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Bearcam season! Bears in the rivers in Katmai National Park hunting salmon as they head upstream.


Watchful by Cheryl Strahl
Via Flickr:
A sow with her cub will sometimes look like she is smacking her lips when she senses another bear approaching them. Her body language basically conveys her expressions of fear, nervousness and apprehension. She will usually retreat after she demonstrates this behaviour. We witnessed this several times as the bears came and went from the bend in the creek. Funnel Creek, Katmai National Park and Preserve, AK. Seen during the Sockeye Salmon run this past summer.


The alaskan salmon and the food chain in a single video


The Clingy Cub by Cheryl Strahl
Via Flickr:
This sow with her single cub were such a pleasure and a wonder to watch! The cub seemed to be very clingy - much to it’s mother’s continued patience while fishing for sockeye salmon. Each time another bear would come by, the one year old cub would hide behind mother and peek anxiously over her body. I wondered if maybe it had a twin which had been killed by another bear. Funnel Creek, Katmai N.P. and Preserve, AK.


An Attentive Audience by Cheryl Strahl
Via Flickr:
Two Brown Bear siblings play as a group of fishermen watch carefully. The fishermen were fly-fishing for the sockeye and passed through this bend in the creek during our shoot. Katmai N.P. and Preserve, AK, last month.

*for those of you who watch the bear cam you know exactly where on the river this is :)


Just Practicing by Cheryl Strahl
Via Flickr:
“Is this how you do it Mom?”. A bear cub plays in the water while it’s mother catches sockeye salmon in Funnel Creek, Katmai N.P. and Preserve, AK.

“He was happy to see me.” — President Obama

President Barack Obama went fishing at Kanakanak Beach in Alaska — and in a comical moment, a salmon spawned on his shoes.

“Did you see that? Something got on my shoes,” Obama called to the press. “He was spawning a little bit, which, generally, you don’t want fish spawning on your feet." 

We agree.


Salmon Fishing Wolves of Alaska

Wolves have learned to fish for salmon by watching coastal brown bears. Filmed and photographed by naturalist guide Brad Josephs on Natural Habitat Adventures expeditions.