My first time going and I now will never go to any other festival ever again! Holy shit it’s seriously the best place you will ever experience! If you have the chance to attend I HIGHLY recommend it. From PK SOUND bringing the sickest speakers for every stage, the nicest/weirdest/friendliest/most giving people you will ever meet, the most relaxing river vibes, the openness of drug safety and awareness (free no strings attached testing booths), the organically produced meat/fruit/cheese products grown on the farm all year, to the most insane nature incorporated stages that you will make you stand and cry at their sheer beauty. If you have been looking for a place to accept you to the fullest extent where you can come and go to your tent at any time and bring anything in to the festival that you need then look no more and come to SHAMBHALA next year so you can call the farm home too. HAPPY SHAMS! CHOOSE LOVE! BE YOURSELF! EMPOWER UNITY!