salmon diamonds


Ok anons, for the last time, about that dress, you know the one you keep insisting is the same one that MM is pictured wearing on her IG. It’s not the same dress. Not by a long shot.
The dress MM wore to the winery in Malibu last year is red with an off white floral print. It is a romper cut- very close fitting on top with a flaring skirt below the waist, and it is hemmed at the top of the thigh.
The dress the woman chatting with Sam at the Santa Barbara winery is wearing is salmon pink with a diamond shaped print in two colors. It is a trapeze cut- very loose fitting and cut very full. It looks to have an irregular hemline and the longest part is long enough to cover the top of a mid calf boot. It will fall below the knee when she stands up.
Whoever that woman in that picture is- you can’t say it is MM based on the dress.