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Crossbow = Swordgun

I live for steven universe crossovers

hunk has to hide pidges eyes everytime these losers decide to fuse lolol

Milo Archives ~ beginning of summer 2016

Finished in the stream yesterday. Waited an entire year to complete it so Milo’s big eyes have been that size since last year. I’ve learned how to draw them smaller and still keep that innocence in them :)




Performed by: Dante Basco, Rob Brown, Lauren Collins, Yaya DaCosta, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Elijah Kelley, Jonathan Malen, Shawand McKenzie, Jasika Nicole, Marcus T. Paulk, and others.

Number: “Wanna Ride”

Choreographer: JoAnn Fregalette Jansen, Anthony Talauega, and Richmond Talauega

Style: Hip Hop/Salsa

From: Take The Lead (2006)

BTS As Boyfriends (Based on Astrology) - Hyung Line

warning: large amounts of fluff ahead

Maknae Line version here


  • the fun boyfriend
  • sagitariuses are the free spirits in the zodiac
  • they crave excitement and fun in every aspect of their lives
  • he’d take u to somewhere new every date
  • to the movies, amusement parks, concerts, and more
  • loves the outdoors and nature 
  • so lots of scenic camping dates by a pretty lake
  • traveling around the world together
  • one month you’d be exploring jeju island
  • and another backpacking across europe
  • never a dull moment
  • wants to do everything with u 
  • sagittariuses love learning new things 
  • listens to everything u have to say
  • deep philosophical conversations about politics or world peace
  • would take you to those couple salsa dancing classes and embarrass both of u
  • very honest and open
  • so there’d be no secrets or misunderstandings
  • likes his independence and wants a partner who trusts him 100%
  • his capricorn venus makes him a classic gentleman
  • who treats his partner like royalty
  • he’ll take a while to confess his true feelings
  • but once he does there no question that he’s yours
  • very devoted 
  • invites u to formal events and shows u off to all his friends
  • shows his love through big gestures
  • like buying u a gigantic teddy bear 
  • or sending 10 rose bouquets to ur work
  • surprises u with gorgeous dresses and lingerie
  • takes u out to fancy restaurants
  • and when u get worried about the price tags he just smiles and reminds u that he’s The Kim Seokjin, son of a CEO and owner of BigHit, he’ll take care of everything
  • but it wouldn’t always be about going out
  • loves to spend time with u at home to cuddle and unwind
  • and make u laugh endlessly
  • knows exactly how to cheer u up when ur down
  • honestly the ideal guy 
  • an actual prince charming

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  • the soft boyfriend
  • when he falls in love he falls in love hard

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How To Guide For Non Latinxs to Cook Latinx Dishes

1. You must dance with your food. Salsa, Merengue, Bachata… whichever. Dance with the food to give it flavor then upload it to social media. This gives the food Spicy Exotic Latinx Zing™ that everyone loves.

2. You must sacrifice a family member of yours to our ancestors to further add flavor to the food. Videotape the sacrifice and send it to your local police station so they can see you’re just doing it to cook a Latinx dish. They’ll understand, they just need proof.

3. Get a Mexican, Spanish, Puerto Rican, or Dominican flag tattooed on your forehead to further add Spicy Exotic Latinx Zing™ because of course.. those are the only Latinx countries in existence, according to non Latinxs worldwide.

4. Stay away from adobo, sofrito, sazón, y tudo. REAL LATINXS™ don’t use any of that. Instead, we use butter, oil and salt. Take off your clothes, roll in butter, oil, and salt, and rub the food all over you. Do this while listening to Shakira and JLo and Whatnot™ and the food will taste better.

5. This is a crucial step. If you don’t do it, the food will taste bland. If you wanna cook como mi gente, this must be done. Go to Manhattan and burn Tr*mp Tower. This makes the food marinate faster and gives it that authentic Islandy Feel™ as you show Trump that you’re in solidarity with Latinxs worldwide.