sallys beauty supply store

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Your hair is already red you could probably use a toner to just lighten it. Or bleach your hair use toner to take out the brassyness then once light enough you can get Ion color in Rose Gold (it's a semi permanent hair dye you can get at a Sally's Beauty supply store as well as the other stuff) or they have a rose color (light pink).

Thank you

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serious question: do you think Hasil could pull off a man bun?

…. think I just found a character request if theres a Season Two…

could you imagine… Sally Ann buying him hair gel at the local Beauty Supply store. Or even better making Hair Gel out of Flaxseed. Because you know she’s a Natural Hair Goddess. Having him sit between her legs as she slicks up the sides. And after she’s done…….. He pins a feather on the side of it……. (swoon)!!!