sallys beauty supply store

fanaticfangirl001  asked:

What kind of hair dye do you use?

Lol, I usually switch between two brands. 

The Ion Color Brilliance and the One N’ Only Argan Oil. Both are semi-permanent and wash out when I take a shower. (Though you can prolong color by using dry shampoo, cold water when you take a shower, and sulfate free products).

And a lot of it depends on what color I’m doing. Ion Color Brilliance has a lot more of a selection, and a lot more hues, but Argan Oil comes with more dye and seems to stick to my hair better than Ion does. :) Both are good, and you can find both at Sally Beauty Supply, online and in stores.

If you’re ever out of town and don’t know if a black girl is a you know…black girl….*cough*Get OUT* type shit just ask where to find a beauty supply store. If she names Sally’s RUN lmao

anonymous asked:

serious question: do you think Hasil could pull off a man bun?

…. think I just found a character request if theres a Season Two…

could you imagine… Sally Ann buying him hair gel at the local Beauty Supply store. Or even better making Hair Gel out of Flaxseed. Because you know she’s a Natural Hair Goddess. Having him sit between her legs as she slicks up the sides. And after she’s done…….. He pins a feather on the side of it……. (swoon)!!!