salon 25

Sir George Martin & The Beatles during a session at Abbey Road. (1967) Photo Source: “Sir George, The Man Who Made The Beatles”, Stephen Pate,, Music Is Real

“The producer is the person who shapes the sound. If you have a talent to work with, a singer together with a song, the producer’s job is to say, right, you need to put a frame around this, it needs a rhythm section to do this or that and so on,. He actually decides what the thing should sound like, and then shapes it in the studio. He may also be an arranger, in which case he may write the necessary parts … he shapes the whole lot. It’s like being the director of a firm.”  - Sir George Martin, Irish Times (1999), quoted in Salon. 25 July 2000

“There was a time when I got really fed up being known as The Beatles’ producer. It seemed as though I’d never done anything else in my life. But time eases a lot of things. And it certainly eases that because I realized that it was something to be really proud of. And um, they’re my mates, ya know.” - Sir George Martin, 1998, “In My Life”