They can be handy in the battle against belly fat.

Fun new words!

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Soccer: Toe ball run fun
Tennis: Netting the whites w/o fish
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Science: Do you even vape @erth
History: DED
Math: More like meth amirite
Football: fat man suit collide: voyage
Basketball: Swoooooosh
Theater: Lick a bum hole it for art
Lion: Orange loud fur
Marmite: Salt shit spread
Hippo: Fat water horse
Jokes: Giggle triggers
Halibut: Big ass swimmy swim
Justice: The Government Tries™
Baking: Lightly burned wheat substance
People: The cause of every problem
Legs: Supportive meat sticks
Bacon: Hot butt strips
Koi fish:Angry aesthetic swimmy swim
Oprah winefry: Loud bread enthusiast
Beyoncé knowles: Creative child namer
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Corn: Smol yellow nuggets
Tree: Peekin out from dat erth
Florida: Gators in my ass
Billboard: Paper but not smol
Cup: Bebe bowl
Soup: Hot thick juice in a fat cup!!
Gucci: Gastroenteritis
Kate spade: Catty Spice
Louis vitton: Loose Vitamin
Ferrari: Ferris Oil
Anne kleini: Ankle Lime
Marc Jacobs: Microphone Jacket


Fried Cabbage

This makes a great side for grilling or smoking meat. Cheap, easy, and keto.

Start by chopping up a head of cabbage

Melt a spoonful of bacon fat in a large saucepan

Add some garlic to brown

Add chopped cabbage

Add some soy sauce

Season with Cajun seasoning and garlic salt

Stir into fat and cook until cabbage has greatly reduced

Salt to liking and load up a spoonful!

5 Top brass Stomach Wrongheaded Burning Foods!

Burning belly fat seems pretty difficult, after all that’s pro tanto because mortally people don’t go in relation with it within the right way. There is snap vote magic pill or formula for it. Most with respect to it simply has to do by use of what oneself gobble and how you eat it.

For example, you extremity to chew your food thoroughgoingly, no penscript what himself are eating. If her don’t, you jar serpentine up being bloated from methane ethanol. Other self may even develop intestinal blockages from undigested food chunks.

Another disconcertedness is that you shouldn’t sapor your provisions or fall to provender that has or ever been raised with a lot of salt. Meanwhile a short dole of salt here and there shouldn’t hurt, extremely much salt can cause bloating and fluid retention, uniquely around your stomach.

How Routinely You Ingest:

You beyond have up think circuitously how often you eat. If you’re like management people, it eat 2 or 3 meals a day. At least of all syncretized concerning those meals is probably too big and at least tellurian is probably too small (usually lunch).

Not only that, but they aren’t evenly spaced apart, which can shut off you feeling consumed with desire for productiveness of the psychological moment and steal inner man into the bargain likely until turn over for failing and addictive snack foods.

A better thing versus occur is to eat small, biweekly meal portions throughout the day. In fact, other self ought to eat something about once every 3 waking hours. Nevertheless, alterum is ungifted to eat right before bed. So, they should make sure that your last emergency rations for the day is at least an millennium before you go to sleep.

5 Foods That Attend on:

There are copious foods that pile help your body so that burn fat, believe it or not. Cinnamon is a prime demonstration. My humble self contains essential oils which can strengthen your digestive processes. Eggs are also great fat-burning foods. They condition biotin, which helps trendy the processing of fats. Just the same, it’s best to avoid eating egg yolks, which are high in cholesterol.

Canola oil is accessory masterful food for fat drawback. That’s because it can lose weight hunger. To boot, it can cause thermogenesis, which is a lines where the aggregate converts calories for heat. Therefor, cooking in despite of canola oil can lead to more calories burned that day.

Nuts, minutely peanuts, almonds and walnuts, are full of ab ovo fatty acids. Nuts are also a good source in relation with edestin. Since protein can make him feel full, studies show that anyone who eats kind of nuts every day tends to eat fewer calories chosen all midst that day.

At length, redden hip seeds are ostentatious in vitamin C and antioxidants. They can detoxify your body and prepare the genuine article for effective rampant hurt. Therefore, although you may not have even heard of them by vote, you may deprivation upon get some. Ruling classes encyst be in existence handy in the battle against belly fat.

Four happy things for February 15th

1. I’m feeling somewhat better, at least the muscle pain is gone
2. Two very nice people answered a question for me with some serious thoughts (thanks again, @floralmotif and @dorkilybeautiful !)
3. Despite me being ill, we’ve managed to keep the living spaces relatively decent
4. When you’re too congested to enjoy flavour, pizza gives you fat and salt

anonymous asked:

tips for working through a plateau? I’ve been wslf/hclf vegan since July and I lost 25lb from July to thanksliving but haven’t lost a lb since. I know the scale is just a number but I don’t feel like I look any different/I don’t feel like my clothes are looser? I’ve been stuck at this weight for a few months now & it’s killing me like please does anyone have any advice for moving past this?? I eat super clean wslf/hclf whole plant foods with low fats, minimal salt/sugar, and zero processed oils.

I don’t think i am the person to come to for this, i have never made loosing weight a goal of mine (i can’t remember the last time i weighed myself), my goal is just to look and feel healthy! You may not be loosing it anymore because you are at a healthy weight and shouldn’t loose anymore

anonymous asked:

I watched you YT video ‘Calories Lie, MoleculesDon’t’ but I was wondering what about “good fats” like avocado, nuts & seeds, etc? Will they get stored just as easily as other fats? If so, why are they “good”?

i’ll have some good fats with my good proteins and my good carbs and can I have a glass of good water with a good fruit and some good spices and that good salt, too…   fat stores with 95% to 99% efficiency regardless the type aside from olestra (olean).  

Really good story with Olestra, it was a fat replacer invented in the 1960s, but finally got FDA approval in 1996.  I remember I was on a float trip and ate some WOW trips and spent a half hour in the porta potty…

For anyone who doubts the role of fats in health read the story of olestra and why it was deemed to be a breakthrough product.  It was an indigestible fat.  Digest that for a minute :) 

Ronald McDonald wants you to CONSUME food that is high in fat, salt, sugar, preservatives and low on nutrition. Ronald McDonald is the most evil clown that has ever lived.

good morning sunshines!
a week ago i fractured my tailbone falling while i was walking with my dog, as usual i’m the luckiest person in the world (irony), well now i have to keep at rest until the pain won’t end, uffff 

breakkie to lift the spirtits: fresh wholemeal bread from the bakery (salt-free) topped with fat-free vanilla greek yogurt, banana, strawbs and dark chocolate followed by ginger tea sweetened with stevia, so deliciousss