sallys beauty supply store

anonymous asked:

im sure u have a ton of asks about this already, but what red dye/s did you used?? super pretty red!

I used ION colors! I normally use ION or manic panic for my hair. I can’t remember the exact shade but it was one of the deeper reds in their reds. If you go to a sally’s or a beauty supply store they should have a huge wall of ION colors brand and they’ll have all of the shades!! And thank you!

softbutchhiccup  asked:

i'm looking for some new wig caps, any advice on where to look for some good ones?

I usually just by some from my local beauty supply store (Aka Sally’s Beauty Supply) or order ones whenever I buy a new wig! The favorite ones have been from Epic Cosplay but I’m not sure if they sell wig caps anymore. Frankly, I try not to spend so much money on them cause I always lose them 😅 I’d try looking on Amazon and reading reviews!

- Mod Gigi