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Last week in Milan Slamp presented Zaha Hadid’s Aria lamp. It’s form is sculptural and architectural (of course!) and is constructed with 50 individual layers of cristalflex (a techno-polymer), which is an incredibly light weight material. The fluid form that evokes a feeling of movement is also quite robust and creates a balanced experience of rapture and release as the light emitted through the openings is defused into the room. The largest version of this model imposes a glorious experience of volume and atmospheric light that relates well to classical and contemporary interiors alike.

This light reminds us of the 'IN-EI’ ( Japanese for nuance and shadow) lighting collection by Issey Miyake for Artemide. Adapting his use of pleats in clothing to a lighting concept whereby folded paper textile made of recycled PET bottles is formed and cut using the 2D and 3D mathematical program designed by Miyake’s Reality lab, to define the form of the lamp shade. 

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Sculptural Design - this is a theme we are drawn to along with the idea of creating a world (interior) that evokes the aspirations and inspirations of the owner.

Oki Sato Nendo’s ‘Deep Sea’ table for Glas Italia presented at Salone di Mobile in Milan this week is a serene experience of expanding volume evoking warm, calm tropical waters (to our minds!), through a process of fusing multiple layers of blue film onto each surface to create varying degrees of saturation. The restricted overall form simultaneously imposes order while seemingly levitating. 

It brought to mind another object we’ve been coveting by another Japanese artist: Go Segawa. His 'Cobalt’ presented last month at Design Days Dubai, is a meditative experience of floating volume evoking a relationship between sculpture and painting and challenging the viewers perceptions of form. On a practical level it is clear PVC 'painted’ with ink and varnish but the experience is something quite ethereal and exciting!  … 

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