salon de la lingerie


Scandale is back.. and pouring the curves back into Sexy… 

Real curves.

Launched at the Salon de la Lingerie, the Sirène Collection embodies the vintage elegance of the brand with innovative new fabrics and technology to ensure a flattering silhouette… and comfort…

Shapewear never looked better.

As for the origins of the name, Scandale, the company press release states: 

In 1932, Scandale’s founder Robert Perrier was manufacturing corsetry and hosiery in a small factory in France when, inspired by the new fabric introduced to him by a visiting salesman, he replaced the traditional laced-up restrictions of the day and created a girdle that was so delicate and so light to the touch that when his assistant saw it she exclaimed “C’est un scandale!” (It’s a scandal!).