sallys hair supply

ppl ask me a lot for general hair care tips and even tho it’s hard to make a list of “general” things, here’s my advice to u:

- try to avoid putting your hair up when it’s wet. the elasticity of your hair changes significantly based on whether it’s wet or dry & repeatedly wet setting it will cause noticeable breakage

- if you’re one of those people who have long hair for aesthetic reasons and are Weird about getting it trimmed regularly, it’s really in your best interest to get the dead ends dusted off every month or two. otherwise, don’t be surprised when you ask for the dead ends to be dusted & 2 inches of hair comes off.

- sulfates will kill your hair especially if you have a wave or curl pattern. avoid them. unless a shampoo/conditioner is specifically marked as “sulfate free” it probably has them in it.

-alcohol (found in mousses and hairsprays) fades color, sulfates (found in shampoos and some conditioners) fade color, hot water (found in your shower) fades color. ultraviolet radiation (found in the sun) fades color. avoid these things. except the sun. that’s impractical. you can get spray that shields against uva/uvb if you’re spending a lot of time outside tho

- box hair color is really shitty for a lot of reasons—the most apparent one being that it’s formulated in kind of a “one size fits all” kind of way, not to mention that it builds up in your hair so it can really chew up the texture and is extremely difficult to strip out if you ever wanna go lighter. some of them contain something called metallic salts which can literally make your hair melt if it’s mixed with professional color (@ a salon). if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to color your hair, sally beauty supply carries wella which is a really great line. you have to mix the color yourself, but there are formulation guides on their website (i might make a post abt this too since a lot of ppl ask me abt this)

- for all intents and purposes, your hair consists of moisture and protein in equal proportions. if your hair is dry, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are the way to go. if you find your hair gets oily easily, invest in products with keratin in them.