Dance With Me?

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Captain jack harkness with the tenth doctor. Make that ship sail! (in a romantic way)

The Doctor stood with his hands in pockets, bouncing on the balls of his feet. He stood on a balcony of a building currently hosting a party celebrating the coronation of the planet’s new king. He wore his tuxedo for the occasion.

Often, he’d turn his head to check the area behind him. The sounds of the party wafted through the air as the alien tongue filtered around him.

Sure, he had all the time in the world, but he needed to talk to Jack. Just talk, he told himself. His song was coming to a close, after all.

A hitched breath from behind followed by a, “Doctor.” That all too familiar voice.

The Doctor turned and smiled at his former companion. “Hello, Jack,” he said. “You look good, for a human.”

“I bet you say that to all the pretty ladies,” Jack grinned and stepped forward. He restrained from entwining his fingers through the Time Lord’s. Chances were, the Doctor would chastise him and tell him to stop it. Like he always had. “What brings you to this place? Couldn’t be the party.”

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Macy's

salsazephyr replied to your post: Crocheting for lack of prompts. 

Prompt: You are walking in the mall and you come across a God(dess). They appear mortal. How do they reveal themselves? Also, I require a kick-ass fight between this God(dess) and another. Go.

(There’s an ask box, Fuzzy. Geez. And how long do you think I’m willing to spend on this?)

The mall is a fun way to spend a few hours doing nothing. Window shopping is by far the most appealing part of the shopping center. My favorite part is making fun of the mannequins in the shop windows. They looked horrible dressed in barely matching clothes styled for the hipsters trying too hard.

My circuit around the mall was reaching the Macy’s in the West Wing. That store generally wasted a good hour just walking through each department and actively avoiding the perfume display. That’s a feat, let me tell you, since that part of the store is right at the entrance connecting to the rest of the mall.

“Come get a free reading,” a young woman calls to me. I turn to see a shop I don’t remember ever being there. Then again, it’s been a long time since I visited this mall. Maybe they just put in a new shop. The woman had red hair and the most beautiful green eyes. I’m an eye person. Eyes fascinate me. Might be because I’m losing my sight bit by bit each year. Who knows.

Her store is one of those mystical, spiritual whats-its that sell crystals and tarot decks and the sort. I think how she dressed was the most normal thing about her. Jeans and a v-neck red shirt. “Are you talking to me?” I ask, pointing to myself.

The woman laughs and, I swear, it was so melodious. I’d never heard a laugh like hers. “Of course,” she smiles. “Well, it really could have been anyone, but I’m doing this promotion of a free reading to get some customers to stop by.”

I enter the shop, thinking why not. Wasting some time getting my fortune told sounded like a great idea. “Where do we do this thing?” I look around the shop for a place to sit down.

“We can do it here if you’re okay with standing for a few minutes,” the woman says. I shrug, not really caring one way or another. I step up to the counter and lean over the glass cases. “What do you want to know?”

“How about if I’ll meet my soul mate,” I say, raising my eyebrows as if I just challenged her.

“That’s doable,” she tells me and whips out a beautiful deck of tarot cards and shuffles them. “Concentrate on your question,” she orders and I start thinking about the possibility of meeting my soul mate. It takes me all I have not to start laughing.

Then she lays out three cards all face up. The names on the cards read: VI. The Lovers (two people are embracing, looking into each other’s eyes with longing. Their feet are just over searing flames), King of Wands (upside-down, I guessed, a king upon his thrown overlooking what is beneath him. He looks stern and cold), and Three of Swords (a heart is pierced by three blades and held by a woman sprawled on the ground).

The woman frowns. “It seems that this person,” she taps the King in the middle, “is your soul mate but he is definitely not good. He's mischievous and conniving. He’ll play you like a fiddle and you’ll be blind to it,” she taps the first card, The Lovers. “You’ll just be so in love with him. And when he eventually leaves in you some way, your heart will be broken,” this time she taps the last card.

Well, that was a bummer. “I thought you were supposed to tell me what I wanted to hear,” I laugh. But, this was good news. I could just stay single and avoid any and all heartache.

“I did,” she retorts. “You’re the kind of person who wants the truth no matter what.”

“And you got that from three little cards?” I meet her eyes.

“No,” her voice lowers to where I can barely hear it, “it’s because I can see into your soul.” My face falls flat and her melodious laughter fills the store. “Not like those amateurs claim by ‘sensing your aura.’ I mean I can literally see you as the person you are. I knew the moment you walked in you wouldn’t be satisfied with anything but the truth. So,” she waves a hand and her body becomes engulfed in a blinding light. I shield my eyes and wait for it to fade, but it doesn’t, “that’s a glimpse of what I really am.”

The light dimmed and I lowered my arm, staring at her. “What are you, some kind of fairy?”

The woman chuckles and shakes her head. “No, I’m a Goddess from one of the first pantheons worshiped by early men. My name has been lost to time, but I was often compared to the sun and generally associated with fate.”

“Hence the shop?”

“Yes, in a way,” she says. “You’re welcome to look around if you like. Just don’t tell anyone that I’m here. People would try to lock me away in those funny little places. I’d rather not have to move around again.”

I nod and shove my hands into my pockets. “Yeah, no problem.”