salmon salmon

Ah-ha! another splatoon oc, boy do i love those inklin-wait a second

Because i kept thinking about those salmonling ideas and i asked myself what if one of those eggs just..hatched when the inklings bought em over? So here’s Sammy, a salmonling raised on Grizzco property but bought up to believe they’re an inkling (thus they are made to wear a black eye mask to seemingly fit in more) and so far they haven’t asked many questions.

Dog Food Sale

hey y’all. petsmart is having a really great deal on certain dog food brands right now. some of their 4-6 lb bags are buy one, get one free.  I got 24 lbs of dog food for $30 today and thats enough to last aang an entire month. AND the brand I got is in the 5 star category on dogfoodadvisor.

this is typically $9.99 a bag so bogo is a great deal. they also had ProPlan, SimplyNourish, and i think Nutro, plus more, on the same deal. I did notice that they had a max purchase price, but if you take somebody with you or make multiple trips inside you should be able to get more. the sale is also through Jan. 31st so you’ve got plenty of time!