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ProudMary’s Plus Size Fashion Show -  Fashion on the Fringe

This week was super fun for me. I spent a lot of it with Jessica the owner of the perfect online plus size boutique Proud Mary. She held an amazing fashion show and shopping event Friday night at Fringe Salon (this is where I get my hair done BTW - by the amazing Patrick McAfee). 

Seriously I am almost without words about how cool this event was.  It was filled with my people -  gorgeous wonderful fat women :) I honestly have never had such a positive response from walking a runway - everyone was so kind and generous. It was also great that there was so much shopping and this amazing photobooth by GlitterGuts

Above are all the outfits I wore - and they’re all available now at Proud Mary

My nails are by gigi at fringe salon find her on her tumblr thegigijigglesnails and IG @thegigijiggles 

Makeup is by Liz find her on IG @itslizmedaris 

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