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Pls explain what ranch dressing is, I'm British help


I’m reading comments under the ‘ Shadi Alzaqzouq kicked out of Dismaland’ article and some people are just…
“ I wondered how long it would take before someone tried to politicize Dismaland”

ahahah yes because. you know, there’s nothing inherently political in Bansky. who uses (well, used) a medium with strong political connotations. to make ‘strong political statements’. in an exhibition that is basically ‘lmao dystopian amusement park fuck capitalism’. with women, poc & non-european/american artists. with one of the pieces clearly depicting IMMIGRANTS (and maybe you don’t know what a BIG DEAL it is now here in Europe).

Op apparently thinks or wants art to be some kind of sunday afternoon entertainment, without links to anything outside Pure Aesthetic , maybe just a hint of ‘meaning’, enough to make you feel Very Clever for Getting It , not too much for it to feel like, you know, something that actually has something to do with real lives of real people. Something to enjoy and consume and feast your eyes upon. You know, very much like a commodity. Very much like capitalism    
And that’s exactly the kind of people Dismaland exists for, and was made for. I feel sorry for the ‘unknown’ artists in it, I understand that making it in the art world if you’re not already Damien Hirst is hard, it was a nice occasion so I may like their artwork or not, but I understand their position. But Banksy is an asshole and the whole thing is a mystification

I’d like a front seat view.

Open sky,
starry night without the moon.

Violins playing the chorus,
you know the one,

the one where everything
is spring and bloom,

the one that is now
charring through the tendons
of my heart–

–It’d cut off before the bone.

End here.

Nothing else. No drowning off.

Just the doors opening,
a lone figure walking off into
the darkness.

So I give you back the moon.

So I hand you the sea.

—  Sadaf 239/365 | salt

everyone who watches supernatural.