I RECEIVED A PACKAGE FROM SALLY~~~~! ^____^ She told me to look out for it yesterday and it arrived this morning :P. It was in a huge envelope @__@“~ Turned out to be my late birthday presea, hehe. So cute ^^. SJ-M Too Perfect poster, Mario sweets(?) x), Haribo sweets, £5, note pads thingy, a letter + a card. The card is full of win with the 10 different languages, hahaha~ 감사합니다!! ♥

Went to Maidstone with my friends today. Just walked around aimlessly for a couple of hours and ate :3. Abii, Shananne and Tim were kinda messing about in the prom dress + suit sections…me and Ellie were like ”=.= WHAT IF WE GET KICKED OUT?!“

Really really really need to get a new haircut. I need a new style. My style has disappeared since my hair has grown. OTL. Could’ve gotten a haircut if I didn’t go out today ^^; 

I also received the Shiseido product I ordered a few weeks back. ‘Perfect whip washing foam.’ I used it after taking a shower. Just squeezed a pea-sized blob on my hand and add some water. Rub rub rub onto my face and then rinse my face :3. All my make-up comes off ^^. It has an alcohol(?) smell I think… :3. Not that nice, but it’s a good product :D. I like it cause I won’t have to use a cotton wool + make-up remover to get my make-up off. I don’t really wear much though. Usually just eyeliner + some bb cream around my eyes :3.

That product was recommended by salskiii~ You guys should checkout her make-up/fashion blog :D.