salmonella test


Fast and reliable kits

I’m in the serology section of the laboratory. We had our orientation with Ma'am Norma and Ma'am Rosemarie. They were so kind and they let us read and perform the procedure of the kits. Serology tests are detection of salmonella, dengue fever, cancer-specific antigen, detection of Strep, and many more.

Tests have kits so results can be taken after 15 minutes of waiting. You just drop the serum in a kit and drop the diluent needed and wait for the bands to appear. 

Reading the result is very subjective depending on the bands that appear because it can be lighter or darker so it’s very hard to distinguish if it’s really positive or negative. 

Their cut off in Sero is at 2 pm. After 2 pm, we have nothing to do. What we did was play Pinoy Henyo while waiting for the clock to strike at 4 pm. 

Then we had our DTR signed by the head of Serology section. Yayy!