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Your BwB meta is the best. One of the things in the series which makes me the saddest, tbh-- their transformation from social bandits with some sense of purpose to those they originally formed themselves in opposition to.

It really is saddening. :( That’s something I don’t think the anon understood. I don’t hate the BWB because I think they’re villains – in the beginning of ASOS they’re arguably protagonists, because Sandor is still playing an antagonist role. (Albeit a deliberately reader-sympathetic one, and on reread even more so, but he’s certainly an antagonist to Arya at that point.)

But it’s in his trial you see they’re already starting to become what they were fighting against. That willingness to kill someone entirely uninvolved in the crimes they accuse him of, the guilt by association – and Beric and Thoros had been regular King’s Landing residents, they were at the Hand’s Tourney, they knew of Sandor’s animosity to Gregor… but it didn’t matter to them. All Cleganes are the same, even if one’s never touched the fighting in the Riverlands because he was in King’s Landing as they knew he was.

And if Arya hadn’t been there in the Hollow Hill with her (semi-justifiable) claim about Mycah, you think they’d’ve let Sandor go? Fuck no. They wanted to kill him, they’d’ve found some jumped up reason for a trial no matter what.

And, yeah, sure, Thoros, you saw the dead Targaryen babies… oh, wait, why were you in KL at the time? Because the high priests of R'hllor knew Aerys had a thing for fire and wanted you to convert him, right? Huh. Were you there when Aerys had Rickard Stark burned alive? Maybe not, but how about the Hand Qartlon Chested? Did you stand and watch like everyone else in the court, saying nothing? And you saw those dead children laid at Robert’s feet… but that didn’t stop you from becoming Robert’s best buddy, did it. And sure, you regret your actions before you found your faith… but I suppose nobody else regrets stuff they did in the past, do they?

It’s this absolute and total hypocrisy, that culminates in Brienne’s “trial” – Brienne, who saved the people they claim to protect while they were off on a mission of empty vengeance – but that doesn’t matter, she’s connected to the Lannisters, therefore she’s a whore who must die. It’s a damn good thing that when Jaime went off with her he didn’t take his squires… doesn’t matter that they’re children, sons of Riverlander lords, their fathers made peace with Lannisters and they served Jaime, nothing would save them.

I can understand how one might think of the BWB as heroic when hearing about them in ACOK. Or at the beginning of ASOS (even with the trial and even with how they frustrated Arya), or even at the end (because Freys, y'know). But I don’t understand how one could finish AFFC and still love them unwaveringly, still think of them as heroes selflessly helping smallfolk.

Though the anon was incorrect – hell, even I was incorrect in this post – I don’t actually hate the BWB. I’m just really, really angry at them, at what they could have been and what they became.

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Yeah tbh I am just as much here for their friendship times. TBH perhaps even more b/c the age gap thing is a bit much for me at acorn hall still. Honestly I kinda don’t care if they end up romantically together, them platonically together is also gr9

i defff feel that.  i sort of vacillate on it. it’s not the age thing so much as arya’s youth sometimes, but then again, she’s so old in her head that i just kind of get turned around and have to just go “welp” sometimes.

but their friendship is super important to me.

honestly, when it comes to this series, friendships and family relationships matter to me so much more than romantic ships.  like i’ve found exactly one ship that even rivals those first two dynamics. 

gendry's (mis)characterization in fanfiction

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hey, i saw how you tagged that post about mischaracterisation in fics with gendry and i’d be interested to hear from you about ways you agree fic writers have warped his character into some fanon personality?

(asked by anonymous)

alright sure! first of though, i just want to say that this of course doesn’t go for ALL fic writers/fics (although it is for a handful of them), and i refuse to point out any specific writers and/or fics.

tl;dr: gendry is his own person who strives to live undefined by other people and/or social barriers, yet such barriers and those above him tend to conquer his efforts. gendry is not anyone’s character to mold freely; he has is own characterization, personality, and ideals. his lowborn status has shaped him as a character and is not something easily taken away from him, and arya is not the key to unlocking his introverted personality. gendry doesn’t need arya to survive (nor her for him), and he has a characterization that expands beyond the limits of her existence.

my full explanation is under the read more

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“Without his labour, who would the Warrior defend?”: social advancement and religion in ASOIAF through a comparison of Davos Seaworth and Gendry. by sallyjessyrofl

Gendry’s, on the other hand, is much more pessimistic. He in a sense is forced to abandon his identity, his future security, but accepts it, even continues to utilise his skill-set in new contexts. Throughout AGOT, ACOK and ASOS we see multiple examples of Gendry’s inherent kindness and strict moral code. His world is ordered, which is not surprising when we consider how his role as apprentice blacksmith saw him in direct contact with a strictly feudalistic society. By the time of Brienne’s later POV in AFFC we see how these ideas have been corrupted in a kind of horrible pastiche and radicalisation of the original mandate and functions of the BwB. Before, the BwB functioned according to Hobsbawm’s original (though not uncriticised) thesis of ‘social banditry’.


The BwB under Lady Stoneheart is a story of corruption, of an abandonment (or subversion) of fundamental ideas of the rule of law and justice-by-trial as a result of both her leadership and the context of an increasingly intensifying, demoralising war and upcoming Winter. This is reflected with Gendry…

The Life of Tom Branson 

or, as I like to call it,

One man’s journey from republican who’s cousin was killed for “probably being a rebel” to aiding the English aristocracy, or, more specifically, aiding a man who tried to pay him off to stop him marrying the woman he loved, belittled his catholic beliefs, essentially killed his wife, and is a general arse

Dear all yous guys,

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Especially to these amazing people, who never fail to make me smile and laugh and who make me want to write sappy love letters to them each and every time I scroll through my dash, because they are the greatest people ever:

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I’m sure I forgot people, and I feel terrible about that! But this really goes out to all my followers and everyone I follow ‘cause you are all awesome ♥

She wakes up in his arms again.


She relies on more than instinct these days. It’s unnervingly human of her, and it makes her even angrier at him.

Anger is easier. She knows this.

Nymeria asks again, “Let me eat him, then”.

Arya glares. “No”, she says with finality. “He is mine to do as I please”.

It’s more than territoriality, though. When he comes to the woods, she pounces at him, throws him on his back, sniffs every crevice of his body, makes sure no one else has touched him. She marks him as hers, draws blood with her little sharp teeth, rubs her scent into his skin. It should be enough. Having her way with him, satisfying her own needs. Alas, it’s not.

There are moments of quiet, when their panting has subsided, when their hearts have found their normal paces, when his calloused fingertips draw lazy patterns on her back. Moments when she can’t help but breathe in his scent not for any sense of possessiveness, but out of simple affection. She’ll think back on these moments with anger later on, but right then she can’t bring herself to growl or snarl at him, so she lets his warmth envelop her and his quiet breathing lull her to sleep.

For Laura.

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Hey! Thanks to your (always ace) blog I've started to read the Dunk and Egg stories. I'm on the last one now-- is Black Tom Heddle supposed to be an ancestor of Jeyne and Willow Heddle? Or have I totally missed something?

Er, the events of the story (which I won’t spoil for you) mean probably not, but he’s definitely related to them if not a direct ancestor. Tom Heddle was probably the grandson of Ser Jon Heddle, the knight who had bought the Inn at the Crossroads (then called the Clanking Dragon, before its iron black dragon sign was cut down during the Blackfyre Rebellion). There may have been other Heddles alive during the time of D&E, siblings or cousins, and odds are one of them ran the Inn, not Black Tom. (Which is a good thing considering what happens to him.) Masha Heddle (hanged by Tywin Lannister for allowing Tyrion to be captured at the inn) was probably one of their descendants, and Willow and Jeyne are her (great?) nieces.

But anyway, the Heddles are a bit more than typical smallfolk – as descendants of a knight, they own a little land, they have last names, they’re closer to bourgeois than peasants. The ASOIAF wiki doesn’t refer to them as a “House” though, so I’m not sure what the exact distinction is. I think I remember hearing that the World book may say more about the Inn, so maybe we’ll get a little more clarification there?


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heddle could just be a common name for the smallfolk though, it could mean like “hedge pruner” or something?

Nope, the Heddles who own the Crossroads Inn are definitely a family. AFFC says Jon Heddle bought the Inn and made its dragon sign, the sign was cut down when his elderly son ran the Inn during the time of the Blackfyre Rebellion, Masha Heddle was the (great?) granddaughter of that innkeeper, her nephew (the innkeeper with the whores in that Arya chapter) ran it after she was killed, and her niece Jeyne ran it after he was killed.

And this is GRRM, he wouldn’t have named the dude in TMK Heddle unless it was a deliberate connection. Especially considering the thing about the black dragon, you know?

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WHEN THEY GIVE WATER TO THOSE LANNISTER (?) SOLDIERS IS LITERALLY MY FAVOURITE INTERACTION THEY HAVE I think this is ACOK? but still it’s the most fucking heartbreaking thing) b/c look how fucking kind Arya and Gendry still are

It’s in ASOS.  And it’s legit one of my favorite scenes and it’s one of my forever angry that it got cut from GOT scenes that number so highly in Arya’s chapters.  (I’ve been tempted to try and make a gifset squashing things together (in the vein of this thing) to make it lately?  I also made sansalayned make me a Weasel gifset for precisely this reason.)

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It seems to me that all this hate on Elementary that Sherlock fans do is just pretty much encouraging discussion and viewership of Elementary in the first place. Plus, all this hilarious wank is just making me interested and making me rofl at how angry people are getting about it, as if Moffat created the series itself. Now my fourteen year old brain wants to watch it just to annoy them.

It’s true, their tears only make us stronger. BUT YEAH, YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT WHEN IT AIRS - if it’s good, then great! And if it’s bad, then we’ll always have the #elementasquee tag.

Sallyjessyrofl is one of the best person on this planet. Full stop.

I always feel awkward being around people who are much smarter than me but I don’t feel so with her- the amazing person she is! 

She writes the most amazing fics I have ever had the pleasure of reading: flawless manners, without being ‘manneristic’; an elegant style, without being cold or detached; stories that are truly romantic but always with believable plots and realistic-like feelings; characters that are always coherent with their own nature yet without being stereotyped. 

If she’s not the next 'JK Rowling’/'Alan Bennett’ (*), then the world’s a fucking terrible place and I don’t want to live in it.

(*) I know this authors to be very different from each other but they’re incredibly successful and among my favorites so I’ve chosen them to make a point.