lockwell19  asked:

For the character ask- Sam Beckett.

  • favorite thing about them: Smart, generous, tough, tries to do the right thing.
  • least favorite thing about them: Sometimes he can be hypocritical
  • favorite line: I don’t have as much knowledge of the series of some of my compatriots but there is a line he says that actually made me go “ooo…sexy Sam.” where he is talking to two twins as a salonist and like kisses their necks. Its weird but I liked that.
  • brOTP: Him and Al
  • OTP: Again, him and Al and I don’t really ship for the series. I just think that if it WERE to take that route, they could actually be a good couple.
  • nOTP: Uh…no idea again I’m sorry I don’t have all the characters logged away in my mind but I don’t really see Sam with anyone outside of a few people
  • random headcanon: Hm, toughie :( I suppose I headcanon that eventually he gets home, he starts his life there and somehow he uses all the data he has and all the experience gained to do something great
  • unpopular opinion: This is more or less about the show than anything else and this is my opinion only but I really don’t like the over tones of religion in the show. A show mainly centered around the good deeds of a man and science and using God as a catalyst for where he goes and what to do and I won’t go into it but I just really don’t like that aspect of this show.
  • song i associate with them: Goody Two Shoes by Adam Ant
  • favorite picture of them: Look at Lockwell18′s blog and you’ll find some great ones. My personal favorite pictures are of him with like “OH boy” faces.

Thank you so much darling for doing this!