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What I think about their blog: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @fae-hyun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sal is truly one of my favourite people here in this tumblr world. I think she was the first?? person that I ever spoke to on here?? and it was over Dae’s hands?? which is honestly the best way to bond with a person? ‘got a kink? share it with the world ! likely someone will be just as obsessed as you!’ A fellow masochist who loves Tommy Shelby despite him being on some form of Icarus meltdown at the moment. A true pain enthusiast and wow do I feel this down to every fibre of my being. Just always knows how to brighten my Dae (ahahhaah) and the reason my eye twitches whenever someone mentions beards and B.A.P even remotely near each other. Still want to hug your cow. Still want to hug you in fact. Would 11/10 would recommend to a friend. I just love you Sal please accept my love.