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THANK YOU!! for your last post im so tired ugh of people thinking klongce is gonna be canon just bc lonce treated him with basic human decency just one time.

honestly everyone bitching in the tags of that post about it being interpreted as a romantic scene is so good and so valid but it was mainly @ ppl who even think that platonically they are good friends. like no… they’re not. not at this point in the series, at least. 

if you can tell me that if someone you DIDN’T KNOW tried to start a rivalry with you out of nowhere, antagonize and undermine you for months, accused you of lying in order to gain power while you were still mourning the loss of your best friend, and then one (1) time was like “hey dude lol… we all miss that guy… that dude’s my hero and i worship him as a hero figure and leader of this team just like you, who has literally said that your life would be very different without him and that he is the only person who never gave up on you. our experiences are equivalent” only after no one else on the team wanted to talk to u… that after all of this… u would consider them a friend… i’m pouring one out for you seriously. not even joking that’s straight up sad and i hope u get just one good friend someday. 

sorry i gotta rant for half a sec, because a lot of the keith posts that i’ve been seeing floating around lately are starting to sound a lot like certain lance posts that i don’t like. 

you know the ones: “no one appreciates lance, lance is perfect and has done nothing wrong, lance is insecure and alone, lance deserves the black lion, lance deserves to be the leader, the show does lance dirty” and so on, so forth. 

except now there are keith posts that are sounding a lot like: “everyone is mean to keith, keith hasn’t done anything wrong, no one is supporting him, the team doesn’t act like a friend to keith, keith is being forced into the black lion, everyone is too harsh with keith, no one understands him” and so on, so forth. 

the team doesn’t underappreciate lance, and by the same token the team doesn’t abuse keith. both are valued by their teammates and both consider all of their teammates to be their friends (including each other, btw, cough cough, hint hint). lance isn’t being done dirty for not piloting the black lion, and keith wasn’t the victim of abuse by his friends because they told him he needed to pilot the black lion and lead their team. they’re both wonderful boys, but they both make mistakes and they both have noticeable flaws that can at times affect themselves and the team. 

sorry, but lance and keith aren’t special. neither of them deserve special treatment. the show isn’t doing them dirty. they’re not being unfairly treated by the other characters. you can’t criticize lance stans for the way they talk about lance and then turn around and talk about keith in the same way. it’s hypocritical and shows a very narrow understanding of both their characters. 

like i get having your favs and wanting to see them happy and successful, but a lot of this lance and keith salt is starting to get really old. 

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?????????????????????? Krolia may be just like Keith but keiths dad has no personality that we know of yet and also looks nothing like lance and isn’t associated with any of the same things or traits so… can’t say I’m surprised tho I’ve seen lots of silly choices from that camp

But now you’ve got me thinking of an au where voltron doesn’t matter and BOM keith is sent to earth for a mission and ends up meeting a kind and buff man named Shiro who teaches him about humanity and hOw To LoVe 😍😍😍

hmmm niche salt but i think my main issue w/ those who claim that the sk fandom has ruined the ship for them is that this would be an otherwise fair point bc there is a tendency to reach or get out of hand with any ship, but these people tend to be kl stans so like… how can you see anti nonsense all over kl fandom and NOT have the ship ruined for u but the minute a sk shipper says something u don’t agree with suddenly the entire ship is ruined cancelled and u gotta write a 50 page manifesto about toxicity in fandom

✨Friendship Spell Jar✨

What you will need:

  • 🏔Himalayan Salt
  • 🍯Honey
  • 🍊Orange Peel (fresh recommended, but mine are dried)
  • 📝Written Spell or Sigil
  • 🌿🍑Representatives of you (I chose my favorit herb: rosemary, and my favorite tea: peac)
  • 🕯Yellow Candle

Select a small container or jar, start with your pink salt for the base of the spell. Salt is good for protection during spells, but in this case is especially useful for protecting you from bad people and toxic relationships down the road. Pink specifically corresponds to friendship and relationships, but white salt can be subsituted!

Next coat your salt in honey to attract a well caring person to your life.

Roll up your written spell or sigil (this can be anything from a small poem to a list of what youre longing for) and dip it into the honey. I also recommend writting your spell in yellow or pink.

Add orange peels to symbolize change im relationships and finish the contents with things you correspond with. This may be things such as your favorite herbs, tea, crystals, flowers, dried fruit… something that another person can be attracted to you specifically by.

Lastly seal your jar with a yellow candle. Yellow is a very strong correspondent with friendship, but pink will work aswell, or all purpose white! If you can’t burn candles tie a ribbon around your jar.

Let the jar charge.

Hide the jar somewhere special to you: in your locker, dresser, make up drawer, behind your favorite books on your book case, in the soil of your favorite plant… etc.

Home Protection Tips from a Long-time Witch!

These were suggested to me by the guy who runs an occult/witchcraft shop about an hour from where I live. I was having trouble because the energy around my town has just felt really funky and off, and my house doesn’t really feel homey because of it. Portals and dimensional beings and dead people and horrific deaths happening every other day…the works. If you’re in a similar situation, here are some tips from a very friendly dude who knows his stuff!

• Make a witch bottle. The guy told me this is really old school. How do you make one? Get a jar and fill it with absolutely nasty stuff—rusty nails, razor blades, broken glass, stuff that you wouldn’t wanna step on. Next, have everyone in your house put a piece of themselves in the jar (the guy told me urine was traditionally the best because it’s like “marking your territory”, but he said that’s also gross so if you feel more comfortable using spit, hair, or toenail clippings, those work too). Finally, screw the jar shut tight and bury it next to your front door. You can bury it in a pot of dirt if you don’t have green space around your entryway. The guy told me this draws all the nasty, negative energy into the jar and traps it so that it doesn’t get into your house.

• Put mirrors opposite all the windows (or at least the windows by your front door). You can buy cheap craft mirrors at craft stores for not much money and they don’t have to be big. The idea is that you’re “reflecting” any negative energy back outside where it belongs.

• Draw sigils or other protective symbols above your front door in chalk. Chalk is good to use because you can easily wash it off if need be. You just have to make sure to replace it when it fades! The witch dude told me that his roommates aren’t witches but they always remind him to redraw his sigils because they feel safer when he does XD

• Hang pretty reflective glass balls outside your door! They’re good for trapping negative energy, reflecting negative energy, and they don’t look conspicuous because they’re decorative!

• Wind chimes also serve a similar purpose and they aren’t conspicuous either

• Line all the doors and windows with a protective powder. I bought mine from the shop on recommendation, and I’m not sure what’s in it besides powdered sage, black salt, and possibly brick dust?

• SALT BOWLS. This solution came from one of my spiritual teachers. Get a bowl and fill it with water and iodized salt. Put the bowl near the entryway of your house. Salt is purifying and the bowl will act as an “energetic trash can”.

• If you can afford it, black tourmaline is good for protection against negative energy. I got a few small pieces and lined them up by the windows in my entryway.

These tips are for keeping outside energy from contaminating the inside of your home. For cleansing and banishing things from INSIDE your home, that requires a different process. But anyway, I hope this helps people like it helped me! Shoutout to the super cool dude running that witchcraft shop :)

Some of my favourite kick-*** women.٩(^ᴗ^)۶(★^O^★)ԅ(♡﹃♡ԅ)

SALT ~ Angelina Jolie

Atomic Blond ~ Charlize Theron

X Company ~ Evelyne Brochu

Criminal Minds ~ Paget Brewster

Criminal Minds ~ A.J Cook

Proud Mary ~ Taraji P Henson 

Training Day ~ Katrina Law

Keeping up with the Joneses ~ Gal Gadot

Person of Interest~ Shoot ~ Sarah Shahi & Amy Acker

Edge of tomorrow ~ Emily Blunt

The Throwaways ~ Katie McGrath :)

white ppl on this website, consistently: br0ganes is good and valid uwu and if u hate on it ur just as bad as the antis 

me, leaning in real close until my lips touch the mic: br0ganes is a hc rooted in racist ideas, it’s awful, the idea that keith and shiro are legitimately blood related in canon is trash, and if u disagree u can kiss my entire asian ass

How Voltron Punishes Its Fans for Liking Keith

@the-wenzel​ and @arahir​ made really perfect comments about this as well. You can read that post here.

So—I’m fed up. And I know that’s an entitled thing for me to say as a fan of a series, because if I don’t like the way a story’s going I can always hop ship. Note that the Voltron showrunners and writers can do whatever they want, and I respect their creative freedom; I believe the crew shouldn’t have to cater to the whims of their fanbase. 

That being said, I’m going to go ahead and bitch about Keith’s treatment as a character, and the way it punishes fans for empathizing with him. Understand that this isn’t me yelling into a bullhorn, “GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, VOLTRON CREATORS!” It’s me yelling into my blog-pillow, “DEAR GOD, I HOPE THE VOLTRON CREATORS MAKE A TURN-AROUND WITH KEITH’S CHARACTER!” There’s a difference. At least, I hope there is. 

1. Keith’s not perfect, but he’s definitely kind

I should begin with another disclaimer: I know Keith’s not a perfect person. I’m not standing on a soap box proclaiming him a precious cinnamon roll who’s done nothing wrong. Remember this moment? “You’re putting the lives of two people over the lives of everyone else in the entire galaxy!” He gets right up in Pidge’s face, and follows her when she tries to move away. 

Keith’s right, here. In the grand scheme of things, they need to put the galaxy first. But he lets his anger get the better of him, and it results in a cruel delivery. And Keith never apologizes for raising his voice like this, even after he goes through a similar arc in season 3 where he loses Shiro and the team tries to force him to move on (and, like Pidge, he eventually decides to put the team first).

Out of everyone on the team—besides Shiro—I feel like Keith should relate to Pidge the most. There are a lot of parallels between how they deal with the loss of their loved ones. It would’ve been very poignant to show Keith and Pidge talk about these things, rather than present parallels like this and never actually…explore them?

I mean, both those clips came from the same episode—the Voltron crew want us to see the parallel here. Yet Keith and Pidge rarely exchange a word outside of battle.

So that’s all to say there’s been at least one time when Keith was brash and came off as cruel to me. I do wish Keith and Pidge had settled this canonically. The rest of the time, though—? Keith’s not given to callousness. 

You’ll notice that Keith’s more likely to accept others’ mistreatment than defend himself, as @ilovelocust​ points out with this painful post. It’s not like he means to make trouble with people. Actually, while the team labels him coldhearted, KEITH IS AN EXTREMELY KIND PERSON. Please read this post by @dent-de-leon​ about Keith’s kindness. There’s this idea amongst fans that Keith and Lance’s rivalry is mutual, but you can tell by season two that Keith wants no part in it:

Lance thinks Keith wants to steal his Lion, and Keith does his best to politely apologize and try to explain rather than fighting back. Lance doesn’t like that he has to share the pool with someone, but Keith tries to mediate the situation and work out a reasonable solution. Lance angrily yells that Keith’s a hothead, yet he says nothing in his own defense. Keith could have easily let himself continue to be baited by Lance, but it’s obvious he doesn’t like having a temper and does his best to keep those kinds of emotions in check. You can tell he really wants to bridge that gap, and makes a conscious effort to do so. He didn’t have to do that. 


Keith doesn’t bully Lance like Lance bullies Keith. He fights back at first, and then he does his best to put the whole rivalry thing to rest. But, like Arahir said, the team…doesn’t ever seem to see Keith’s kindness. There’s this great moment where Hunk stands up to Allura on Keith’s behalf, and I’m so grateful for that—but that’s all we get, as far as I can recall. Keith and the others aren’t friends like Pidge and Lance and Hunk are…like Coran and Allura are. 

It really feels like most of Team Voltron are just… not Keith’s friends. Like, they tolerate him as a Paladin and because he’s close to Shiro? But Lance’s attitude towards Keith has really poisoned relations with most of the others.


To conclude: the concept of Keith as the fiery, emo bully does not actually reflect the canon story. And once you realize how kind he is—how desperately he cares about Shiro in particular—the more you start to empathize with him. Which is unfortunate, because the show…tends to treat him like shit.

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hey let’s get this straight. if you say you hate she1th because you think two asian men being together is too much like “yaoi” you are a flagrant fucking racist (and a fetishistic homophobic piece of shit!) and i don’t care that you’re 1/5 chinese bawwww or that you’ve “experienced oppression because of your white name uwu” and i sincerely fucking hope one day you learn to look at relationships outside of whatever the fuck you learned on this site because 18 is far too old to be acting a damn fool like this