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Salmon with Blistered Tomatoes 

Hey! I have missed all of you so much. Though I’m not returning with a full start to finish recipe, I did some cooking, and I definitely waned to share with all of you – especially since I brought my camera out. I also wanted to let all of you know that I regularly update my instagram. My profile is bakingwithbooks


1.5 lb skin-on salmon cut into three portions 

Seasoning blend for salmon: kosher salt, black pepper, Herbs de Provence, smoked paprika, hot paprika 

One pint mixed (orange and red) cherry tomatoes, rinsed and stems removed 

Olive oil 

½ large shallot, sliced or roughly chopped 

2 cloves garlic, roughly chopped 

Fresh parsley, roughly chopped 

Kosher salt and pepper 

Strawberry balsamic dressing (found at Whole Foods)


In a large cast iron skillet over medium heat, drizzle a fair amount of olive oil and add in the shallots and garlic and let them sweat and infuse into the oil. 

After about 1 minute, add in the tomatoes, season generously with salt and pepper and allow them to blister for about 3 minutes. 

Remove tomatoes to a bowl. 

Add a little more olive oil to the pan and place the salmon skin-side down into the pan, searing for about 2 minutes. 

Flip and continue cooking for about 4-5 minutes. 

Add back in the tomatoes and add in a small amount of strawberry balsamic. 

Remove from heat when salmon is finished (should be moist and still slightly pink). 

Serve while hot. 


Baked soy and sesame salmon.

Simply place your salmon fillets in an oven dish on some grease-proof paper and pour over some soy sauce, drizzle with sesame oil and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Season with a little freshly ground black pepper and sea salt and bake until tender, about 20 mins at 200 Celsius in my oven.


Polish Potato Cakes


  • 1,5kg potatoes
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 onions, very finely chopped or minced
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 4 tbsp flour
  • 2 tbsp breadcrumbs
  • 2 tbsp greek yoghurt
  • 2 tsp majoram
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp pepper

For garlic curd cheese sauce:

  • 250g polish curd cheese
  • 6 tbsp greek yoghurt
  • 1 big garlic clove, minced
  • salt, pepper


Peel and using the coarse side of a box grater, grate the potatoes. Leave to stand in a bowl for 1o minutes, then drain off the liquid. Add eggs, onion, garlic, flour, breadcrumbs, yoghurt and seasoning to the bowl with potatoes and mix thoroughly- the mixture should be quite thick. Heat a little vegetable oil in a large, flat frying pan over medium-high. Drop 5-6 mounds the size of a tablespoon of the mixture into hot oil, and flatten to make small pancakes. Fry for 2-3 minutes per side, turning once, until golden brown. Transfer the potato cakes to a plate lined with a paper towel to drain the excess oil. Repeat until all the potato mixture is used, adding a little fresh oil if necessary.

For the sauce, mix polish curd cheese, yoghurt and garlic in a small bowl. Season with salt and pepper to your liking. Leave to rest in a fridge for an hour or so, as the garlic flavour will get stronger with time.

Serve the potato cakes topped with garlic curd cheese sauce, smoked salmon also works great with that combination.

Bon Appétit!



Onigiri are rice balls with a filling.  I was introduced to onigiri through pokemon, but at the time I thought they were called doughnuts!  Later on when I became more interested in cooking and different cuisines I learned their actual names.  Initially I thought they’d be sweet (thanks again pokemon!) due to growing up with the impression that they were some kind of doughnut or sweet.  There are plenty of ways to make onigiri, yet none of them actually contain sweet ingredients!  Most balls are either plain balls of rice or contain a savory or salty filling.  Fillings include—pickled or salt plums (umeboshi), tuna with mayo, bonito flakes, fish roe, and a variety of salmon (baked, salted, grilled, etc).  The list can go on forever, it’s like pizza toppings; there’s traditional and then there’s everything else :)

Onigiri are great in lunch boxes because they’re a relatively small size, simple to make and contain a nice balance of protein to carbohydrate.  To make about 3 onigiri balls you’ll need…


  • 2 cup sushi rice
  • 4 ½ cup water salt 
  • 1 sheet nori (cut into 4″x1″ strips)
  • Salt, seasonings, vinegar, etc. (Optional) 


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Easiest & tastiest meal ever: oven roasted fingerling potatoes, young asparagus, and fat salmon fillets with skin.

Five minutes of food prep before stuff starts in the oven and another five minutes while part of the meal is cooking. If using non-stick pans, you only need a tablespoon of oil for the whole meal!

• Preheat oven at 425°F.
• Rub salmon with oil and your choice of seasoning and set aside.
• Wash the potatoes and asparagus.
• Trim the dry woody part of the asparagus off.
• Toss the asparagus in oil, sea salt, and pepper.
• Pop in the oven on a baking pan on the bottom rack of the oven.
• Set a timer for 10 minutes.
• Slice fingerling potatoes lengthwise.
• Toss the potatoes in oil and your choice of seasoning.
• Stir up the asparagus on the pan and move to the top rack.
• Place the potatoes on the middle of the bottom rack.
• Set the timer for 10 minutes again.
• Take out the asparagus.
• Stir up the potatoes.
• Put the salmon in the middle of the bottom rack.
• Move the potatoes to the top rack.
• Set the timer for 10 or so more minutes. (Depending on the thickness of the salmon, it’ll be done in 6-12 minutes.)
• Aaaand you’re done!


Mother’s Day Dinner~~~

This was a super challenging menu but we pulled it off and my Mom said it was great so I’m pretty pumped. Seafood based menus are like…The Most.

First Course:  Lightly roasted shrimp skewers with a tomato basil side sauce.

Second Course:  Lobster bisque with a fresh garlic bread! Lobster bisque from scratch was A JOURNEY. By far the most difficult thing to make on the menu. 

Third Course:  Baked Salmon with a brown sugar and walnut glaze, roasted garlic potatoes and a tossed salad with strawberries!

Not Pictured: Dessert was cake and ice cream!

Mystic Messenger e-mail answering guide FULL VERSION

Hey, just to start, apologies for any grammar mistakes I will commit during this post. I am having internet connectivity issues right now so I am writing this on phone.

There are 4 types of e-mails after you are done with the invitation to the party, the FAILED, which means you did not manage to invite that person, the COMPLETED in red or green, that means the person may or may not come, and the COMPLETED in blue in which the person is coming to the party.

So here goes the list I have until now:

Blue completed:

Indie games developer: Scheam, Nameless, Game convention
Youngest College Students: Jaehee, playing games of drinking soda, because you are too smart.
Oil Company:We have very big parking spots, we have american TV, the bald one.
Barista Group: Arabica coffee, Drip brewing, italy
Models: yes will there be a lot of companies, zen, look of yourself reflected into woman’s eyes
Tetris guy: battle 707 ate the party, stick, we have a new tetris series ready.
Wine Producer:red wine, ice wine, Jumin
Indie movie enthusiasts: environment ( he one that is not r- rated stuff), realism, Cannes, Venice & Berlin.
LOLOL guild: headset, make the stats balanced, blood dragon.
Narcissist association:Lock up in a room full of mirrors, takes a lot of selfies, Lake na.
Secretary association: a rational boss, well payed, normal outfit
Monogamy group: cross-stitch framed, handcuff her, give her flowers.
Musical Supporters: Zen, the jalapeno topping was pretty spice musical, the one that doesn’t say to ask someone for tickets.
Bankers: 100% interest deals, swiss bank, 1.2 million.
Private investigator: Yes I wanna invite you to the party, the heroine that uses violence, It really matches you.
Long cat: meow meow, (with the comma),  miumiu , nyannyan
Tradition: Whoopee~~ Beat the drums~~, Whoopp~~, Oh my dear sun~~ lay your passion upon us~~. 
Hospital: Hippocrates, exam results, compare hospitals.
Culture: Borborry, verragamo, there will be many handsome man.
Artwomen: monet, louvre, cantabile.
Floppy:  rainbow floppy, windows 8.1 3711, obtain a limited cassette tape.
Cat Project: Please come, feed them and wait, social media.
Allergy: Cat allergy, beef and seaweed soup, guests not attending to parties.
Frank: All to the bank, bank passbook, put on various bank accounts.
Solo: Hi I’m Youngsoo. I got your number through Chulsoo, watch, consider the other person’s feelings.
Uranai: I have plenty of time, Jumin Han, old man under the moon
Smartphone: leave the phone on the living room, leave the battery half charged, popcorn brain.
Badcomment:, I will be watching the next one, report them.
Nolam: Baleman, Otherstellar, Leonardo Dicappucino.
Tom: call the zoo, stock price of peaches will go down, you are getting two F’s.
Chef: 3 cups, you mix as if you are cutting, 20 minutes.
Rui: Elegant , Olympusx20, ganon
Cherryfarm: green, take out the stem and use a staw to push out the seed, diamond.
LOLOL: Dia, hunt the new zombies, invite her to play lolol
Romance: He will, Your one and only top star, kiss
Naming: Luciel, Your character’s name, Jaehee
Medicine: Tiarnol, tiarnol, tiarnol
Hyoja: fillial piety, confucius, health
Smoking quitter association: scold him, your girlfriend will love it, scold him again
Golf Association: Driver, shoes that dry quickly, gloves that don’t wear out easyly
Roastery: Antigua, whole beans, 15 days
Bracelet: various kinds of organizations, Lock U Up silver bracelet, mall
Pancake: silvervine, salmon fish sauce, fish-shape
Security: Korea, because it’s cool, gold
Writer: art-related organization, X0X0foreverurlovely#1star★ , flies off to space
DocLee: the seal is unlocked!!!, black , the rise of the fire dragon slumbering within the eyes!!
Meteor study club :  first kiss, hungry, make a wish
Tuition Committee: Noon, Yellow and Black, Candlelight
Cat hotel: Cat buffet, Putting on a show, Cat limousine
Driver Kim: Compete with your son, Drifting, young Pong
Hacker: Lucky Kim, 80 years old, Grandmother
Students living alone: In the freezer, Bubblewrap, Fried Rice
Shoes association (Toeic): Small feet, chinese,  Nimtendo
Homeless rescue team: there will be potential donators at the party, warm rice, soup, green salad, baked salmon, and fried eggs.  + sell small issue magazine (third reply; i got blue completed)
Press: netizens, a law must be implemented that protects reporters, i cannot tell you that
God: the one where you said you’re excited talking to him, the one that didn’t ask for money, i think you’ll walk into the party room like a normal person
Detective: i know the vanished seven treasure islands, yoosung’s lolol exploration, chief assistant jaehee kang.
Keyboard: ergonomics, control+C,  movi 83.
Monnami: best pen of the nation: BIC, sear the end with a lighter, classic is best
Emotion: i’d like to help you, the movie one, i really hope you come to our party.
Chicken: Youtube,  face of a generous looking grandfa…I mean you, the owner!,
Wrongmajor: What are you interested in, not too late, convince the parents.
Basketcase woman: green, long enough to do well with my eyes closed,  get a camel through the eye.
Catlovers: head, odd eye, crystal litter.
Stock: Invest the stock, not lose your money, chief assistant Jaehee Kang.
Lame (Haejung): Call the police, Say Hello!, I think you’ll give them a kick in the butt.
Marc: Bae screen wedding,  triple tipt invitations, use the screenshot.
Cream Roll: Imagine Mythical Creatures, limited edition name change ,Banner for the winner
Star: first kiss, shiny moon makes me hungry, wish on a star
Mira: pink bandages, coffin with lace all around, Life size marble statue of the Pharaoh

If you got full completion on other e-mails or have any more info to update the list just reply here, leave a note or send me a private message, I will add your name to the contributors.

@jessrine made a spreadsheet table with all this notes if you prefer to read that way here is the LINK

I Would not be able to do half this list without the help from LittleredLilly/ @paranoialover , thank you SO much!

Thanks SO MUCH for all the help: Himeka1238, Calligor, MarchFairy, LittleredLilly, Midnightkitsunepei, @nohrslittleprincess , @sicheynne, @xxblackrabbit18xx @zelchex @syun0acute @kalelofkrypton @akechu @ledragonprince @creafujo94 @otomesiren @pescado-diabolico @yuuki-kawaii-makoto @vedrane @flibbertigibbetjie @amethystcria @magicalthingy

Then Again, P2 Peter Parker x Reader

Author’s Note: Thank you so much to my new followers and to everyone who liked Part 1! As I mentioned before, this is the first piece of writing I’ve ever posted online, so each response means the world to me. Thank you guys so much! In particular, a huge thanks to fanboyswhereare-you, my wonderful beta.

Again, if you have any comments, questions, or anything at all that you want to tell me, send me a message. Reviews are welcome! (Please review, as a writer, I really really really value peer responses and vague validation.)

Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11

Without further ado,

Then Again, Part 2:

(Word count: 2,022)

I hate the waiting game.

It is by far my least favorite game to play with Peter. QuizUp, Kahoots, Monopoly, How-Many-Arguments-Can-We-Start-Between-Ned-and-MJ-In-A-Day, Charades, and Scrabble are all entertaining games to play with him. The waiting game, however, is grey and bland. Moreover, it makes me feel paranoid and clingy. Both paranoid and clingy, yet simultaneously doubtful of how valid those two emotions can be, given the circumstances. It’s a draining game of mental tennis. On one side of the court: I’m being - and coming across as - so clingy. On the other: My emotions are justified reactions that anyone would have in this situation, not knowing if their friend is okay. Peter probably knows that too. Trying to decipher which is true and which is false only leads me to bounce back and forth between those two sides for hours. Until Peter responds. Then it all goes away.

The stress of the waiting game always manifests as an itch on my right index finger.

Most days that itch only somewhat bothers me - but today, of course, isn’t most days. It’s been a wonderful, sunny day that everyone (but Flash) has been planning for over a month. Like the city, it might not be glamorous, but it’s ours and it’s meant to be special.

I mean, even Peter has been excited about this from the start, all the way up to today. Despite being somewhat of a recluse this week.

At this point, my finger is red and burning. Peter hasn’t answered my texts, Michelle’s ironically professional emails, or Ned’s dozen calls. It’s 7:15 p.m.

Michelle thought it best to arrive early, so the three - rather than four - of us await the rest of the team at a large table in a decently busy restaurant.

I open my messages. Nothing.

“We’re already here, btw.”

Whoosh. I close them. Ned glances at my phone.

“Tell him if he’s later than 8, I’ll rat him out to Aunt May. She told him this morning that he should skip his ‘Starky stuff’ and just hang out with everybody today. I don’t think she was too happy when she got home and saw he wasn’t there.”

I hadn’t heard May say anything to Peter this morning. Then again, I had fallen asleep at the table. (Michelle kept kneeing me on the couch all night - the reason I barely slept.) And when Peter woke me up because the cereal bowl I was cradling threatened to fall, May didn’t even make a joke about it. Did they have an argument?

“Earth to Y/N?” Ned waved his hand in front of my face. “Daydreaming about Spider-Man again?”

On the bright side, Peter isn’t here to hear that. Ned’s been making a lot of weird comments like that today. It’s not helping the fact I feel so paranoid. How would Ned know? And why so suddenly?

“Very funny. I’ll text him.”

I open my messages again.

“You and May okay? Ned says he’ll tell her you bailed if you don’t get here by 8. Don’t shoot the messenger.”

A few minutes later, the waiter brings a tray of waters. Two minutes more and he leads Abe, Cindy, Sally, and unexpectedly, Betty, the blonde newsgirl, non-decathlon member, to the table.

A round of “Hello!”’s are exchanged.

“It’s cool if Betty joins us, right?” Sally asks. “We all kind of met up on our way here and she was about to pass by, so we thought it’d be alright?”

“Of course,” Michelle says. Her nails drum the table. Our little code.

“Absolutely,” I add. “Ned was just saying we should have invited you, Betty!”

Ned thinks he can keep a secret. But he can’t. I’ve noticed him staring at her in seventh hour and Michelle is far too perceptive to miss it. With me, Michelle, Peter, and Flash all being in that class, you’d think he might make an effort to be less obvious.

Have I been obvious? Is that why Ned’s been making those jokes today? But why today? I barely even saw Peter today, let alone while Ned was there.

“Really? Thank you! I didn’t want to intrude on the team before you guys left or anything.”

Her smile is genuine. I suppress a laugh as Ned’s ears twinge red and he struggles for a cool way to play along.

“Yeah, totally. I mean, you should go with us to D.C. It’d be totally cool.”

“And totally against the rules,” Cindy points out, frowning. “Don’t get me wrong, it would be cool, but Mr. Harrington doesn’t let anyone outside of the team come. Trust me, I-”

BEEEEEEP! A horn blares outside. Once. Twice. Thrice. The third blast holds for ten seconds, minimum.

A waitress, her arms full of hot plates, glares out the window she’s now blocking. I have a guess as to which car in all of New York it is, though. Nevertheless, the scent of freshly baked salmon, wild rice, chocolate, and something lemony from the plates is making my mouth water. Hurry up, Parker. Even Flash is on time.

“I predict,” Abe says, “Flash will walk through those doors in approximately sixty seconds.”

Everyone watches the clock, all knowing it’s undoubtably him.

Sixty seconds later, Flash strides in.

“You know,” he announces, pulling off his the price of this could buy Ned a new gaming console jacket, “in this world, there are the Have’s and the Have-Not’s. And the Have-Not’s are real dicks to any Have’s with a worthwhile car.”

Michelle immediately starts to speak.

“No need to go off on a spiel, O Captain, Our Captain,” he mocks. “I know, I know. Rich people, poor people, power structures, etcetera etcetera. Don’t get your braids in a knot.”


“Oh my god! It’s not a race thing! Chill out. It’s literally because you’re wearing braids today. Not everything means something, you know!”

He’s barely sat down and he’s already trying his best to pick a fight. The consistency of it borders on comforting. In a strange, stupid way, Flash is dependable.

“Freud would beg to differ,” says a voice to my left.

I’m surprised for the second time in the last ten minutes. Peter didn’t bail.

I feel my pulse jump as he runs a hand through his hair and shrugs. I hate myself for it. He slides into the booth to take the table’s last seat beside me. Oddly, he doesn’t say hello or acknowledge me at all. Then again, he’s been odd all week.

Does Ned know something? Did he tell Peter? Does Peter feel awkward about me now?

I try to shake myself of these thoughts. Ned can’t know anything. I haven’t said a thing to anyone. It has to be something else. It has to be.

“Yeah, well,” Flash says, affronted. “Freud wasn’t a real psychologist anyway. What’s his work got to offer? It’s not even valid.”

Everyone races into the topic at once, drowning out the restaurant’s gentle music.

Moments like this make me fall in love with friends all over again. My best friends are talking passionately with their hands, their individual mannerisms and voices blending together like warm colors and soft city sounds. My other friends (or teammates, however you would label it) are bouncing points and ideas from each person to the next like an inflatable beach ball, never stumbling over one another.

For once, I sit back and soak up the moment. Admittedly, Freud is a subject I would rarely pass up, but I’m too relieved at the turn-out to think. Everyone showed up. Everyone is getting along. (As much as ever.) Rather than participate in the aggressive bonding of our group, I smile, listen, and laugh, trying to convince myself things with Peter are fine. This is the perfect night for an almost perfect day, don’t overthink it.

I take a moment to admire the restaurant. It’s one Abe suggested. The room is deep red, the hanging lights emit a delicate glow, and for the sake of minimalistic elegance, gold flecks are painted to sprinkle down the walls from the ceiling. It’s such a small detail I almost miss it. Other tables are talking and joking, silverware clanging and plates steaming. It smells like a fresh bakery impregnated with a vegetable garden and a smokehouse.

Mouth watering again, I notice Flash is the only one looking at a menu. He’s gotten to the “I don’t care about this topic anymore” stage of his argument. I don’t want to interrupt anyone, so I pick up my menu as well. Maybe someone else will catch on and one by one we’ll come back down to Earth.

“Yes it does!” Peter shouts beside me.

Maybe not.

“You can’t bring that up without discussing the one thing that clearly directly correlates his childhood to that thesis!” Peter says. I suddenly realize he’s seriously into this argument. The point he’s making is one of my own though, so it gives me a short flutter of pride. I know he listens to me and to everyone else, but it’s satisfying to have it confirmed, to know, with evidence, that we learn from each other. “Right, Ned?”

Peter turns from Flash to me to Ned. In the half-second they’re directed at me, his eyes shine with anger. My gut drops. Peter never gets angry, not like this, not at me.

“Yeah,” Ned says slowly, “but Y/N gets this better than I do. Didn’t you say-?”

Peter whips back to Flash.

“My point is-”

Ned gives me a questioning look, head tilted.

Peter is less than a foot to my left, but I take out my phone anyway. He’s too deep into the argument to notice and I can’t ignore whatever is going on anymore. I message Ned and Michelle.

“Peter mad at me for something?”


The waiter returns to the table.

“Anyone ready to order?” he says, pen and paper pad in hand.

“I am,” Flash affirms immediately. “I’ll have the-”

“We’ll need a few minutes,” I say. Nobody picked up the menu hint.

The waiter nods and leaves with a smile.

“Okay, children,” Michelle says. “Let’s be quiet for a couple minutes and focus at the task at hand. Everyone have their menus? Excellent. I’m so proud. Ready. Set. Go!”

The table as a whole seems fine. Everyone here takes debating as entertainment and few topics result in any real disagreements. (Well, we get over them quickly, at least.)

Across the table, Abe points at his favorite dish as a suggestion for Cindy. Everyone else is calmly reading the first page.

Except Peter. Peter’s mouth is screwed up in mute irritation. In truth, it’s hard to take him seriously with that expression. It looks like he’s trying to hide something in there. Just a couple secrets, no big deal. I consider whispering a joke to him about it to lighten the mood. I deflect the thought immediately; I doubt it would work right now.

Ding! Ding!

My phone. Peter huffs. I switch it to silent.

MJ: “He’s acting weird. Maybe it’s about May? They got into an argument in her room while you were cuddling your Fruity Pebbles.”

“About what?”



MJ: “I couldn’t hear. Kind of pissed me off. I have no idea. Ned?”

I glance up. Michelle has built a house out of her and Abe’s menu since he’s looking at Cindy’s. Her phone must be hidden inside like an Easter egg.

Ned, like me, hasn’t put that kind of effort into covering up our gossiping. He’s scanning the menu, but texting under the table.


Ned: “I heard 1: time management 2: friendly-at-home-occasionally Peter Parker 3. Y/N might”


“I might what???”


Ned: “I cnat believe i typed that without any mistakes not looking. and idk. those were just the words i cauhgt.”

MJ: “Ironic, Ned.”

I sneak a peek at Peter. He lifts an eyebrow. I’m not sure if it’s a reaction to something on the menu or if he knows I’m trying to analyze him through my peripheral vision. Either way, I give up on both the analysis and the texts.

Part 3

Part 3 will be posted tomorrow night! 

Let me know what you think :)

anonymous asked:

If it's okay with you, can you please tell my about Passover? I would just look this up but I don't want to get any information wrong. Thank you!!

Passover is one of the biggest and most important holidays in Judaism. It celebrates the story of the exodus of the Hebrew people from Egypt.

During Passover, you’re not allowed to eat normal bread, instead you eat a flat crispy bread called Matza.

On the eve of Passover, or Pesach, you have a big meal with your family and/or friends called the Seder Pesach where you eat traditional Passover foods (changes based on where you’re from, but my family generally eats potato latkes and baked salmon) and read from the Haggadah, which is a text full of songs and stories and prayers for Passover.