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Ok but what pair was he wearing today


which is driving me nuts bc it was the pair i was considering buying for @amazinmango instead of the other orange pair i got him (orange is his fav colour). 

so like. navy blue waistband and kind of orange-y salmon-y diamond pattern???

anyone got better google-fu than i?

Adopt a PillowGemling~

Basically, my Yellow Diamond and @niphuial‘s Pink Diamond had five diamond gemlings in a Pillow Diamond centred AU, and since I really like the idea of interacting with the little things, I basically wanted to offer to you to take over the character, make them a sideblog and roleplay them. The names are the next:

  • Carmine Pink Diamond
  • Coral Pink Diamond { TAKEN }
  • Peachy Pink Diamond { TAKEN }
  • Salmon Pink Diamond { TAKEN }
  • Tea Rose Diamond { TAKEN }

You can choose their faceclaims, personality and everything you want. The only thing I’ll ask you is to make the one you choose a sideblog.

Spoilers: Peachy is YD’s fav, okay.

Please comment or message me if you are interested! Also, reblogs are also appreciated, that way I might find some of my babies <3 bye bye~

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"Mamaaaa!" Salmon tugged at Yellow Diamonds pants, attempting to grab her attention. (RP request)

Yellow didn’t felt the weak hands tugging her pants at all; instead, was the sound of an overly familiar voice what alerted her. She quickly knelt, taking the little gemling between her hands.

“Sally? What do you want? And why aren’t you with your sisters?”


I am confused.  I understand that his suit is red from all of the blood, but my question is How did Tsukiyama’s white suit turned into perfectly diamond shaped patterned suit???

Firstly, his suit isn’t red red, its more of a salmon color with the diamonds being red.  And how does the leaves of the flowers turn into that color???  If they were real or fake they wouldn’t absorb the color of the blood.  I am confused with the logic of this anime.  I know that this sounds like a ridiculous analysis because firstly,

“its anime and anime isn’t suppose to make sense”

Even though its an anime, human psychics and common sense are still involved with Tokyo Ghoul.  If the anime had clothes that started talking or characters started doing weird exaggerated squash and stretch effects then I would understand the logic behind it, but Tokyo Ghoul isn’t like that.  It’s suppose to be a horror anime that seems like it can be reality with a twist of fantasy.  Right now this seems too comedic.

External image

External image

I don’t mind how they changed the design of the suit from the anime, but try to be consistent like the manga

(I personally think Tsukiyama’s clothes looked a lot better in the manga than the anime. I question on who’s coming up with Tsukiyama’s fashion in the anime.)

Step up your game Studio Pierrot.


Ok anons, for the last time, about that dress, you know the one you keep insisting is the same one that MM is pictured wearing on her IG. It’s not the same dress. Not by a long shot.
The dress MM wore to the winery in Malibu last year is red with an off white floral print. It is a romper cut- very close fitting on top with a flaring skirt below the waist, and it is hemmed at the top of the thigh.
The dress the woman chatting with Sam at the Santa Barbara winery is wearing is salmon pink with a diamond shaped print in two colors. It is a trapeze cut- very loose fitting and cut very full. It looks to have an irregular hemline and the longest part is long enough to cover the top of a mid calf boot. It will fall below the knee when she stands up.
Whoever that woman in that picture is- you can’t say it is MM based on the dress.