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1) Jem by Elena Casagrande aka Lara West on Tumblr

2) by Mel Milton

3) by Giuseppe Cristiano on Tumblr

4) by jokoss on Tumblr (NSFW)

5) Elektra by Julian Totino Tedesco

6) Ramona Flowers by Jim Cheung on Tumblr

7) Rossella Rasulo by Roberto Recchioni aka rrobe on Tumblr (NSFW)

8) by Señor Salme on Tumblr

9) Black Widow by Phil Noto on Tumblr

10) Mater Morbi by Gigi Cavenago

Season 1 Rewatch Notes

First season in the books for the 2017 rewatch from hell.

1x04 – I think this might be the first big time example of Dean as the emotional compass and Sam as Action Man? (Action Sam. I like Action Sam.)

1x05 – This building has been used SO MANY TIMES and I love it. Entrance to the hospital is also the entrance to Crowley’s throne room… and probably a billion other things. :3

1x08 – It’s been a while since I’ve seen this one. It’s still really terrible and results in a severe ‘WTF’ expression appearing on my face, but it’s stellar for character stuff and ramping up brother drama. 

Also, Dean watches Oprah.

1x10 – This is such a weird, absolutely awesome brothers episode. (So many people hate brother drama and I suppose I can understand that, but I fucking love it and will likely never not love it.)

1x14 – God, the music fake-out at the end is fucking AWESOME. You think everything is fine at first, but it suddenly cuts to silence and it is clearly NOT FINE. D:

1x17 – So I know it’s a word because it gets me results on Google, but I have never heard the word ‘persqueeter’ outside of this episode. This may be a regional thing?


This is where my Pyro/Explosions/FIRE!Dean headcanon originates, by the way.

1x18 – I like Hannah with black hair.

I wish they had re-used the piano theme they used in this episode; very pretty and eerie.

1x20 – Dude, I never noticed that Jammer from BSG was a vampire! :D (Seriously, how did I not notice this before? SEE, SOMETHING NEW EVERY TIME.)

Sam is almost… overly unreasonable in this episode. Stop drag racing your dad.

God, Deeeeean. He just wants his family together. YOU WANT DEAN SUMMED UP? WATCH THIS EPISODE.

1x21 – Is it my imagination, or were there a lot more slit throats in the first season?

Jesus christ, my blu-ray just froze on this fucking deer eyeball. (It fixed itself, yay)

I need to read some fucking Colt meta, like, now.

1x22 – Watching Dean question Meg is so eerie when you compare it to any of his question sessions post-4x16.

The sound mix looping of Meg’s yelling as she gets exorcised is still really terrible and it would have been SO EASY TO FIX. *throws SPN some retired LOST sound engineers* DO IT RIGHT

Dean has never listened to a single person ever when it comes to the Colt. (Or… yanno, any mega-weapons in general.)

The scene in the cabin is never not super intense, especially when John is on the ground yelling at Sam to shoot him while Dean is bleeding and begging Sam not to shoot him and JESUS FUCKING CHRIST.


Season 1: Dean was slammed into walls 14 times. Sam was hit on the head 9 times and was choked 4 times.

Eurovision final

I voted for Hungary. I think the lyrics of Origo are very powerfull, almost like a psalm, I liked the mixture of genres and also they had the courage to sing in their language, which is really how you can celebrate diversity. And the dancer is so beautiful…

Me: *chilling in my armchair, watching Slasher, drinking wine*

Secret Agent Lover Man: *appears in the living room doorway, backed by the hall light, a glorious silhouette in a trench coat*

SALM: *holds up package*

Me: *blinks*

SALM: *wiggles package*

Me: *hits pause, sits up straight*

SALM: *does the Im going to toss this maneuver*

Me: *holds out two hands*

SALM: *tosses*

Package: *sails gracefully across living room*

Package: *glances off the TV Tray table, slammed to floor*

Wine: *does not spill*

Me: *looks down at package*

Me: *looks at SALM*

SALM: *throws up both hands*

Me: *same*

SALM: It’s goooooaaaalll!