I just imagine how Jon and Thayet’s intelligence briefings must have gone during the Immortals series.

“The girl you met last week just called a Kraken up from the depths to attack enemy ships. Oh, and she has a dragon now.”

“So the wildmage and Salmalin went to visit a local noble, and they think some wolves have uncovered a plot to usurp the throne. And, uh, I’m not sure how to say this, sire, but she can apparently turn into animals???”

“You know how much you hate Stormwings? And Emperor Ozorne? Well, funny thing about that, Your Majesties….”

(Basically, Daine is amazing)

wowow idk how many of you get tamora pierce’s email newsletter but there’s an update on the first numair/arram book!

And what is it I’ve just finished?  Arram Draper, ten years old and a very young student at the School for Mages at the University of Carthak, has a nearly fatal accident at the imperial games, only to be rescued by a beginning gladiator.  It is the start of an eventful year at the university, when he meets two new friends, Ozorne, an imperial prince, and Varice, a northerner. All three are advanced students who share a love of fun, wit, animals, and magic. Their studies take them through lessons with strange magics, plague duties, attendance at imperial festivities, suspicious deaths, and the perils of growing up.  Readers of other Tortall books will meet familiar characters with new guises, while new readers will not need to have read previous books to understand the life of an awkward, shy, gentle, goofy, tremendously talented young man with a knack for making truly vicious enemies.

release date is now spring 2018!


Top four Numair Salmalín fancast - Aidan Turner from ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Poldark’ (yes that’s his real hair) // Ben Barnes from ‘Narnia: Prince Caspian’ and ‘Seventh Son’ // Orlando Bloom from 'Pirates of the Caribbean’ and 'The Lord of the Rings’ // Sendhil Ramamurthy from 'Heroes’ and 'Covert Affairs’ // Its hard to know exactly what Numair looks like (ahh, book fangirl life) but all of these guys are tall, dark, and handsome and any of them would be a great Numair

A few hours later they were attacked by giant spider-people.

Seriously though, Daine finds out that the hawk she’s been taking care of is actually a hot naked guy and gets very upset about the whole thing, and the hot naked guy (no longer naked, though) goes out to apologize and they talk about hair and basically a friendship is formed, it’s very beautiful indeed

  • Onua: So Numair, this stunning woman saves lives for a living! What are you bringing to the table?
  • Numair: Ah, where to begin? Uh, I’m an amateur juggler –
  • Onua: Nope! You shouldn’t have begun there! No one’s trying to get with jugglers! Thanks for playing.

I’m on a Daine and Numair kick, apparently. I just like how they are both such complete wizardly dorks that things like Daine being covered in animals 24/7 doesn’t even warrant comment, and Numair can prance about with a flute trailing giant boulders but Daine would probably be more impressed if he remembered to grab something to eat afterwards.

I just… they’re such cuties.